MediEvil UE4 Fan-Made Demo Gets Full Video Reveal, Creator Apologizes For Giving False Hope To Fans

GearNuke: "Recently, we saw a MediEvil reboot rumor for the PS4 that turned out to be a fake. While it would have been great if this was an actual leak of a official MediEvil reboot, but it wasn’t, and now the developer who worked on this demo has released his full work on YouTube."

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nicksetzer11348d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Glad to see this was just fan-art. As I said before there are Soook many much better franchises in sony's classics catalogue. this game is almost non-existent on that list for me personally.

For starters Sony can get a move on these OG playstation franchises (again, games I PERSONALLY would prefer): TOMBA!, Croc, ape escape, a GOOD spyro sequel, a GOOD crash sequel, parappa the rappa, syphon filter, twisted metal, Legend of Legaia, etc, etc, etc.

DarkOcelet1347d ago

Maybe in your list, its non-existent but for many others, its an amazing game.

badz1491347d ago

ok, how much effort was put into that? seems too serious for a supposed "joke". maybe the creator is up to something. fishing for Sony's attention to get a job, maybe? the atmosphere is already there, kinda reminds me of a PS2 game Maximo.

but whatever the intention is, thanks but no thanks for getting people's hopes up. but I still want to Sony to revive some of their old franchise back that they have a grip on the console market this gen. there are so many IPs in their vault that I really hope they don't just leave them to die. Medievil is one thing, what about Ape Escape? the MOVE game last gen was a slap in the face for the franchise but I still hope that there will be a full fledged Ape Escape game in their future plan. c'mon Sony, bring back the 3D action platformer back to life!

nicksetzer11347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

@dark yea, hence I said PERSONALLY. People also love double dragon and battletoads and would love remakes. I also would be completely unexcited about those.

I didn't realize it was a requirement to like a game, and want a sequel, just because you do...

Septic1347d ago

Twisted Metal happened last gen and won't be made again.

Is there still appeal for a Spyro game?

Ape Escape was amazing. And why hasn't syphon filter been made again?!

snoopgg1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Its funny cause one mans opinion of great franchises differs greatly from the other gamers opinion. I really don't miss any those games you mentioned. Do we really need another spyro, crash, or Croc or even ape escape. Most of your list is tired, compared to Medievil in my own jade opinion which means little to the other guys in the end. In other words to each its own.

TWB1347d ago

TBH you only get my agree because you mentioned Tomba/Tombi. It would truly be amazing to have a new addition the the series and AFAIK, the license for the game series has been retrieved by monkeypaw games and its no longer in lost license hell.

But in honestly okay with ANY oldschool series to come back, even the ones I have played like Medievil.

Also it should be mentioned that Spyro did have a good game after the original trilogy, and that is Spyro A Heroes Tail. Its really good but just different than the original 3

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DarkOcelet1347d ago

Hopefully Sony hires him and they make a full game out of this.

We need those oldschool games back asap!

pwnsause_returns1347d ago

The level of detail here is amazing... Guys like this dude need to be doing something at a

DevilOgreFish1347d ago

Sure does look pretty on UE4.

madjedi1346d ago

That is a thing of beauty, unfortunately it will likely never be realized, with budgets skyrocketing vs the ps1's era.

Relientk771347d ago

Sony still needs to bring this franchise back, and alot of the old PS1 franchises

chrisx1347d ago

Gives false hope knowingly, then apologizes for giving false hope...

DarkOcelet1347d ago

Well, the people reacted in a positive way to the announcement even if it was fake.

Sony should pay attention here and see people are craving for some of their old IP's.

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