Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD For PS4 Gets Lovely 1080p Screenshots;Video of One of the Best PS4 Themes Yet

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD For PS4 is going to be released in North America on the 12th, but apparently some copies are already out in the wild.

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pompombrum1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Can't believe this is exclusive to Japan, why not give the other regions it too as a "thank you" for potentially buying the same game three different times.

Gamer19821310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

You can get it though outside of Japan games are multi region but that would be one expensive theme lol.

pompombrum1310d ago

If the Japanese version came with English text and subtitles at least, I actually would do this but as much as I love the theme and the iconic song, I won't buy a game just for it lol.

thekhurg1310d ago

I just wish this game came out earlier this year. Launching one week before Witcher 3 ... that sucks. :(

Stsonic1310d ago

Do you buy every multi-plat game three times on Xbox, PS4, and PC?

pompombrum1310d ago

Well I bought it on PS2 when it first came out however I never got round to buying the PS3 version, I bet there are many people out there who have bought it on PS2 and PS3 yet won't be able to resist buying on PS4.

Germany71310d ago

Looks like i will play FF X for the first time, and it will be on PS4.

F0XHOUND1310d ago

Better late than never. Its an epic game!

Jihaad_cpt1310d ago

So much fond memories playing this in high school, with my best friend (shifts). More than 250 hours of play time spent. Epic indeed

1310d ago
Jubez1871310d ago

Umm the theme looks horrific though? The big bubbles are awful

PlayableGamez1310d ago

Can somebody justify the $50 price point for a year old remake of a 13 year old+ game?

Beeker1310d ago

Well its 2 games actually and the reason for the price tag is because it will sell at that price. Why sell something cheap when you know people will pay more for it

KryptoniteTail1310d ago

Because it is two games? And the last good mainline Final Fantasy? What do you want, two games on PS4 for $20? LOL! If you already played them on PS3 I would understand but you don't seem to have. HD remaster sell for $40 alone sometimes, this is fair. Nice bait though.

PlayableGamez1310d ago

It's a year old remake of a 13+ year old game(s). It's $20 on the PS3 but $50 on the PS4. What $30 additional content are we getting on the PS4 version?

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