Advantages of an Xbox Live Gold membership

A couple years ago we discussed how Xbox Live was evolving its service on Xbox One, and in the time since, there's been even more exciting changes.

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4Scarrs_Gaming1261d ago

I have had an Xbox live membership ever since the original Xbox. I love getting free games every month too.

UnHoly_One1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

My account will turn 13 this November when the XBL anniversary rolls around.

Ever since they started showing your number of years with Gold on your gamercard, it always surprises me how few of us there are that have been around that long.

I always look at people's stuff while I'm waiting in multiplayer lobbies and I rarely see a single person that is 10 years or more.

Dlacy13g1261d ago

Lol...actually apparently I just hit 12yrs. Gt: Murphys Law

Cheers to us oldtimer! :-)

3-4-51261d ago

Been using Xbox live since OG Xbox & Crimson Skies.

DillyDilly1261d ago

The free game choices have mostly sucked

Pastorfuzz1261d ago Show
IcarusOne1261d ago

Actually agree. Don't care about many of them or I already own them. There've been one or two from PSN that have paid off though. Discovering Outlast was a revelation.

paulhunter1261d ago

Yeah, I have to agree there, Outlast was a gem. One of the best free games yet.

showtimefolks1261d ago

You know as much as fanboys make gaming so much insane and mind boggling with many comments. It's still amazing how ms pushed Sony to make psn and improve upon it

But than don't changed the game by introducing free games. Think about it we have to pay to play online so these companies really don't have to offer us free games. But they do yet some of you still complain

Think of a time when you paid for Xbox live only to play only and it didn't provide extra value by offering free content

End of the day competition I'd a healthy thing. Just look at this past black Friday and how insane those deals were. Systems came with like 4 to 5 games and some bundles even had psn and Xbox live cards

Also if it wasn't for Sony than we would be stuck with drm and no used games policies

So thank you to both Sony and MS

Hopefully Nintendo will step their game up next Gen and truly compete with Sony and MS

4Scarrs_Gaming1261d ago

So true! Competition is good. I am hoping Nintendo will turn things around and get on the ball. It's looking good with the announcement of mobile development, original ips, amiibo, Nintendo themed rides

paulhunter1261d ago

I hope so too, but Nintendo has a long way to go to win back the 3rd party publishers. With potential for CoD Black Ops III and the new Assassin's Creed on Wii U, maybe that time is now, we'll have to see. No confirmation of either game hitting Wii U, just hints so far.

hello121261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

x box live dedicated server support for me. Gears of War and Halo 5 will greatly benefit from this.

x BOX ONE only console that has dedis for private and public matches. When i want to play with just friends, the match will be using dedicated servers, a big win over the 360 days for me.

The free games not interested but some x box gamers do like it.

Ryan7411261d ago

Its not the free games, security and superior service. I just love the fact you are not playing with the hardcore PlayStation community. Just personally find them unbearable.

22CobraKing1261d ago

Both have good online communities but Xbox is where there is more screaming kids. At least once a week on Xbox their is always someone trying to troll a kid to make him mad. That just gets annoying.

Reaper29r1261d ago

I would agree with you Cobra, if it didn't seem like a lot of those kids jumped ship. Never really had that issue on PS3, but 9 times out of 10 on 360 I'd mute everyone soon as the lobby comes up. Now it seems opposite. Still does happen on xbox though, just not anywhere near as much as before (in my experience).

rainslacker1261d ago

They exist on PS as well. Afraid it's not an Xbox exclusive. PS3 was a lot quieter though, because many people didn't own mics. it's the trolls and foul-mouthed kids that make me not care for MP much. I'd prefer to play with people that are playing the game for fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.