Destructoid E3 08: Left 4 Dead is frighteningly amazing

If you've been waiting patiently for Valve's cooperative zombie survival experience Left 4 Dead, know that what's been taking so long is that they've been making it awesome. Really, really awesome. Mind-blowingly awesome. Disgustingly rad.

Dtoid.s Anthony Burch and Nick Chester got some time with a four-player cooperative session of Left 4 Dead, with the game running on PCs in Valve's dark meeting room at E3 a few days ago. After about five minutes of playtime (most of which involved Nick screaming for his life as he was attacked by zombies, and closing doors in the faces of his team members as he ran from the mobs), he turned to Anthony and said in a very serious voice, "This is the best game I've ever played."

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power of Green 3770d ago

Funny when G4 showed this on their E3 coverage it look stunning the new oudoors forest/wooded area looked breath taking lol.

GiantEnemyCrab3770d ago

"This is the best game I've ever played."

Wow, that is some high praise right there. Should be a good one.

socomnick3770d ago

Looks to be a real amazing game. Hope it comes out soon They have delayed this game far too long.

allexx_23770d ago

Yeah socomnick it does look great and hey its a co-op survival game. Can't get any more fun than that. It is coming out soon. Something like Nov. 4 but the only problem i have with the release date is that it will not get noticed alot since gears 2 comes out like a few days later. This will hurt its sales and u would of liked them to release it sooner or later than gears 2.

JsonHenry3770d ago

This game does look like a lot fun. I just hate they have not done more with the graphics. Hopefully the PC version will have some extra effects not shown on the 360 version.

Xbox is the BEST3770d ago

me of Infected on Halo 3 MP.

incogneato3770d ago

doesnt look amazing at all. just an OK looking shooter with not much going for it except co-op play

joebahrjoebahr3770d ago

are you upset a ittle cause its not on ps3?

Rob0g0rilla3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

It means he's a little upset it's not on the PS3. That makes perfect sense.

Panthers3770d ago

Hell I wish it was on PS3. Valve doesnt make any sense to me. Too bad too because they are great devs. :(

Oh well. Resident Evil 5 should be all the Co-Op zombie killing I need.

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The story is too old to be commented.