God of War 3 looking very close to CG teaser in terms of graphics

In the latest HotSpot podcast -from GameSpot- , numerous sources reported that "the level of realism as far as the graphics go in God of War 3" looks very close to the CG teaser. They actually said it is looking like Beowulf the movie. The discussion lasts 59 minutes.

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decapitator3747d ago

There shall be only CHAOS when this game launches.

StayHigh3747d ago

will be one of the best lookin action game for the PS3 when it releases!!

mesh13747d ago

gamespot are in a bad spot atm this is just an attempt to gain hits throw the internet from the people that control this site and TRY to infiltrate other sites ahah you must be slipping past the delusional state to believe this 1 guys.

sonarus3747d ago

I do not care about graphics. All i care about for this game is the gameplay and the story. With jaffe and barlog gone i am simply terrified at the direction this game will go. I also hope they make a true next gen leap and not just lame like DMC4. They have to do stuff other action games aren't doing. They have to put DMC4 and Ninja Gaiden to shame.

GOW is one of my favorite games so i hope it is a win all round
Story gameplay and dare i say it give me some online features and really push the franchise as hard as you can for 3.

zypher3747d ago

well, from what i've heard both Barlog and Jaffe (Jaffe for certain) have expressed genuine interest in being involved with GoW3. given how closely the two are associated to the GoW series, as well as the series importance to the PS3, i'm sure Sony will let the vets back on the project in some meaningful fashion. i remain highly optimistic about GoW3

sonarus3747d ago

I disagree. Especially not barlog. Maybe jaffe but his creative control will be ridiculously limited

Chris Bosh3747d ago


Panthers3747d ago

I remember them saying that when they left, the story was already completed. So all we have to worry about is gameplay.

dude_uk3747d ago

Yea... i remember that...
it was just after they split and because independent from Sony

DarK-SilV3747d ago

Guys Where did barlog and jaffe leave to? Are they working on another project?

zypher3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

jaffe left and started his own independent company called Eat, Sleep and Play. think of them as a second-party studio, sorta like Insomniac; they aren't owned by Sony, but they're pretty much exclusive to them. as for barlog, i honestly don't know where he went or what he's doing.

zypher3747d ago

maybe, maybe not. who's to say? still, i think i'm gonna remain optimistic until i have a reason doubt. plus (and i could be wrong), but didn't barlog lay out a lot of the ground-work for GoW3 before he left Sony?

dude_uk3747d ago


I LOLed with your comment

CrazzyMan3747d ago

And after seeing CG-like graphics in KZ2, Anime-Like graphics in Naruto:Storm, CG-Like graphics of Ratchet, almost Photorealistic graphics in GT5P people should stop doubt in power of PS3. =)

thePatriot3747d ago

I thought we were looking at a ingame futage. that tree looked like in game in the way it looked and moved. I will get a stroke if the entire teaser was ingame fotage

jtucker783747d ago

There was an interview on N4G about Barlog and Jaffe leaving...

....BUT in that interview they were saying how practically the entire dev team are still there working on GOW.

I wouldn't worry too much, we know the tech and graphic side will be fine, and if jaffe has put down the story already then we have quite a few bases covered.

Let's see how some of the early play tests go before we condemn the game.

gaffyh3746d ago

WOOT! I though that CG teaser was a target render (and they hadn't started the main games development yet), but it seems like the have made the game if these guys are discussing it.

Now I cannot wait for God of War 3.

Overr8ed3740d ago

if it is then GOW is going to be epic.

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name3747d ago

In the end, there will only be chaos

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3747d ago

Yes like at the end of playing GoW2, there was chaos in my room due to my ANGER AT THE SUSPENSEFUL ENDING WHICH ENDED ABRUPTLY...leaving me in despair and a state of tease!!! I've been waiting for years now for GoW3..ah boo hoo!!!

m-s-8-23746d ago

Youve been waiting like 16 months.

poos33747d ago

i think this is ken kutoragi second account or 1 of the other not to sure becuse iv hears that quote before let me think ahh when resistance debut gameplay was announced(looks crap)also when mgs4 was going to end the war we all heard that ken and let not forget when final fantasy 13 was announced as a ps3 exclusive we all heard "it begins" "the end begins" it gets announced foe the 360 they cry who would have guessed ff13 coming to 360 . i can bet god of war a 2009 game ? maybe 2010 wont match multiplats not alone exclusive being released in the same period

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3747d ago

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-P (I had to say it!!!) ;)

PLAYSTATION®3規格ソフトウェアのゲー ム 中にXMB™

Veryangryxbot3747d ago

Questioning God of Wars visuals is akin to being STUPIDITY itself.

1) yes, the trailer was awesomely looking but its not exactly unattainable. KZ2 already proved that Sony can achieve those graphics. Not just KZ2. But Gran Turismo, Uncharted, MGS4 all looks that good.

And people still question Sony and GOW3? Ha!

2) God of war series always known for its INCREDIBLE graphics. And people still doubt it? My god, if thats not called stupidity than what is? Hahaha

Crazyglues3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )


oh yes, indeed it does.... (in more ways then one... LoL) just kidding..

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Real gamer 4 life3747d ago

You know what? I will not doubt sony this time. They proved it with killzone, they will do the same with god of war.

dude_uk3747d ago

haha yea...
after killzone 2 its a bit hard to doubt them

Kami3747d ago

i believe them. you know why?? because GOW2 looked better or in the level of the first 360 games(not bashing)
and weren't they the ones giving guerrilla tips?

AlienGorilla3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Are you serious?
Maybe if you're playing on a 13 inch TV.

That's probably the stupidest thing i have ever heard anyone say, ever.

Statix3747d ago

So does this confirm that GOW3 gameplay was shown behind the scenes at E3?

YogiBear3747d ago

God of War is their baby. There is no way this is getting messed up.

Overr8ed3740d ago

i wonder how much of the PS3 power GOW is going to use?

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