The Witcher 3 and Xbox One footage fiasco- Who is to blame?

"Yup, its happened again. That shoddy practice of showing off PC footage for a game but using console button prompts and misrepresenting it as console footage has reared its head, this time with the much awaited multiplatform game, The Witcher 3"

Gaz from Gameondaily discusses the fiasco surrounding The Witcher 3 and the PC footage shown misrepresented as being Xbox One footage and ask who is to blame for it.

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Why o why1262d ago

Blame the deceiver. The one who has I said before...its not the biggest act of deception the gaming world has witnessed but it is still an act of deception. It was planned, they got found out.

Septic1262d ago

How do you know it was planned?

Dario_DC1262d ago

It's not serious or anything but a disclaimer at the time would be the right thing to do.

ThanatosDMC1262d ago

They picked a platform to show it on. They set it up. They showed specific parts of the game. They gave Conan a package version of the game. Nvm... these things must have been all random occurances during the show.

Septic1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Again, it was just a question (I cant ask these anymore it seems -_-' ). Like I said in the article, I too suspect MS involvement.

PraxxtorCruel1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

*Putting my arm up* Guys 'n gals! It was me. I see now the joke has run its course! I'm ashamed but the fanboy within me at that moment wanted out!

SpaceRanger1262d ago

"How do you know it was planned"

I'm pretty sure PC footage doesn't come out when you play a game on an Xbox One.

"Again, it was just a question (I cant ask these anymore it seems -_-' )"

Haha no one said you can't ask questions? Don't know what anyone said that made you think that? All they did was reply to your question.

TheRedButterfly1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


"How do you know it was planned?"

Guilty until provin innocent is how N4G works. You should know this.

Docknoss1262d ago

Not a big deal, I'll be buying it on xbox one regardless and I'm gonna love it. The Witcher 2 was amazing on 360. I doubt the Witcher 3 on xbox one will be graphically worse and the experience just as Immersive...

Volkama1262d ago

Is the xbox one pad wireless? That'd be a sign that deception was perhaps the intent.

Otherwise it's all fairly standard, showing the best version and displaying the necessary platforms logos as demanded by the marketing deal. Standard doesn't mean it's right or okay though.

SpaceRanger1262d ago


Actually in this case that's not how it's working...

Showing an game box for xbox one, using an xbox controller are why people are making a big deal about this. Especially since I'm 100% sure that an Xbox does not output what PC footage would look like.

Unless it magically happened when they placed the game in the xbox, then I don't think it takes much of a thought process to realize that steps were needed in order to capture PC footage while showing Xbox one related products.

Now with the question of "who did it", well that's something completely different. And that's where people are making dumb assumptions.

BG115791262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

@TheRedButterfly, this is not someone innocent, we are talking about. MS has precedents and seems that they don't learn.
It's not the first time and it's definitely not the last time. The excuses are always the same to. They blame misinformation or the developers for the mistake. What I've learn working with MS, nothing happens without MS'knowledge.
So yeah, people believe they are guilty.

Septic1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


"Haha no one said you can't ask questions? Don't know what anyone said that made you think that? All they did was reply to your question."

At the time of posting I had 10 or so disagrees for simply asking the question.


Didn't Crytek come out and say they'd be downgrading Ryse?

With KZ:SF they didn't even come out and say anything.

To this day I haven't seen Turn 10 own up to the forza downgrade.

Godmars2901262d ago

That such a thing has happened repeatedly with one company, with one console brand, doesn't say that it wasn't?

Bansai1262d ago

Umm the director of CDPR plainly said that it was PC footage so I doubt they're the ones doing the deceiving, he could just stay quiet and noone would "found out".

Subaruwrx1262d ago

How do you know it wasn't planned?

Why o why1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Of course somebody planned to use console prompts despite using a pc....question is WHO planned it. These things don't just happen by fluke. Somebody made it happen and others turned a blind eye. No party involved is blameless.

tuglu_pati1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

All this companies do the same. They are all to blame.

