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Project CARS isn’t for everybody. It’s a serious, deep, and demanding racing simulation for people who like their motorsport pure. There’s no pop punk soundtrack, or explosive takedowns, or generous rewinds. Developer Slightly Mad Studios set out to capture the experience of manhandling a real racing car around a long list of some of the world’s most famous racing circuits, and has thoroughly succeeded. Tough but satisfying and cruel but fair, Project CARS is a truly fantastic racing game with the potential to become a real force in the genre.

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DarkOcelet1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

The 8.9 score really baffles me. Why dont they just make it a 9/10? Its weird.

And i cant believe Evolve got a better score than this.

Hanuman1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

There's harmless logic behind the numbers;

Toiletsteak1257d ago

Because that .1 extra makes the final verdict amazing and they don't think it is quite amazing.

Iceman_Nightmare1256d ago

It's not amazing for me due to the car list. I find it disturbing that there is no RX7, Skyline R34 GTR, and tuners. More normal cars. There is only fast cars mostly, and that shouldnt be what the game is all about. They should've delayed it to 2016 and make more cars like tuners and muscles in it. Instead of F1s, Exotic, and race cars. And some really stupid stock cars. We already have BMWs in Driveclub. Give us more Japanese based tuner import cars. I guess we have to wait more for GranTUrismo 7 I guess.

Dario_DC1257d ago

Yeah still don't get how Evolve got that score!
The game's already dead...

OT- Looks like a good game, might get it down the line when's a bit cheaper and hope they fix the bugs by then.

EazyC1256d ago

You can bet that Evolve review generated them a decent boost in ad revenue from extra site hits; occasionally contentious review scores is a pretty failsafe way of keeping that all-important exposure in games media, IGN does struggle to stay relevant as it branches further and further afield into that vague 'tech/tv' sector, rather than a dedicated games site.

Plus, I have no doubt someone was slipping a few extra pennies into IGN's purse in exchange for that score.

For what it's worth I think it's pretty revolting behaviour ethically but I can see why they do it.

Kinger89381257d ago

Must agree that i cant see how evolve scored so well however i wouldnt compare these 2

Dlacy13g1256d ago

I don't see how anyone thinks you can just take a racing game review score and compare it to a 1st person shooter score. They are different genres with different criteria to be looked at and reviewed. Project Cars shooting mechanic is complete crap compared to Evolve... then again, Evolves tire traction simulation is utter garbage compared to Project Cars.

Lesson here: The world is not filled with just apples to compare. Games from different genres get scored and reviewed differently. you can't look at a race sim game the same way you do a shooter.

greenmiker1256d ago

Haha, you are right. They could have a 9/10 score. But, the score by IGN is always strange to me. Other sites use only 0.5 decimals, thats better.

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ChronoJoe1257d ago

It's a great game. I've been playing it a lot since launch and while it's performance isn't as consistent as titles like Gran Turismo, it more than makes up for that in what it achieves.

I think it's the most realistic racer we've ever had on consoles. I true must have for fans of Motorsport.

EazyC1256d ago

That sounds a bit worrying, GT5 was totally all over the shop when it came to consistency (difficulty, progression/levelling, AI etc)

ChronoJoe1256d ago

I mean in terms of the technical performance of the game. Framerate, screen tearing etc. GT has always been incredibly smooth in that regard for me.

Difficulty, progression, leveling and AI are what I would refer to as design, rather than performance. Just to clarify!

bmwfanatic1257d ago

Should keep me busy until witcher 3 drops.

WellyUK1256d ago

Probably full of rammers though which is why racing games just don't interest me anymore, you expect people in these sort of games to race fairly but nah you get a bunch of people ramming you race after race.

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