Mid-Range Gaming PC Build for The Witcher 3 at $1044 - May, 2015

GamersNexus: "This quarter's major game launches are of the high-fidelity variety. GTA V shipped with tremendous focus on pushing modern PC components to the absolute limit, as we found in both CPU testing & GPU benchmarks. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt aims to similarly push graphics hardware heavily, hoping to finally make use of high-end gaming PC components without console-bound limitations."

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masterfox1256d ago

wow 1000 bucks ??!? I remember years ago spending 1000 dlls to build a gaming PC it was considered a high end gamin rig, but now is mid-range ? daaaamn and knowing the lots of sadly unoptimized games that are out, building a gaming right right now is totally not worthy.

Pixelart1255d ago

Cool story. Another troll that fears powerful gaming machines

mikeslemonade1255d ago

They weren't smart on spending the budget. They paid for some premium and unnecessary parts.

$70 case, $110 PSU, and two storage devices.. That's just too much for those components. Also $75 for cpu cooler is not necessary. You don't need to overclock the cpu for this game.

reynod1255d ago


Exactly Why include 75usd heat sink and 125usd SSD. Those are totally pointless.

Add 125usd SSD to a console and it becomes 500usd+ its only a luxury and totally pointless for most people.

r2oB1255d ago

@ mikeslemonade

Actually, one of the things you don't want to be cheap with is the PSU. You have to make sure it has enough power and reliability to support your gaming rig, plus anything additional you might add down the line (I.e. an additional GPU, HDD, etc). I'd also recommend a modular PSU since they are rather convenient, but they cost a bit more. $70 for a case is also not that bad, as long as it provides good air flow. It can extent the longevity of the PC.

Takwin1255d ago

This website made a totally non-optimal build with ridiculously unnecessary parts. I absolutely guarantee you could build a PC that would blow away the current gen for $600. combined with reviews from Tom's Hardware, TechPowerUp, and Anandtech. Watch YouTube videos and bam.

r2oB1255d ago

Not only am I going to disagree with you on that price, but its still almost twice as much as you can get the consoles for, with a little patience.

OldDude1255d ago

His price of $600 is absolutely correct. Check today's Frys ad and I bet you can buy everything you need off of that 1 ad for a very nice mid-Range PC for $600. The guy who wrote this article and built this computer is an absolute idiot with his build. I have been building my own rigs since the 80's and whoever built this one is clueless.

bomajed1255d ago

This rig is stupid, you don't have to buy an SSD, it's a luxury, you can put the money on the graphics card and buy gtx 970 instead of gtx 960, there is a huge difference between those two cards. The CPU Cooler is quite expensive too, it's also a luxury, there a lot of other cheaper and good options. Why is the power supply is so expensive too?! There are a better and cheaper power supplies like CORSAIR CX600 . People really don't know how to pick their PC parts. If you follow the above instructions you could put together a very good high-range PC with only $800.

r2oB1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

So you would use a power supply that's 600w, with a GPU that has a mininum requirement of 500w? What if you wanted to SLI (double or triple) down the line, or over clock some things (to be able to run the inevitably more demanding games in the future)? Are you just going to buy new parts at that point?

bomajed1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

@r2oB That's my setup and it works fine for me (I will upgrade it in the future if it's nessary), of course if you want you can go with CORSAIR CX750 the difference is only $15.

Mega241255d ago

Yeah, I also rock a CX600 with my 970, I bought the SSD because it was cheap and on sale, 128GB Crucial SSD for 50 bucks. People make wild assumption, this build on the site has way too many unnecessary things. My build which is i5-4460, MSI B85-G41, 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD, GTX 970, 8GB HyperX, Cooler Master Seidon 120M, Corsair Carbonite Orange case ($65), and Corsair CX600M, all that for $900, $1070 with god damn taxes. People see it as expensive, I see it as future proof, I've been running each game on 1080p 80+ Fps on Ultra for every game that has release since january and before that.

Khajiit861255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Depends on the game for the SSD. So far the only game I had trouble running on my HDD was GTAV. I had whole areas of the city pop in but when I moved GTAV to the SSD every single problem was GONE!

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Psychotica1255d ago

Funny listening to people complain about the price. Sounds like people driving a family van and scoffing at the one driving the fancy sports car. Sorry, but the van may get you from point A to point B at a lower price but the fancy sports car is a lot more fun..

Articuno761255d ago

This isn't a sports car. It's a high end van with a n overly expensive paint job. Also, car analogies need to just die.

TheHaloGuy1255d ago

What are u on about? I bought a pc 3 months ago pre built on amazon... and I can play Witcher 3 on it, soooo you should keep your mouth shut on subjects you know nothing about.

RIP_Cell1255d ago

it's mid range by PC component standards, by console standards this rig is way more powerful

JonnyBigBoss1255d ago

You get what you pay for. PC Gaming is outstanding right now.

DevilOgreFish1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

"Mid-Range Gaming PC Build for The Witcher 3 at $1044"

You could build one for less than that.

gz19871255d ago

Stop the trolling if you cant afford it, you dont need to tell us.. get a job bro.

