Bungie had 'knock'em down' teaser trailer planned

Today, details are coming in about what Bungie intended to reveal at Microsoft's E3 press conference. While specific information about its upcoming Halo project remain a secret, the developer reportedly planned to show a sixty second "knock'em down" teaser trailer, only to have it pulled at the last minute.

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morganfell5820d ago

I really really like HALO but this sounds like some crap their new hire, resident franchise destroyer and all around blockhead Christian Allen would invent. Not satisfied with ruining Ghost Recon - and being too cowardly to admit it - he is now messing up HALO. Great.

power of Green 5820d ago

Whatever you say you PS3 fanboy you anti MSFT fanatic.lol

RonDeMuerte5820d ago

Get ready for the 4th remake of Halo......losers.....hahahahah aha

morganfell5820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

I don't give a crap about what anyone thinks but the fact is Christian Allen ruined Ghost Recon. All of the 10 year olds on this site do not remember when Ghost Recon was a great game. Allen brought GRAW, the brain dead game that took away tactics, took away any sense of realism in favor of shallow run and gun gameplay designed for 5 year olds with a short attention span. The guy is a class a jerk and did everything he could to run that franchise into the ground. Go over to GhostRecon.net and jump on the forums and tell them differently and get your self a new ripped.

And this crap about what Bungie was going to show and going to do sounds like, "Oh yeah? Well wait until I go get my daddy to beat you up."

Listen up Bungie, don't tell me what you were going to do, it sounds like bellyaching crybabies talking about how they would have won the State Championship but the coach wouldn't put them in the game. Hey Bungie! Shut up already.

Solid_Snake6665820d ago

dont you meen power of red....RING OF DEATH

Montrealien5819d ago

All that matters to me is that we know it is coming, I love the Halo franchise and I want more, we have no clue what this game will be so let;s just hope it will be good.

This "teaser" would have been as much of a c*ck tease as the God of War 3 one was, I am not a big fan of these stupid teasers, show me the damn games. And I think that seeing as MS are being big pricks with their announcements they will show it at TGS or something like that.

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toughNAME5820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

...We're still recovering from that X360 Final Fantasy annoucement

mesh15820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

i think the knock em down strategy will be more evident during the year:>

@ at joenahrjoebahr
you made me crack up man hilarious.

MazzingerZ5820d ago

I'm still recovering from this one...bungie said that it was "pretty close" to the final product


Choonqpead5820d ago

You do realize that Bungie said nothing of the sort right? They came out right away and said this was CGI and that a company that really only does CGI work made it for them. So lets not be so childish and make things up ok? Thanks.

deeznuts5820d ago

How about knocking us out with a new IP. That's what I'm talking about.

tplarkin75820d ago

FFXIII was the reason why MS held off on Halo. Square said that it was a last-minute decision to bring FFXIII to 360. MS realized that they didn't need Halo this time. Everyone thought that the 360 was out of ammo. Instead, they had more than enough ammo with Gears 2, Fable 2, massive dash overhaul, Netflix, game installs, and FFXIII.

xhairs95820d ago

That's like re-using bullet casings, in my opinion all they had was a grenade (FFXIII). And even that grenade had a faulty pin on it.

SixTwoTwo5820d ago

After GeoW2 and F2 drop Microsoft will go back to their strategy of relying on multiplatform games to get them through the first 8 months of the year :P

The Lazy One5820d ago

If microsoft is still the publisher, they'd still be able to have a good amount of control over the advertising. The fact that, as publisher, they control a lot of the money going to bungie and have enough to throw at them to stay shut up, makes it at least an uncertainty.

r2kcipher5820d ago

i hear ya. i am still trying to figure out how i am going fit the massive crate, all those ff13 dvds are coming in. through my doorway. i guess i have allot of planing to do before it arrives two years from now.

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power of Green 5820d ago

BS MSFT has came out and gave all the info this post is saying was not mentioned lol.

SonySoldierEternaL5820d ago

damn I would soo ban you. if only I was a mod

Montrealien5819d ago

So what your saying SonySoldier, is that you would be a crappy mod, I agree with that.

iceice1235820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

Basically Microsoft didn't want to dominate E3 too much so they pulled this. I hope Sony sends them a thank you letter.

eagle215820d ago

So Sony sent them an eviction notice! :P

Delt45820d ago

icewake......i like your pic!!!!!

eagle215820d ago

I'm glad you approve. Your going to be seeing it alot! :)