BeefCurtains1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

it's really pretty simple:

* Put Witcher 3 in PC
* Plug X1 controller in to PC
* Game displays X1 controller button prompts

* Plug Dualshock 4 controller in to PC
* Game displays PS4 button prompts

It's really not some crazy tin foil hat conspiracy. You can put your pitch forks down.

I'm sure all the multi millionaire execs at Microsoft sat down with the producers on conans show and conspired some crazy plot to trick gamers and take over the world!!!

zeuanimals1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


They did show an Xbox One cover of the game though. That's pretty deceptive. Now, sure, you could be saying they just needed a box to show what game they're playing, but you can't say it's not gonna confuse people into thinking the XBO version of the game actually looks like that.

And a lot of games don't show DS4 (PS4 controller) prompts when you use a DS4, on PC. The DS4 is seen as any regular controller when paired with the PC, there's no software that tells the PC it's a PS4 controller. By default, most devs just use Xbox prompts on PC because the 360 controller was much easier to pair with the PC and it was the more popular one to use on PC for years.

I could give MS the benefit of the doubt and say that they were just working with what CDPR gave them. CDPR is predominately a PC dev so I can see them being further ahead on the PC version with the other versions not ready to be shown.

Volkama1262d ago

@zeus it's probably stipulated in the marketing contract that they can't show logos and boxes from other platforms in any commercial promotion for the game.

As for XBox button prompts, most PC games (incl witcher 2) use xbox button prompts.

Might wanna hold off on trying to stone Microsoft. You can be quite sure we'll see some pc footage on games Sony have marketing deals for. The likes of EA and Ubisoft tend to try and make their games look as good as possible too...

Why o why1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I see lot of people filling in rhetorical gaps but like many have said, a simple disclaimer quells all uncertainty and confusion. It seems many will kill ms for anything whereas others will defend anything they do. In this case I'd say ms doesn't mind being misrepresented in a positive light. They've done it before. Sony has too but this is about MS right.....

Kal0psia1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Of course it's Microsoft, if they do it articles proliferate for weeks blaming Microsoft. But if it's Sony couple days leveled anger, boring and done.


Actually you can't use PS controllers directly. And even if you do use a software to use a PS controller, it doesn't matter. Those prompts will still show up as Xbox buttons.

Also to the main story, ....IT'S MAKRETING! If I watched that gameplay and then played the XOne version it's not like as a gamer I'm going to see complete drastic difference in gameplay. If you want to truly experience Witcher at it's best, build or buy a PC. Fact! But somehow we have resolution geeks this generation off a outdated hardware since launch? ...smh

1262d ago
Crimzon1262d ago

As far as I understand publishers have to pay a LOT of money to Conan for him to show their game on TV. To funnel so much cash into a one-off advertisement will definitely have the involved parties wanting to show the game off in the best possible light and let's be honest here, the video game industry is in dire need of a heavy clampdown and regulation with the absurd amount of deceptive advertising that's frequently used.

The fact that this industry also pushes people towards preordering products makes the whole thing even more questionable and underhanded. I find it hard to give the benefit of the doubt to any of the involved parties when things like this happen because I think we all know that it's absolutely deliberate.

It doesn't matter if it's Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA, Activision etc. they should all be called out and have their names dragged through the mud for trying to deceive and con people. Is it any surprise that occurrences like this are becoming increasingly frequent and commonplace these days? It's disgraceful.

fiveby91262d ago

Of course without direct evidence it is impossible to know if it was planned. But one can surely surmise that the practice paints a false picture as it relates to X1 performance and visual details and that MS marketing knows this. I have to imagine they know full well some ppl may interpret such game show cases by abutting X1 sponsorship of the event that some will make the connection that "oh what I just saw is available on X1". It is misleading by a lack of omission which I find hard to believe the MS marketing machine is not fully aware of. Plausible deniability may work in a court of law but in the court of public opinion that can be and is damaging to their credibility with a core audience. MS marketing trying to take advantage of every little grey area they can, does more harm than good in the gaming community.

sonarus1262d ago

I dont know for certain if it was planned but to be honest i believe this stuff happens way too often to be accidental.

