Project CARS – It’s Beautiful in the Rain (4K w/Titan X)

FanBolt writes: "Project CARS has arrived on track and is meeting all expectations. It’s both gorgeous and great to drive, even when it rains!

I’ve been excited for Project CARS for some time now and have been pleased with every race I’ve participated in so far. Starting in career mode it’s easy to be tempted by selecting some of the more powerful cars, but knowing the simulation style that’s represented in Project CARS, I decided to go easy for my opening racing season with the game."

*PC version of the game - 4K, 50+ FPS with GeForce GTX Titan X

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Christopher1311d ago

Atrocious weather effects on the windows in this day and age, IMHO. There is no physics to it. It's just animated decals that show up when it's raining. Look at the side window. The rain drops look the same as your windshield and both of them lack movement based on your speed (or any speed for that matter).

Also, while I now this guy is playing at 4k and AA isn't really needed for that, the lack of it really shows in this video.

Kleptic1311d ago

agreed...the weather effects, which based on some videos over the past year...seemed to be coming along incredibly well...but this video says otherwise...

but as far as the AA, yeah the lack of it is visible to us whom aren't watching at 4k...but on his end, there is very little to be found i'm sure...

Bigpappy1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

That vid is very low quality to be 4K.

Here is DX12 @ 1080p 2 GPU's. over 100fps :

FanboltGaming1310d ago

The video is from a 150 minute stream of the game. It's what helped determine my impressions of the game. It's not intended to be top quality. The article does feature multiple direct to YouTube uploads that are higher quality videos.

illtownNJONE1311d ago

Why the hell does rain drops disappear before wipers get there and the drops appear late after the wipers slide to the other side

Callediceman1311d ago

Ill be happy if the worst thing about this game are some lackluster raindrops.

GNCFLYER1311d ago

The author stated that rain doesn't really affect the driving. Since this is a full on Sim it probably should..

SpinalRemains1381311d ago

Driveclub has much better rain effects on the windshield than this.

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The story is too old to be commented.