CNet: Why I'm boycotting first-person shooters

Don Reisinger of CNet Writes: "Call it rash, call it dumb, call it outlandish, call it crazy, but I'm officially boycotting first-person shooters. Why? Because I've finally had enough of the video game industry and its laser focus on profit to the detriment of innovation and fun.

Understand something: I grew up in a world where video games were not only innovative and fun, but they weren't derivative, they weren't over-blown movie wannabes, and they absolutely were not multi-million dollar projects that required more business acumen than innovation.

So for the past few years, I've quietly sat back and witnessed the video game industry sink into a rut that it's unwilling to dig itself out of. Why have we been forced to sit through sequel after sequel of the same rehashed game with only a few improvements here and there? Why have we been forced to sit through countless sports, first-person shooter, and dumb adventure games? Why have we been forced to basically play the same old game when all we really want is to play something new, exciting, and unique?"

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Nitrowolf23747d ago

"something new, exciting, and unique?"
did they just discribe LBP?

resistance1003747d ago

Bang on the money.

And i for one are going to continue great upcoming FPS's like Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 AS WELL as enjoying new, unqiue games such as LBP

thePatriot3747d ago

then youre on your own pal

beoulve3747d ago

Real Reason : Because it's make me dizzy.

waznotwaz3747d ago

I look forward to the day I'm playing Killzone 10,Far Cry 10,Resistance 10,MGS 12 and Resident Evil 13.

Amp3747d ago

Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the Dinosaur

Ps3Fanboy7773747d ago

Look how many people hate EA and they continue to grow. Gamers in a way dont have any control over what comes out. Teens and kids will buy anything now a days so your 1 lost sale is made up by all the millions of teens and kids accross the world who love them. After all not like they have been playing them for the past 10 years its all new to them. After all games are still more focused on kids & teens then adult gamers.

I dont see that changing. Even the M rated titles whether they want to admit it or not are geared towards kids and teens. Gears of War is a perfect example of this. M rated title and vast majority of people I hear over a the mic cant be older then 13 or 14...

I wish it would change to but it just wont.

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