First impressions matter quite a lot when it comes to games and what other way to show great first impression than graphics. Its become the standard for most developers and publishers with new releases everybody cried down grade while developers cries upgrade. This is the way video games are now and even if i don't like it i have accepted it by simply not relying as much on first impressions.

BeefCurtains1262d ago

Game is not even released yet ", surrounded by so much controversy (see next hottest article, Downgrade comparison shots).

It's like we have to destroy every game before we even get to formulate our own opinion of it.

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SonofGod1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Sony have constantly deceived people with CGI trailers, especially since the PS3 reveal era (remember Killzone 2? Biggest lie in the histor if gaming).

Not to mention this:

Hey Sony lied about Witcher 3 gameplay too why aren't people reporting that huh? Hypocrisy and double standards that's why.

Gority1262d ago

The article calls out the practice, including when Sony has done it. Stop being such a fanboy.

Subaruwrx1262d ago

@ SonofGod. Blasphemous! Your name sake wouldn't try to ply this exaggeration of Sony's past sins. Have you ever heard of the Golden Rule?

gfk3421262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

The biggest lie in the history of gaming?! Are you joking or are you the biggest Xbox fanboy?

I think the latter, IMO.

With respect to Killzone 2 trailer:
- it was a trailer for the game, before the PS3 being released (1 year before the PS3 release and more than 2 years before the game release). So it was in the very early stages of devopment (it was a trailer to promote the sequel Killzone 2);
- how can you say it was a lie if Guerrilla SAID themselves immediately after E3.

As regards the PS4 trailer for Witched 3 note the followings:
- it is a GENERAL trailer for promoting the game. This means that it is prepared by the developer and Sony is not involved in this process at all.
- the trailer EXPLAINS the type of game Witcher3 is, what can be done in it etc.

In case of MS, it is a totally different thing:
- they showed 2 times ONLY the X1 case, thus emphasizing a X1 playthrough;
- the fact that the game is played on PC despite showing a X1 case, reveals MS direct implication;
- Witched 3 is in the gold phase and thus it is no excuse for which MS is not showing direct footage from X1 (unless they have something to hide - I.e. fps);
- MS is not admitting, not even after the consumers found out about this issue.

Why o why1262d ago

I think the biggest lie in gaming history was the failure rate claims made by MS mate prior to their smart dodge replacement scheme......since we're going back nearly a decade all that.

I know its normal to deflect to the other teams mishaps but you just look silly for not addressing the case in hand. Im wondering if you were one of those staunch defenders who downplayed the existence rrod....there were soooooo many here on N4g.....crazy

TheCommentator1262d ago

@why o why

Or perhaps it was the PS2 disc read error fiasco that continued to persist through most of its lifespan? Class action lawsuits are always preferred to admitting fault and paying to fix the problem out of court though, right? Sony never does anything wrong, lol. Let's see how many of the ignorant just disagree without doing a quick search on wiki first.

MysticStrummer1262d ago

"Biggest lie in the histor if gaming"

Are you just misinformed or is it on purpose?

1262d ago
xkvcq1262d ago

Yeah, biggest lie definitely goes to Milo and Kate

Ryan7411262d ago

When Sony did it, it was an accident, these things happen.

Why o why1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Yeah commentator. .'(remember Killzone 2? Biggest lie in the histor if gaming)'. ......

Guess you agree then and if thats the case why shouldn't i mention a failure rate over 50% that were apparently known of before launch. ...I see others have mentioned the kinect man behind the curtain fiasco as well as the milo nonsense. Lets put things in perspective ok.....the pre render of a game isnt on the same stratosphere as lying about the failure rate OR disk drive issues and from what i remember the 360 had those too or doesnt that count....

