The Division is being developed by too many studios

"Having so many studios separated so far apart working on one project can alienate the developers and make them lose focus of what the core goals and objectives are. Doing all this work under one roof, despite likely being more strenuous on a smaller number of employees, helps to maintain that focus."

Amid the recent news that the game is being developed by four Ubisoft studios, Gamespresso's Steve argues that Tom Clancy's The Division is being developed by too many studios, thus putting the project at risk.

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Transistor1347d ago

Agreed. I think people should keep their expectations for the Division low.

They have had to keep bringing more development teams on the project, rumors of development problems, it was one of the first games shown this generation and it's made by Ubisoft.

Not a good combination.

joab7771347d ago

Yep. It's the AC approach. Problem is similar to Bungies problem, Bioware problem w/ Star Wars, and Zenimax with Elder Scrolls.

They are attempting to make an mmo of sorts. The problem is that it's being marketed to a sp base...llike the above mentioned. And it requires an insane amount of time and money to develop enough content the quality of a sp to keep ppl happy. Bungies fell quite short and had to cut a bunch to get the game out. Zenimax spent the house and then no one wanted to sub.

It will be interesting to see what we get. I give them credit though for trying. And I could care less if the graphics are the same. I want great dynamic gameplay.

Mainman1347d ago

I'm hopeful for the game based on gameplay/trailers that was released by the developers.

OB1Biker1347d ago

Well its UBI.. They often do that way I believe ; its not like its unexpected
I do agree Id rather one studio working on it though

3-4-51347d ago

* Too many cooks in the kitchen, spoils the broth.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1347d ago

Certainly agree. The last Medal of Honor game is perfect example of why even 2 studios shouldn't develop a game together.

Roccetarius1347d ago

I think Assassin's Creed sufferd from the same thing. There are simply too many different studios working on the same game, that it becomes harder to keep it focused.

leogets1347d ago

Yep agree also.. just being ubisoft has put my expectations to zero on this.. looked good at reveal time but now im not even interested.. just guna be another shoddy mp experiance from ubishlong

Koopdogg1347d ago

Oh i did not realise this !!!

I hope this game does not suffer from any conflict of interests :(

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The story is too old to be commented.