DragonBall Xenoverse: How to unlock Super Vegeta 2 skill

Tips & ticks on how to obtain everyone's favorite skill Super Vegeta 2, in this awesome game dedicated to the Dragonball universe. The difference between Super Saiyan 2 skill and Super Vegeta 2 is in the parameter of how you can upgrade with the transformation.

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SeanScythe1311d ago

Keep Majin Buu alive and shoot the spirit bomb with an ultimate attack. Done

ss4gogeta0691311d ago

This game looks so good! I can't wait to play it!

8BitBang1311d ago

Ive waited long enough and im sold on it! Time to experience dbz on the next gen systems. This should keep me busy until one piece drops on ps4.

FullmetalRoyale1310d ago

It's been since PS2 days that I have played a DBZ game. Idk how much the game has evolved with every iteration, but Xenoverse is the game I dreamed about when I was eleven.
It's almost exactly what I want from a DBZ game that could be fixed with a proper "bigger and better" sequel. I hope the alternate between this style, and the 2d style a lot of the fans seems to enjoy. That way we both get more time between games, and we can both get what we want.

DAVIL31311d ago

it was out month ago. Finished it with every unlock.
nice game but dont meet the graphics like of naruto. too shiny i would say

arbitor3651311d ago

I got it by accident. What is the big difference between it and regular super saiyan 2? im guessing it gives a boost to vegeta attacks, which I do use quite often

Rock-Lee1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Super Saiyan = stronger ki strikes, infinite ki use, till depleted
Super Vegeta = stronger ki blast, infinite ki use, till depleted.
Super Saiyan 2 = stronger ki strikes than SSJ1, but quicker depletion of ki
Super Vegeta 2 = stronger ki blast than Super Vegeta 1, but quicker depletion of ki

So if you use attacks like Kamehameha, Big Bang Attack, Perfect Kamehameha, use Super Vegeta. If you use attacks like Meteor Strike, Deadly Dance, Burning Slash, use Super Saiyan.

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