Xbox One's Lowest Price Yet As Retailer Slashes Price to €299/£217

As retailers struggle to get Xbox One's off the shelf the prices come crashing down.

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DigitalRaptor1263d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Well, that is almost as low as a brand new Wii U.

Microsoft has a battle ahead of them in Europe that's for sure. They really do need Gamescom this year.

@ Septic

It's not about catching up, because at this point that is next to impossible.

Their presence at Gamescom is needed as part of shaping an effort to not fall further behind the competition that they (and most others) believed they would be dominating, this generation. As I think we're all aware, a lot of the success of a brand is dependent on perspective. MS needs to change perspectives, especially outside of the US (and UK), if they don't want to fall further and further behind PS4, lose opportunities etc. If you look at the ratios per region, it's easy to see how bad it's getting. Just showing up and announcing games (particularly with Sony not having a show) will help them, not hinder them.

@ Poppinslops

I'm an idiot for being more informed than you, and telling you things you are proving that don't want to hear? No, the dude was asking me a question, and I answered. Also.... those agrees you're getting, wow. Looks like some folks on here prove that they don't want to be informed of reality.

mikeslemonade1262d ago

desperate times call for desperate measures

Septic1262d ago

One retailer slashes price = an eternal struggle in Europe to sell the consoles.

For all we know, the retailer over stocked or this is just a super promotion.

Is Microsoft really desperate to sell Xbox Ones?

Septic1262d ago

Microsoft need Gamescom? To do what?

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OB1Biker1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Yea a retailer slashing prices doesnt mean anything but Ms certainly needs Gamescom as everybody knows what its like in Germany for xbox.

You should nt take it so seriously every time somebody says something 'wrong' or 'bad' about MS

Septic1262d ago

It was a legit question.

kraenk121262d ago

To get a hold on in Europe. They are badly struggeling on the European market.

Major_Glitch1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

@ob1biker Septic always takes thing serious when someone uses the words "Xbox" "wrong" and "bad" in the same sentence. The poor thing is pathological about it. Too bad he doesn't actually read the articles he comments on first.

OT: So Saturn is once again lowering prices in an attempt to get xbones off it's shelves. Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE AREN'T BUYING XBOX ONE CONSOLES. At least not in the same numbers that they're buying PS4. And yes, retailers cutting prices MEANS SOMETHING. It means that PEOPLE AREN'T BUYING XBOX ONE CONSOLES. The fact that some Xbox fans can't wrap their heads around that really is funny/sad.

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egidem1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

It's hard to believe the Xbox One once retailed for $499 or £429.99; and the generation hasn't even reached halfway yet.

lelo2play1262d ago

Xbox One with Kinect retailed for $499. Xbox One retailed at $399.

subtenko1262d ago

They have upset early buyers and xbox fans have noticed the success of PS4, so when PS5 comes out I think xbox will lose even more fans.

MasterCornholio1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


Actually the kinectless Xbox One wasn't available at lauch so during that period 499$ was the cheapest price for the console.

There's a reason why Microsoft released the second SKU later on because they were not planning on the original model to sell so poorly.

Edit: I would like to add that if the original SKU did great Microsoft would never release the kinectless version.

lelo2play1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


Are you blind?
Here is my comment... read... it... slowly... and tell me witch part is untrue.

Xbox One with Kinect retailed for $499. Xbox One retailed at $399.

BTW, LOL at the disagrees. Fanboys! * shakes head *

wegetsignalx1255d ago


The entry level price of XB1 dropped from $500 to $350 in a very short amount of time, mostly due to inadequate sales.

The entry level price is what's important, not optional peripherals.

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scientificreasoning1262d ago

@septic, your denial must be in overdrive...The sales show how bad x1 is doing, regardless of this promotion. Open your eyes.

Septic1262d ago

I see the troll accounts are out. This sale for this particular retailer show that the X1 is doing badly? Right...

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maniacmayhem1262d ago

I'm always curious as to why it's okay to slam MS or Nintendo and the minute anyone tries to counter those slams, those people are instantly attacked and called names like defense force, PR and a troll.

As if DigitalRaptor, Mikeslemonade and others aren't doing the same thing themselves.

It seems this site has no problem defending and celebrating Sony but lord forbid you do the same for Xbox or Nintendo.

And people still want to say this isn't a heavy Sony fanbased site? The proof is right here in this and the Conan article.

magiciandude1262d ago

Xbox One is still doing better than the 360 in its first few years, but for some reason that's bad, right? You're not in denial about anything, right? You're not on an Xbox article trolling, right?

wegetsignalx1255d ago


People are trying to deny the fact that Xbox is in dire straits in Europe. That's reality.


Xbox won't stay ahead of 360 for much longer if it keeps selling less than 360 month to month. They are running out of price cuts to make.

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1263d ago
GenuineGamer1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

They arent struggling to sell but they certainly arent selling as well as the ps4. Ms have a false image they need to squash. The amount of misinformation out there that people actually believe is crazy. The more systems it gets out in the wild the more that image changes for the better. Ive already seen this sites community slowly change as more people realise xbox one is not bad as some have made it out to be. Its actually a really great system with awesome features, second to none support from Microsoft and great exclusives. Xbox has a very bright future ahead.

SniperControl1262d ago

Problem is, MS shot themselves in the foot bigtime with the whole DRM and always online requirement at the start, the "T.V" unveil didn't help one bit. Even though they have addressed those problems gamers will never forget that MS tried to screw them over(especially over DRM), some of us may have forgiven them, but a awful lot of us haven't.

scientificreasoning1262d ago

In europe they are struggling, people need to open their eyes, outside US x1 is doing reallly bad. US is the only thing keeping x1 afloat.

