Sony's Reputation Hurts Blu-Ray Sales

Consumers favour HD DVD over Blu-ray due to negative perception of Sony.

HDTVUK have reported the findings of a US-based survey which suggests that a major factor in consumer negativity about the Blu-ray high definition optical disc format is a distrust of Sony, and annoyance from some gamers that they're forced to adopt Blu-ray if they get a PS3.

Cymfony, a market influence analytics company, discovered that positive discussions about HD DVD were 46% higher than Blu-ray, with over twice as many post authors stating being "impressed with HD DVD" versus "impressed with Blu-ray"

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MicroGamer4331d ago

that Sony just doesn't seem to get it. They want people to love them by putting advanced technology into their lives, but they just go about it so very wrong. People want the freedom to choose which options they want. People want good products at affordable prices. They don't care if Blu Ray turns out to be 50x better than HD-DVD, if the players and the movies cost more, they won't buy them. They don't care if the image on Sony's TV's is 20% sharper than the leading competitor. If the leading competitor enters the market at a much lower price point, the leading competitor is going to get the sale. People aren't interested in Sony's vision of perfection. They want things that do the job at a reasonable cost. Everything else is just expensive frills. They need to learn when 'good enough' really is good enough.

THAMMER14331d ago

I have no idea why some one would dissagree with your postMicro gamer.

If Sony would had taken the aproch you were talking about they would not be looking all FU(Ked up right now.

videl4331d ago

ppl want the best hardware, and the best hardware is expensive in the beginnings. look at dvd, it was expensive, but know everyone owns it. blue ray is not expensive, you can buy a ps3 for 500 bucks, then you have the best player.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4330d ago

I agree it’s about “choice and price for me” I own a DVD player with about 200 or so movies and I can’t afford start over right now. With the 360 I have a choice of a gaming system now (Which is why I bought the thing) and a HD-DVD player later when I have more money. Sony makes me put up a very large investment at the start, one that will effect how much money I can spend on games. So I’m looking at about a grand for the PS3 (NO ONE HAS IT AT RETAIL) and maybe $200 on games (2 Games). With the 360 I have 7 games, two remote controllers, every thing I need for my cheap HDTV and Xbox live. What’s really cool is I just got it hooked up to every computer in my house and all the media on my computers are now on my 360 (TV shows and even the pics of the hot ass women I use on my desktop background). All that and I just got to the $1000 mark on 360 money spent.

Funky Town_TX4331d ago

Since BR players cost twice as much as HD-DVD players it should look better, right? The fact is that it does not. Best buy also refuses to advertise HD-DVD at the stores. They don't want to to buy the players. They guy at Best Buy even told me that the HD-DVD's we 9 gig disc and that all BR movies were on 50 gig disc. He also went on to tell me that all PS3 games fill 50 gig BR disc. Sony is forcing BR to the public through PS3. Without PS3 BR will have no chance in Hell to beat HD-DVD.

THAMMER14331d ago

The Sales man was full of lies. I could tell he realy only doing what he was told but that is still not fair to consumers.

videl4331d ago

they mean not consumers but american xbots. thats the truth.