How dumb

AndrewLB1262d ago

The biggest lie in recent gaming history is clearly Sony's claims that they had ZERO plans to put DRM on the PS4, and how Microsoft was evil or whatever they said. It gets the biggest lie status because so many people continue to repeat it even though Sony later admitted they had planned to put DRM almost identical to the XBone's on the PS4. They changed their mind at E3 2013 after watching Microsoft take a public beating over their announcement, and removed it via a day one update.

By the way... Why is this thread full of Playstation fanboys attacking Microsoft/CDPR? This has nothing to do with your precious PS4, so take a hike!
The only people affected by this are Xbox owners who think they were deceived.

The facts are, just about every company who makes multi-platform games shows the PC version and most of the time they don't specify which platform the video is from. I'll put money on it that even Exclusive PS4 games shown in TV commercials are not running on a PS4 console at all.

When they showed The Order 1886 @ Gamescom, it was running on PC hardware with a DS4 controller. The same went for E3 back in 2013.

Sony was also running their Morpheus demo's @ GDC last year on PC hardware. http://www.igameresponsibly...

Why o why1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )


You are AndrewLB

Nothing further your honour

TheCommentator1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

@why o why

I said nothing about Killzone so relax, chief. I was simply rebutting your fanboy statement to prove that Sony did it too. PS2, at launch, was also a prototype, over preordered by 1.5 million units because Sony insisted they'd have enough, had half of the North American launch units sold in Japan for $40 more per unit to make more profit, and took nearly a year to fulfill all the preorders because they insisted on sending units to retail outlets to sell to walk ins instead. They rushed the console out to have a year head start on the competition and, as previously mentioned, paid for it with a years long legal battle as well.

Both companies have an equally shoddy track record. Here's a few more ways Sony runs its business, fyi.

Sony threatend Funcoland with reduced hardware allocations if XBOX marketing, showing how much better its specs were, wasn't removed from its stores. They tried to claim immersion's rumble technology was their design which resulted in a lengthy legal battle. Because of that legal battle, Sony falsely claimed that the reason there was no rumble in PS3 controllers was because it interfered with the Sixaxis control. Coincidentally, PS3 dual shock controllers came out right after their settlement with Immersion because they "found a way to make it work". Sony also removed backwards compatability from PS3, after publically shaming MS for not including it in the 360, without letting customers know or even referencing it was removed on the box.

I could go on A LOT longer...

Why o why1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago ) ignore the comment I quoted and replied to talk some other nonsense. Rule of thumb.....check what people are replying to before you engage defence mode. I questioned you if you agreed that the killzone pre render was the biggest lie...what happens next is a retort....With this retort came an opinion that lying about RROD OR Disc drive errors are far worse than a pre render which he stated was 'bigest lie in histor if gaming'.... So right there I'm implying that the Disc Drive error BY SONY is far more serious. I also stated that the 360 also had disk drive errors so take down your shield and stop defending dumb comments because it make you look silly

Correct, Sony are no angels. For every dodgy practice I'm certain I can not only name a counter act of dodgyness by MS but some that are more current...we could go on forever but sony don't pay any of my bills for me to go mega deep into pr defence mode for them. I'm merely a punter to them, zeros and ones.

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Transistor1262d ago

Blame goes to Microsoft and CDPR, I'd think that would be obvious.

It's not Conan's fault.

WCxAlchemist1262d ago

Who is to blame for the Sony and Batman pc game footage? According to rocksteady not them sooooo that leaves one.

KnowledgeIsPower1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

This is to much, if this was Sony instead of Microsoft nobody would even care lol

MasterCornholio1262d ago

Not really.