Khajiit861255d ago

My build is much better than this and came in under $1000 and is a high end build with a GTX 970 i54690k

Beauty of PC building, you can build whatever the f you want. I can show you a low end build for $1000 or a high end build for $1000

And its worth it just for the game prices, I just preordered Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight for $60 TOTAL, how is that not worth it? and it will look and play better than it will on my PS4

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2pacalypsenow1255d ago

Or just buy a ps4 for 399 that can still play the game

reynod1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Well look at the build, it has many unnecessary things in there.

If you are trying to make it cost effective, why include:

SSD or Custom Heat sink in there, you could easily shave those 200usd off right there.

So thats about 844usd. Now consider that gaming online is free on PC. With any console you need to pay 50usd to go online. Add few years of that on the console price.

PC games are cheaper. I bought Witcher 3 on the PC for 33usd. Try finding that price on console. Add up about 10 games bought a year at cheaper prices. Do that for few years.

No BC on console, so you need to buy remakes if you want your old library. No such thing on PC, thats more money saved.

No mods on console either, So need to buy DLCs. PC gets mods for free. Again PC is cheaper here.

Cant do any sort of work done on a console. Consider all of that and PC all of a sudden looks like a bargain.

Hence in the long run the PC is easily cheaper. Console turns out to be expensive.

Nice job trolling a PC thread though.

skulz71255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )


I wasn't trolling. I appreciate the fact that some gamers love PC gaming, but that doesn't mean PC elitists should constantly make console gamers feel worse off. We all love games so why sh*t on others just because they aren't on the same platform? On PC you are getting a few better textures, draw distance, AA etc. That doesn't make you a god, or a more "hardcore" gamer. PC gamers need to get off their high horse, we all love the same stuff.

reynod1255d ago


My reply was intended for 2pac. Why bring up console on a PC thread anyways? Its the same as those PC elitists you complain about trolling console articles. This is no different.

T9001255d ago

Yea mention 399usd but ignore all hidden costs, good job.

Ryan7411255d ago

That pad though (shudders).

MRMagoo1231255d ago

That pad tho ? You use an xbone what the hell do you know about good controllers?

Two-Face1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

What has PS4 got to do with anything in this article? Go away you insecure troll.

Everyone knows that if you go console route, you limit yourself with no freedom(No optimization, forced online pay, no mods, forced controller(which sucks for FPS)).

And PC offers way more than gaming anyway. You can use it for education, social media or working.

TardcoreGamer1255d ago

Yeah. Just because it's cheaper doesn't automatically = better investment. You can use a PC to actually make a living. I don't see people using a console to make money or get ahead.

BiggerBoss1255d ago

Did he strike a nerve and hurt your feelings or something?

Consoles generally have better optimization than Pc games actually, paying online is a bummer but the free games make it worth it, i agree about Mods, the Dualshock 4 is an awesome controller. If you prefer KB+m, thats your prerogative.

The Witcher 3 will be an awesome game even on Ps4, you need to open your narrow mind a little bit.

kevnb1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

you could spend much less to still be able to play it on pc.

lelo2play1255d ago


Or just buy a X1 for 349 that can still play the game.

Psychotica1255d ago

Nobody is spending $1,000 to play one game..

RIP_Cell1255d ago

30 fps lol, yeah at settings much lower than what this PC can run it at

gz19871255d ago

Sorry i dont want crap thanks.

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KryptoniteTail1255d ago

Mid? $1000+? PC gaming, man, no thanks.

Brazz1255d ago

just my oppinion, IMHO... building/upgrading pc now is a bit of a risk... you know, DX12/ vulkan coming in near future... i don't know, i think PC hardware will see a huge "boom", and current hardware ( on mid/low Pcs ) will die...

SuperBlur1255d ago

The hardwares are pretty much obsolete the moment you hit the confirm purchase box, DX12 will hardly change that.

ninjahunter1255d ago

At $1000 you reach the wonderful world of "Max any game out by default".
Wouldn't call that midrange.

MRMagoo1231255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Really ? Cos $500 would go just of the gpu to max out most games not even all of them so that leaves you 500 more for a psu, ram , hdd, OS, cpu and even a cpu fan cos stock are usually sh1t and proven a few other things. I know for a fact because I build and repair pcs for a living and have done for over a decade.

SuperBlur1255d ago

This will max all games and the GPU did not cost "500"$

MRMagoo1231255d ago

LMFAO a r9 290 maxing out all games wow, maybe indie games Yeh. You can't even max out all games with a gtx 980 and that sh1ts on that card.

Dasteru1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )


You really are clueless. A 970 will max out 95% of games at 1080p and will do 4k/30fps on atleast half of them. You can get it for around $290 if you look around.

ninjahunter1255d ago

Yes, go on newegg, the numbers are there, you can build a PC that will max out any game for $1000 if not less.
Just as an example, there's a new R9 290 there for $270. Heck, for $540 you could buy 2 and Max out crysis 3 at 4k.

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SuperBlur1255d ago

hmm that depends on what and where you get your parts from, at 960$ you could build a much better rig with an i5 4690k and a R9 290 which beats the living crap out of a GTX960

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