New Wii Controllers May Have MotionPlus Inside

Wii MotionPlus -- the Wii Remote attachment revealed earlier this week that adds extra precision to motion controls -- poses an interesting conundrum for Nintendo: How can it make games supporting it without running the risk of fracturing its market? Speaking at an E3 developer roundtable today (via Eurogamer), Nintendo's Katsuya Eguchi confirmed the one possibility under consideration is to update the Wii Remote to include the MotionPlus technology.

"As to looking at whether or not it will be an attachment or built-in -- we're always looking at how hardware should evolve and where we should take it," Eguchi said. "Unfortunately, I don't have a definite direction to give you today, but it's something we'll be looking at."

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MazzingerZ3770d ago

The only PLUS is for Nintendo pockets

lagoonalight3770d ago

Exactly, what a ******* joke. Glad I sold mine before its worth 30 bucks like the gamecube.

No regrets.

My PS3 is too lovely.

And a 360 wouldn't be bad either.

ChickeyCantor3770d ago

2 years ago they did not had the Chip in such a small size and the price would be deadly for a controller.

If they included it you guys would be complaing about how big the controller is and that Nintendo is a money grabber for putting such a high price on it.

pcz3769d ago

just give me the device free with a game.

c64days3769d ago

The wiimote is far from what they traied to show us on any press conference.

it's not acurate and actually not works as it suppose to.
after selling us BS they selling us FIX.

nintendo knows no shame.