Unreal Engine 4 Tactical FPS, Ground Branch, Gets New Fantastic Looking Screenshots

OnlySP: It has been quite a while since we last covered the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 tactical FPS, Ground Branch, but the development team has been making some big strides in development as of late.

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devileyed1259d ago

High hopes for this one.

pompombrum1259d ago

This game has been in development for so long that I even remember joining the x-fire group for it lol. I really hope they manage to deliver on what they set out to do, it would be awesome if we could get a more modern version of the original Ghost Recon games.

dcj05241258d ago

x-fire lol, havent heard that name in a while.

toxic_avengah1258d ago

blah seen better stuff with Unity 5

ikarodemon1258d ago

Soldier is nice but the landscape is better in Arma 3