GameSpy: Director Kitase on Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix President Yoichi Wada dropped what was likely the biggest bomb in the Microsoft press conference last Monday. Previously PS3-exclusive Final Fantasy XIII, the next sequel in one of the longest-running Japanese RPG series, would be coming to Xbox 360. GameSpy sat down with the game's Director, Yoshinori Kitase, and nebulously-titled "Corporate Executive" Shinji Hashimoto, to find out what was behind the decision to take FF13 multiplatform and whether or not that would affect its development.

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sajj3163748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I just can't see how they can do it in this order ...

1. Create the PS3 version and make it such that it utilizes the system. Release in Japan.

2. Start port to 360 for Europe and US and in the same time localize to Europe and US for PS3

3. Release in US and Europe

I can't see how this game will utilize the PS3 power to its fullest and then port it to the 360. There will be sacrifices made. I can't see how they can port + localize that quickly. I doubt it'll get released in the US until 2010.

dachiefsman3748d ago

I don't understand your post? you think the 360 version is lacking or the 360 version will hold back the PS3 version?

avacadosnorkel3748d ago

it's 2 totally different ways of programming and without even having the background on what each does I know there shouldn't be an equal between the two when any game is made specifically for one or the other.

kingme713748d ago

Has anyone asked them if the PS3 version will release at the same time as the 360 version in US/Europe? I see all these questions asked, but I've never seen that one asked.

paracardium3748d ago

Indeed the 36 will hold back alot of the game capabilties. few dev's have said the could do more with ps3 but can't because they have to make it the same as 360.

That's what's going to hurt titles going muti plat.Inferior technolgy trying to keep up just not going to happen without scarifices.

KatanaSteel3748d ago

"...the game [FFXIII] is going to be completed for the PS3 first, so we're going to maximize our use of that hardware and take advantage of all of its features, creating the game specifically tailored to the PS3 and then transition to the Xbox 360 and exploit that hardware to its fullest. So, the team is confident in the power of both platforms and not worried about that part at all.'

Music to my ears. Even though FFXIII is multi-platform they still won't do things in half measures.
Good news for those who just own a PS3 or for fans worried about the Xbox holding back the PS3 version.

If its true they're gonna fully utilise the PS3's power then that's awesome.