5 Reasons To Be Excited For Black Ops 3

WorstnBest: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the most recent cycle for 2015. Numerous that have gotten to be disappointed with the arrangement lately are relying on Black Ops 3 to reinvigorate the arrangement, and Activision has endowed observed Call of Duty designer Treyarch with the assignment.

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imranmani1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

I am really happy to see that call of duty allows customization in black ops3

RP_Singh1312d ago

Change in travel system is also good for the series

Cream1309d ago

Just give me ONE.

1. Dedicated Servers (100%)

LifeInNZ1312d ago

Well, after watching Band of Brothers again recently I was so hoping for a gritty and realistic return to WWII. Leave the furture warefare setting to Battlefront and Titanfall. I want COD to return to its origins and stop all the run'gun like you're on crack nonsense.

dcj05241312d ago

Why is it nonsense. It's just another play style.

pompombrum1312d ago

Activision won't ever allow COD to return to a WW2 setting as things stand. The weaponry and technology is just far too limiting, it would feel so stripped down for today's COD fanbase. There is a reason they are going to a more futuristic setting after all. I really hope Activision prove me wrong but unless COD sale's take a huge nosedive, I just can't see them risking it.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1312d ago

Adapt, change your play style, or play the old ones. I could see a WAW+BO collection of 3 games in 2018, remastered, because the exos in AW weren't taken too well, its really just personal preference and play style :) I respect your views about the game though, and your choice in shows

Enyxodin1312d ago

5 reasons NOT to be excited for BLOPS 3:

1: Same old engine

2: Almost exactly the same game as Advanced warfare

3: Same old campaign with the same notions..."world on fire in the future" same type of villain/protagonist, save the world again and again...but now you have to save it in 2065

4: zombie mode have never been good since world at war and I dont expect it to be different this time...

5: same old point unlock system

OrangePowerz1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

For number 2. We have only seen a trailer, we haven't seen proper gameplay and we certainly haven't played it so I'm not sure how you know that it's almost exactly the same game as Advanaced Warfare. If you know something we don't know you should share that information with the rest of us.

As for number 3. The world is always on fire and needs to be rescued in FPS, plenty of pther action games and the majority of movies. Every single Marvel movoe is about the world needing to be rescued.

Enyxodin1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

For number 2 I just assume that it will be the same game...given how it has been like that for all of the cod games released..a copy of a copy! If they showed the first trailer without the blops 3 logo at the end I would honestly think it was AW...and I differentiate details pretty easily.

for number 3 I can agree with you that almost every game is set where a world is about to go down but everyone of them do it differently...they have a cool set of characters that you can get attached to!

far cry is in the same situation as cod where in far cry 3 you had a crazy lunatic villain which was something never really seen before...but then they did the same with far cry 4...same type of crazy villain but a gay version!

It is bad as it is where we have a world going under...but that gets even worse when we also have the same type of characters over and over in games

Peace_Love_and_FPS1312d ago

Pagan (think that's how it's spelt) Min was not gay, your mother in the game was his love interest actually. I don't get how a copy can be so different though, MW and BO were fairly distinct and new innovation in the movement system is alright with me. You've seen legit like 25 second of ACTUAL GAMEPLAY, does being able to "differentiate details pretty easily" mean "I grasp the f*** out of straws on a franchise I hate because I love bandwagons"?

I am still skeptical, but still, have some sense before jumping to conclusions about a game you haven't played and barely seen, and saying it's the same as a game I'm guessing you have never played (advanced warfare)

Enyxodin1312d ago

Let's just wait and see then, but we all know how it is going to we do with AC, far cry, fifa etc

quenomamen1311d ago

If you've played the last 6 CODs then you've already player Wack Ops 3.

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linox1310d ago

How can u say copy and paste if u ask for inovation and that what yall got in advance warfare but o you dont like it bcuase it doesn't feel like cod i liked most of them the only one that was ify was ghost but advance warfare changed alot yall really dont know what yall want but u want to complaw

Erik73571312d ago

Advance warfare looking better than this and Advance Warfare sucked.

Erik73571311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

At least it actually was more character driven and had a great character for the antagonist, something every COD game lacks and knowing treyarchs history I dont think this one will be any different. The reveal trailer showed nothing of the characters, a bad sign. In the end though advance warfare was generic garbage and this looks the same as it but worse.

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