This is how you make a new, cartridge-based retro video game console (interview)

Do you miss the days when a home console was nothing more than a slot for cartridges, a device that immediately played games as soon as they turned on? Well, someone is trying to make those days come back.

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Gbits1261d ago

If he gets RoadBlaster, I'm in.

Retroman1260d ago

if this retro console able to update ol skool graphics games such as Contra alien 3, R-type, Gradius , Raiden , Gun starhero, Metal slug im in .

playing same she-it over and over getting BORING
Battlefield, Destiny, Mass effect, Assassin creed,Call of duty.Gears of war, Halo.

darthv721260d ago

i have been following their progress via their FB page:

gangsta_red1261d ago

Sounds very cool.

If it gets supported then I'm definitely in.

KryptoniteTail1260d ago

I miss them nostalgically but I wouldn't want to move back that way, unless it was a new side console or my old ones for a bit. I love the new systems.

KryptoniteTail1260d ago

You know, after reading the article, I want this. However, I believe they don't plan on having Internet support yet he talks about Fighting games. I shouldn't have to point out that Fighting games are one of the genres which NEED online. Sure, the hardcore pro gamer scene is offline, the tournaments that matter are offline, there's a whole offline community, but online is absolutely huge and not everyone has access to a thriving offline community and sometimes you just want to play online.

Sorry but the thing needs basic online features. Internet isn't a PS4 thing, it dates way back to Saturn with games like Duke Nukem and Bomberman, even further back in Japan. There's no excuse that old systems did not have it, some did, many which did not planned it, and it was desired but hard to implement.If the Internet features were as easy to include and the Internet wasn't so new then they would have been there online since the Atari.

TL;DR: Include basic Internet functionality.

Perjoss1260d ago

It looks like an Atari Jaguar.

darthv721260d ago

They got the original molds for both the system and the carts. but it wont be a jaguar under the hood.

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The story is too old to be commented.