I remember N4G exploding when Eurogamer analyzed ShadowFall.

someOnecalled1262d ago

Yeah that was mostly do to PS fanboys defending it. And lying saying they new something was wrong they saw the difference. Its a know fact that PS fanboys would defend whatever Sony do. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony tried the DRM like ms and everyone praised them.

medman1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I'm pretty sure most people know by now Microsoft's gaming division is full of it....their deceptive practices have long ago gone past ridiculous straight on into the land of preposterous bizarro bullshot.

krypt19831262d ago

when did conan ever say it was xb1 footage? you kids just seem to be mad that it was a xbox version of the game he held to promote sells, stop bitching and shut up...

Leaguer1262d ago

.....there is really no cure to stupidity...

TheCommentator1262d ago

Remember when Polyphony used pictures of PGR to promote GT... twice? How does THAT happen? At least MS has something to do with windows.

BallsEye1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

So wait...there was not a single indication in the video that it's running on xbox one, and it's a fiasco.
Sony shows 60 fps CGI for uncharted 4 and claims it's in game, later releases real footage in 30 fps and looks like generation downgrade and it's all fine! Sony releases Deep Down trailer with HUD that looks like a cutscene from blizzards game, claims it's game and again no problem! Recently Battlefront engine demo was released with ps4 logo, eventho it was just an engine demo not running on ps4 (read small text at end of the trailer). THey've been doing it for years (hello KZ2) but no one seem to complain. Even last KZ on ps4 had a lawsuit for lying it's 1080p, and sony actually lost.
You n4g kids are just incredible.

xkvcq1262d ago

Are you insane? You literally just compared apples to oranges 4 times expecting it to somehow be the same thing...

DarXyde1262d ago

Uncharted 4:

"The Following Trailer Was Captured Directly From A PlayStation 4 System"

The fact that it didn't say "real-time", "in-game", or that Andrew House didn't say, "the following footage is captured in real-time on a PS4" is a dead giveaway that those were not in-game graphics. It was definitely CG captured from a PS4 system, but it's obvious that it wasn't in-game. I think most sensible people knew that.

ziggurcat1261d ago

"So wait...there was not a single indication in the video that it's running on xbox one..."

yes, there was. they very clearly showed the box for the console version, indicating that the version you were about to see was the xbone version. you need to watch the video of the segment before you start calling foul.

"Sony shows 60 fps CGI for uncharted 4 and claims it's in game, later releases real footage in 30 fps and looks like generation downgrade and it's all fine!"

first of all, it wasn't CGI... secondly, it wasn't even 60fps when they showed it on stage at E3 - they posted a high-quality, 60fps *version* of the trailer on the website... thirdly, they very clearly stated that it was an in-engine, in-game *cutscene* from one of the game's chapters, and we know from all of their other games last generation that their cutscenes are generated in-engine, not pre-rendered CGI. lastly, the footage we saw at PSX was actual gameplay... *pre-alpha* gameplay.

it's really quite frightening to have seen you claim you work in the industry, yet continue to compare a cutscene with gameplay as a way of trying to prove that there's been a downgrade... i mean... if you can't even distinguish the difference between cutscene, and gameplay.... god help us all.

"Even last KZ on ps4 had a lawsuit for lying it's 1080p, and sony actually lost."

uh... no. that lawsuit was dismissed.

TheXgamerLive1262d ago

???? Fiasco??? Blame ????, There is no Fiasco. Again, only Sony fans make an issue out of this. Merely look at who is complaining.
Now STFU and get ready to play the Witcher 3, probably one of the top 5 games of 2015.

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kingeliran1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

well conan have all the consoles he do a game review every week so he got a ps4 there as well.

generic-user-name1262d ago

It wouldn't have been so bad if they had a "*running on PC* disclaimer somewhere, but no, they hold the X1 box art in hand, the X1 controller and with X1 button prompts on screen. That's a lot of hard work to trick people.

Not cool.

Fireseed1262d ago

Or maybe just maybe they used the PC version because the devs wanted the game to look its best and Conan wanted a controller because its Conan and do you honestly think he would use keyboard and mouse on a stool? And then after all that they showed a box without a disclaimer simply because they just don't care as much as you do?