GenuineGamer1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Is that why everywhere i went in nz a couple weeks ago there were no xbox ones to be found? My sister wanted one and there were plenty of ps4s but no xbox ones. its selling more than 360 did at this point it is fine but obviously ps4 is selling more. It doesnt mean xbox is struggling its doing fine especially in australia and nz

GenuineGamer1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


What about steam that uses drm. All forms of online use some form of it. Sony was going to do it also in fact they played a major part in why it was happening but then backpedaled at the last minute. Sony are just as 'dirty' if not more than ms regarding drm. Difference is MS told the world and Sony changed their mind last minute before their reveal.

I dont get it. Gamers crucify ms for things that sony was going to do aswell. Then you all complain about tv features an all that but now sony are moving that way. Now sony are going cloud based too! Another thing ms was flamed for.

MS have an unfair hatred out for them and sony get all the love when in reality they have done all the same things ms have done. Only difference is ms did it first. Probably told the world too soon and botched the reveal pr

SniperControl1262d ago

Right, because every bad thing MS does is a conspiracy and Sony is to blame.


GenuineGamer1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


Sony played a part in DRM you can bet on that. The agreement with Sony over Blu Ray dics played a part also.

Sony are a bunch of corrupt liars. And whats more sad is the majority think they are squeeky clean saviours of gaming.

So deluded.

Microsoft have been open about their plans, Taking on feedback and interacting with the gaming community. They provide second to none support and are funding some really great games. They have amazing products on the horizon and overall have given us an amazing console.

So many seem to overlook all these positives and cling to these stupid things from the past that don't even matter. And whats worse is they worship a console from a company that played a major part in it all and are now following in MS footsteps.

MS are innovators and unfortunately the world was not ready for their online vision. So instead they are slowly bringing it to us over time.

Everyone i know that has an xbox one love it. They know its a great console. The only ones i see hating on it are people that are stuck in the past, don't have one or have a major bias towards playstation.

SniperControl1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I think somebody needs to take a long look in the mirror and ask the question who is deluded and who is biased here.

Sony "may" have had plans for there own DRM on PS4, but no amount of conspiracy theory articles you post is going to ever prove they definitely had such plans. Even if they did, least they had the foresight to see the backlash MS and the X1 was getting and get the hell out of DRM dodge.
MS were going to stick to those draconian DRM policys, they were going to stick with the always online requirement and they didnt give a damn about what you or the next gamer thought about it, all that was quite evident in some of the comments xbox execs like mattrick and hyrb were making.
Even after fans expressed there horror and disgust publically in forums and petitions for months, MS still refused to change there policys, they were arrogant and rude enough to think gamers would eventually just give in and buy the X1. It took the total lack of pre-orders to change there minds, total lack of interest to change there minds.
I still remember the infamous Angry Joe interview with Hyrb, where hyrb insisted that DRM was to stay and that you couldn't just flick a switch to turn it off, one week later MS announce they are ditching DRM and always online requirements. That is the reason MS and the X1 are getting this "unfair hatred", gamers are'nt stupid and wont just bend over and take it.

I know Sony are no angels, but MS arent exactly smelling of roses either.

wegetsignalx1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

The public image of the Xbox is entirely Microsoft's fault. The reveal, initial policies, and weaker hardware will not go away from the public mind so easily.

Your anecdotes about New Zealand have nothing to do with sales reality. XB1 is selling poorly outside of the US and UK.

Sony had no plans for 24 hour DRM check-ins on the PS4. Stop spreading Lies and FUD. Calling Sony "corrupt liars" is wrong and hypocritical. Sony has not been the one constantly lying this gen, Microsoft has.

Consumers vastly rejected the 24 hour DRM check-ins. It does not matter how much lying and apologizing you do about Microsoft being "innovators", that is reality.

Both Sony and MS are providing great support for their consoles and "funding great games".

Sony is a relatively benign corporation as far as electronics/tech companies go. They have a few dark spots like the rootkit and association with the RIAA, but that is all Sony Music/Pictures and not their Gaming division.

The truth is all 3 major console manufacturers have troubled pasts, including Nintendo back in its early days, and especially Microsoft, which is widely regarded as one of the worst behaving tech corporations.

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Fro_xoxo1263d ago

Retailers do the occasional slashes to get rid of stock. It doesn't mean MS as a whole is struggling to sell consoles. SMH.

There's a store selling €299 PS4s as a "promo". Does that mean Sony is struggling to sell?

chrish19901263d ago

No, the point is in Europe the Xbox One has an unfairly bad reputation and this isn't the first time this retailer has had a massive price cut in an effort to get them off the shelves. When I was there they had pallets of xbox one consoles whereas they only had maybe a handful of ps4's.

Side note, the vita is being killed by retailers. I went to this same store 4 times in 2 weeks and the exact same vita pridzcts were on the shelves, not a single one sold, nor a single thing added. I took pictures for reference, but only to satisfy my curiosity. Shame really, more vita products in stores would help the thing out.

Fro_xoxo1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Well, as with any console, the "bad reputation" will subside with time as quality games continue to release.

the PS3 is an example.. launching with a heavy price-tag and poor multiplatform games. It ended up doing well.

I tried to get into handheld gaming. Not for me. I Still have my Vita, I never play it. The lack of support from western devs (not everyone is into japanese stuff)..

I'll sell it and get the Witcher 3 with the money.

lastking951262d ago

It has nothing to do with bad rep. Europe is PlayStation country. Xbox 360 out sold ps3 by 20 million in US! but got outsold by ps3 in Europe by 20 million. That tells you everything you need to know about Europe, Xbox has no chance there.

MasterCornholio1262d ago

That's quite a low price for the system.

Its a great deal for anyone interested in the system.

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