The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Manual Leaks; New Videos Show PS4 Version in Action and More

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's manual has been leaked, while new videos show the PS4 version and more in action (post includes a download link for the video, just in case it gets taken down).

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Geobros1310d ago

I dont understand why the game released earlier in middle east. We have seen unboxing videos and sold copies 10 days before the official release.

Btw....looks great the game!

Abriael1310d ago

It always happens. The reason, as far as I know it, is in the middle east games get sent earlier to retailers because the distribution channels are bad, and some of those shops simply care a lot less about breaking street date.

I can't remember many games that didn't break the street date somewhere there.

DarkOcelet1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

There is no penalty or anything in selling a game in the early in the middle east.

On topic: Its really awesome to play a game subtitled in my mother tongue, more games should do that.

aLucidMind1309d ago

It's because they're breaking the release date. They're not supposed to sell them until May 19th, but the Middle East has nothing to keep retailers from selling it early. The reason why it doesn't happen in, say, the US; it is because a retailer in the US gets fined $5,000 for every copy sold before the release date. So if Gamestop sold ten copies of Witcher 3 even on May 18th, Gamestop would get a $50,000 fine.

Adexus1310d ago

Whoever is playing that video is all kinds of horrible!

Thunder_G0d_Bane1310d ago

The person playing is sooooo terrible at videogames. why do bad people get hands on first?? :'(

tekksin1309d ago

because they have vaginas.

FullmetalRoyale1310d ago

Give the guy a break. Haven't you ever tried to play a new game holding the controller upside down?!


Walker1310d ago

horrible playing but god this game looks amazing on ps4, almost same as PC on ultra at 30fps

MrCherry1310d ago

Dont kid yourself, ps4 is ok but noware near ultra set on pc.

HammadTheBeast1310d ago

Well I'm sure all 3 people who can run it on Ultra on PC will enjoy doing so.

BoriboyShoGUN1310d ago

Yeah, I love the PS4 but PC ultra settings are usually in a whole other league!

methegreatone1309d ago


Actually, quite a few people will. Game seems to be really well optimized.

As for how much of a difference there is, we'll just have to wait for uncompressed footage I guess.

starchild1310d ago

It does look very good on the PS4, but I do see some differences.

Anyway, what's important is that it seems everybody will be getting to enjoy an amazing looking game built within the reasonable strengths and constraints of the platform they own.

ps4fanboy1310d ago

Prepare for butt hurt replies to your honest comment off PC guys running twin titans who are raging they spent 4 grand on a rig to play games a £300 console can run almost as good.
I'm happy though 🙆

methegreatone1309d ago

The game running on PC ultra will be a significantly better graphics experience. It's only logical.
That said, the core graphics are more or less the same. This is fine.

Still, it all makes a difference, PC ultra will be a good enough leap in quality from consoles (provided you have the hardware. If not, better to go with PS4)

Why is anyone even debating that ? It's only common sense. You really think these videos provide a good comparison ?
Ofcourse it looks identical in horribly compressed videos.

Yes, the difference is probably not going to be huge, and that's fine, because it looks great on console anyway.

"PC guys running twin titans who are raging they spent 4 grand on a rig to play games a £300 console can run almost as good"

Actually, they (all 3 of them) will be running it at 4k 60fps, possibly ubersampling (call me crazy), on Ultra settings, hairworks and everything.

So, no, I doubt they'd be angry at anything.

methegreatone1309d ago

PC ultra will be significantly better, but not huge.

There will still be a kind of significant difference, without a doubt. Yes, they all look exactly the same in videos that are horribly compressed.

Console versions look great anyway, so... win win situation.

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MrCherry1310d ago

This is the first of many videos to come, thin youll see one "this is the BIG boss", turn your eyes and save your selfs.

--bienio--1310d ago

Im going on holidays next week so im glad I Not going see any gameplays from the witcher!!

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