GTA 5 PC players without this mod are missing out

GotGame writes: "If there’s one thing the Grand Theft Auto games have always been good at it’s chaos. I remember playing my first Grand Theft Auto, which was Vice City, and assuming that setting the city on fire with gunfire and explosions was the point of the game. I was wrong of course, but also kind of right, right?"

SilentNegotiator3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

...on getting banned? Unfortunately, PC gamers in general are missing out on what this game's full potential should have been.

Rockstar is missing out. The PC version could have sold better and had more dedicated players to buy DLC in the future if not for their ridiculous policy on mods for this game.

IrishSt0ner3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

What ridiculous policy? You mean the same unchanged policy on modifications from 2008? Mods are allowed for GTAV, you just can't use them online for obvious reasons.

The PC version sold more than the next-gen consoles combined in the same timeframe.

What's the problem?

hay3364d ago

It's either 'do not support' or 'moderate' each one of the mods to make it safe. They choose the former and it's kind of one of two logical things to do.

TeamLeaptrade3365d ago

This would be a ton of fun. I don't remember ever using riot modes in past GTA games, but if I ever get the PC version I'll surly get this mod.

vork773365d ago

and the GTA 5 members without the mods are not banned

crazyxelite3365d ago

Rockstar don't ban anyone that mod the singleplayer. Is safe.


GTA 5 DLC: Parts of Canceled Project Made Its Way to GTA Online

A Former Rockstar dev has revealed that they were making a GTA 5 DLC, but it was scrapped since GTA Online was such a "cash cow," though it wasn't a total waste as parts of it made its way to GTA Online.

shinoff218316d ago

What a damn shame. Sinfmgle player dlc could've been so dope but nope fk you single player guys.

Perfect reason why I'm against single player games having multiplayer attached. Eat up more resources

15d ago
Rebel_Scum15d ago

Honestly sucks they couldnt do something for SP dlc. It wouldnt hurt their bottom line at all to do.


Why I Believe GTA 5's Story Mode Isn't As Bad As People Think

GTA 5's story mode deserves more attention.

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Ezio204817d ago

Sure the story mode which got a 97 metacritic isn't as bad as people think. Stupid ass article.

GamerRN16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Who actually thought it was bad? Personally, I think they should have finished the Story DLC to at least gauge sales and if it was worth it vs GTO.

Terry_B17d ago

I think I did not see even one thought out piece by this site named tech4gamers yet. Nope..no approvals for this nonsense from me.

isarai17d ago

Ive never heard anyone really complain about the story mode 🤨

cloganart16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Just some people who didn't like that the story was split between 3 protagonists and kinda had weird pacing because of it.

Rebel_Scum16d ago

I didnt like how the heists consisted of 3 preparation/fetch quests which were dull as. Also there should’ve been more heists and more assassination missions.

It was pretty good apart from that.

But yeah some folks didnt like the character switch on release.

gold_drake16d ago

ehhh who exactly thinks the story mode is "bad" ?

Dudeson16d ago

The only bad about it is that there isn't any more! Cancelled story dlc to make online stuff... But hopefully gta 6 will be a great adventure again.