Expectations of game announcements and showcases for the Square Enix E3 2015 Press Conference

Game Idealist's list of videogames that may appear in the Square Enix E3 2015 Press Conference.

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Abash1285d ago

All I want at E3 as a "surprise announcement" from SE is an HD remaster of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance with some new added content

kingdom181285d ago

Yes! I could see it doing wonderfully on either the Wii U with its touchscreen controller or on the PS4 with the touchpad, or even better, reworking it so it could be played on all three, but then again I suppose if they went that route they would just keep it on the PS4 and Xbox One unless they choose to announce KH3 on the Wii U, but I doubt that.

rainzor1285d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 can't run on Wii U

kingdom181284d ago


Clearly, which is why I used the word doubt.

NoctisPendragon1285d ago

They promised a new IP don't worry .

SageShinigami1284d ago

They promised a new GAME, but when did they promise a new IP?

showtimefolks1285d ago

If I was running SE than this is how I would do it

Release window for kingdom Hearts 3
Release date for ff15 in November 2015

Legacy of kain reboot

And finish the show with FF7 HD TOTAL REMAKE from ground up.

Xof1285d ago

A LoK reboot would be terrible. Without the original writers or voice actors... it would inevitably fall short of the originals. I have no idea why any fan of the games would even suggest such a thing.

A remaster (IE port) compilation would be nice, though. All the games in one place, displaying properly on a modern 1080p display would be fantastic.

showtimefolks1285d ago

I would be a happy gamer either way. Look at tomb raider reboot. I don't think you need original voice actor to make the game good.

But I would love to see legacy of kain in a compete HD remaster edition

NoctisPendragon1285d ago

"And finish the show with FF7 HD TOTAL REMAKE from ground up."

That one would be hard even for you , it is like sacrificing 2 new IP time & money just for a remake of the same game .

showtimefolks1284d ago

But isn't it about supply and demand? So many people would buy it just like so many want the mgs remake

Xof1285d ago

Expecting something from Square-Enix = inevitably disappointing.

nucky641285d ago

well, judging by the speed at which they're going to get kingdom hearts 3 out, if they DO announce a new game, it ought to be ready by 2024.

Blackleg-sanji1285d ago

Ha 2024...u have a lot of faith in square remix I see try 2030

DonkeyDoner1285d ago

dont get your hype too high this is aiming for western audience so probably not many JRPG shown from their e3

SoapShoes1285d ago

Yeah but we do know that they have some PS4 exclusives to announce. So there's that.

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The story is too old to be commented.