GameRanx: Splatoon Global Testfire Impressions; Impressive Online, Fun Gameplay

Matchmaking is not 100 % perfect, but you get matched up with other players quickly. When you actually dive in, the game played smoothly, with never a moment that the game was affected or even appeared to have lag.


Updated with new impressions of the Splat Charger. It will lose out in one on one confrontations, but I think the Charger is the weapon with the most potential to win matches.

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Wonderful1011260d ago

Tons of fun, can't wait to play again in a few hours.

G3n3raL861260d ago

Can't wait to start playing:)

N4g_null1260d ago

Oh the squid tricks are awesome. Wall jumping!

BlackWolf1260d ago

Currently playing.... a blast so far!

Mikito111259d ago

It's fantastically frantic! :D

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