The Top 15 Final Game Bosses That Almost Ruined My Life

EB: "I can’t even begin to explain how much the final boss of a game means to me; they’re the last thing you see in a video game (usually, depending on the nature of the game), and can leave an impression the lasts forever (or until I decide to play the game again). Lots of factors go into how much I like a final boss; between build-up, their theme song, how hard they are, and just how satisfying it is to finally beat them."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1261d ago

The ME 2 boss on the hardest setting was pretty tough, but not the most fierce boss I've ever faced. Good list.

FrogSpork1261d ago

Definitely agree with the ME2 boss being hard, but yeah, I've seen worse. I remember having some serious trouble with a boss on Prototype which resulted in my resident evil red controller having bite marks in :(

Starscream861261d ago

yeah that gauntlet at the end of each pokemon gets really annoying when you make it through some but not all of them.