Perhaps... just perhaps no one in the world effing cares which platform its on as much as the derelict fanboys of N4G.

generic-user-name1262d ago

"And then after all that they showed a box without a disclaimer simply because they just don't care as much as you do?"

Plenty of people care about false advertising.

"Perhaps... just perhaps no one in the world effing cares which platform its on as much as the derelict fanboys of N4G."

Yet here you are.

jdiggitty1262d ago

This is the likely story. Have a bubble

zidane13411262d ago

Everybody's being so overdramatic about this. Like all that matters is graphics, and not gameplay. Anybody who thinks Microsoft did this needs to take a long look at themselves, it would be cdproject and conans fault, you loons.

generic-user-name1262d ago

It would be madness to think that MS was NOT behind this. It certainly wouldn't be Conan's fault, they take what they are given and advertise as instructed.

"Like all that matters is graphics"

It's the principal of false advertisement, for all you know the X1 version has frame rate issues that were hidden by tricks like this.

Seafort1262d ago

It's Microsoft's fault no doubt about it.

They have a reputation for trying to deceive the customer.

It's not like this is the first time they've done this.

I seem to remember a couple of weeks ago they tried the same thing on Official Xbox One youtube channel. They also tried to pull this stunt at E3 last year as well.

It only came out about the PC footage because CDPR busted them by saying the footage was from PC version not Xbox One. And you have the cheek to blame Conan and the developers?

When will you people learn that Microsoft cannot be trusted? They'll do anything to make themselves and Xbox look good at any cost.

If they wanted to have better gfx they should have designed a proper gaming console instead of the gimmicky crap they wanted the Xbox for.

LonDonE1262d ago

Agreed but i think the more important question is why have microsoft and cd project not shown us true real time xbox one gameplay? Consideringt the fact that ms has the marketing deal for witcher 3 u would think ms would be showing us x1 footage galore! yet nothing?

I am getting worried now, obviously cd project are not confident with the x1 build or they would have showed it by now! fanboys can deny it all they want, but this is becoming a trend.

I see no justification for them to have not shown us true x1 footage.
Whats the big secret? I gladly bought dragon age inquisition on my x1 instead of on my ps4 regardless of the native 1080p on ps4 vs 900p on the x1.
For me a more stable framerate>higher resolution!!

I just want to know which console will have a more stable fps, the game will look stunning even if it was at 720p lol i would still play it as long as the frame rate is stable.

Something fishy is going on!!

Seafort1262d ago

What's this marketing deal Microsoft have got for Witcher 3?

I haven't seen any sign of it or heard anything about it.

The only exclusive stuff that MS has got is the pack of cards in the Collectors Edition of the game.

If they do have a marketing deal they aren't putting it to very good use. Deceiving people is not the way you market a game for your system.

Software_Lover1262d ago

Gameplay ON XBOX ONE has been shown, in/at multiple venues.

Volkama1262d ago

@seafort that is the only exclusive thing in the deal. CDPR refused anything else, because such deals are bad for consumers and CDPR are saints.

What Microsoft do get is xbox stuff tagged on all the witcher 3 promotional material, including Conan's review.

maniacmayhem1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

A disclaimer on Conan for a comedy sketch called the "Clueless Gamer" for a late night audience, yea...who exactly would care User-Name.

Should Conan also read of the specs to the computer that was actually used?

What if my PC doesn't have the up to date tech to make the Witcher 3 look as good as it did on Conan, would that be deceiving also?

There is NO false advertising! The game is on Xbox One.

generic-user-name1262d ago

A late night audience with a viewership of more than most big gaming sites, if not all, that makes it a big deal, why else would big companies keep giving conan early access, you think if his show didn't have an impact that big publishers would continue this practice?

Your pc comparison is hardly relevant, every x1 has the same specs and PCs do not, it is well known by anyone with a gaming pc so your comparison is a stupid one.

This is false advertising whether you want to accept it or not.