Steal a Digital Copy of The Sly Collection for Just $2.49

Sly Cooper's adventures are going cheap.

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Eidolon1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Awesome games and easy plats! BoxedDeal usually has this bundle though, I think at $2.49 recently and regularly $2.99, but 84 cents per game is a ridiculous bargain..

cleft51923d ago

Steal and digital copy probably isnt two words you want in the same sentence.

Anyhow, this is a great deal for a great game.

Relientk771923d ago

That's literally a steal. Great games

vickers5001923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Great deal. Traded this in a while back for a new game, kinda regretted it, but at 2.49 I'll definitely pick it back up.

Does anyone know if it's cross buy with vita, since it's the digital version?

Eidolon1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

It's just for the PS3 versions.

KryptoniteTail1923d ago

Oh God, I thought this was on's practically free...I need this but I don't have a credit card, I always just buy PSN Cards!!! Gonna hate myself for missing out on these, I never played them. =[

AC2020x1923d ago

I wish these were on ps4!

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