Have you had any problems with your DualShock 4 controllers?

Chris Carter writes:
"Hot damn, the DualShock 4 is a great design, isn't it? It's probably my favorite Sony controller to date, and although the Wii U GamePad edges it out in terms of my most-liked control method of this generation, it's a great option. But if my stable of pads is anything to go by, man are they shoddily made."

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UKmilitia1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

only had issues with thumbsticks and have gone through 5 pads worth in the time i had ps4(launch day)
1st set lasted 3 months
2nd set replaced by sony lasted 3 months

bought a 2nd pad and the sticks lasted 5 months on that
then in end i just bought some of ebay 10 thumbs(identical to sony offical)and they have lasted longer than sony ones.
although both pads need me to take them apart to swap over the left sticks on both of them.

apart from that i love the pads.

JoGam1350d ago

Yeah the pads are the worse.

Septic1350d ago

Thumbsticks. They are crap (day one controller which I heard had these problems). Got some grips today though which is good.

Battery life is cack too.

The light seems like a waste of time and I haven't really seen a good use of the touch pad.

Other than that, all good for now.

ZeroX98761350d ago

I'm having the same problem with my launch controller (thumbsticks).

I know some of my friend are having problems with the triggers sticking midway.

I still love the PS4 controller, but I'm hoping Sony bumps up the components quality as the generation goes on.

Why o why1350d ago

No issues with me. Battery isn't as strong as the ds3's.

Palitera1350d ago

The pads are insanely awful, really, but it doesn't end there.

I had three DS4s this far.

1. The only one still used had almost no rubber on it. It works, at least.
2. The second one goes to random directions, a quite common problem, unsolvable. If I press right, it goes down right. If I press left, it goes up left.
3. Put your phone vibrating over a table. That is the loud annoying sound my 3rd DS4 used to do. Since it was like this from the beginning, I returned it.

My PS4 also receives messages with a 5 minute delay, auto ejects the BRs when it wants, even when off (adjusting the screw didn't solve), not to mention the very loud fan etc.

Ridiculous build "quality".

Yi-Long1350d ago

I love the DS4 when it comes to grip, weight, sturdyness, the improved triggers, shoulderbuttons, d-pad and analogue sticks...

BUT... The battery life SUCKS, one controllers keeps logging itself out which obviously makes it unusable anymore, and triggers and shoulderbuttons are squeeky. Analogue sticks are a bit slippery, but mine haven't worn down yet.

xHeavYx1350d ago

The only problem I have is the short battery time. I bought the Destiny bundle and haven't had any other issues.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1350d ago

Short battery life in the controller. Solved by buying 10ft micro USB to USB cable. Instant charge and play.

himdeel1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Mine won't pay the damn bills, so I have to go to work instead of playing teh video games 😤.

Seriously though,wish it had a longer charge, but Im being nitpicky. Hideo Kojima suggest breaks after long play sessions...

OB1Biker1350d ago

I put thumb grips on my brand new DS4 which I find much more comfortable with and it's all good.
2 controllers make the battery life a no issue or even plugging it on a phone charger if needed

inveni01350d ago

Never had any issues with my PS4 controller (or thumbsticks), and they're the originals from a day-one console.

Deadlead1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

I personally love the DS4, but the thumbsticks on my launch controller disintegrated in just a few months. Bought a new one probably 4 months after launch and it has been flawless, practically no wear. I figured Sony already substituted the launch material, but it seems others are still having some problems.

See a lot of people having issues with battery life. My trick, just leave your console in rest most and plug in your controller while you're gone for the day. Then when you're ready for your next trip to Yharnam, you'll be ready to go. Plus startup is easier on your console and you can use the suspend/resume feature.

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raWfodog1350d ago

Fortunately I have had no issues with the thumbpads at all. I got my PS4 at Xmas and play often enough that I'm sure I would have noticed problems by now. Hopefully I lucked out...

BiggerBoss1350d ago

I havent had a problem either, I love the thumbsticks. The only complaint I have about the DS4 is the battery life.

assassin2k1350d ago

@BiggerBoss try turning the light bar intensity down in settings. It should help the battery.

SuperRaccoon1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Same here, I got my PS4 day one and the controller looks like new, even though it has been through several hours of play time. I also bought a blue controller about two months back (love the color), and it's just as good.

I find it very interesting that some people are having such a bad time with their controllers, meanwhile the only problem I have with mine is the horrible battery life.

MysticStrummer1350d ago

No thump pad issues for me either. Been using the controller for hours pretty much everyday since I got my PS4 at the end of October. Battery life is the only problem, but a $4 ten foot usb cord from Walmart makes me not notice that much.

Ahmay1350d ago

I have 4 controllers, all still work fine. mind I don't play any fps or fighting games.

nitus101350d ago

While I don't have a PS4 yet (hopefully soon - depends on bundle) you can extend the battery life of the DS4 controllers. See the following URL for more details:


The recommendations are all valid however the best ones are 1) get a second controller and 2) Get either a longer charging cable (sort of defeats the purpose of a wireless controller but it is cheap) or a battery charger pack.

Some comments on the URL.

Reducing the brightness of the LED bar is rather pointless in conserving battery life since the LED bar draw so little current anyway.

Turning off vibration IMHO defeats the purpose of the a modern game controller and if you are going to replace the battery (a very easy thing to do) be careful of bogus batteries - do your homework before you order.

The best solution IMHO is get a second controller and this also applies to the DS3.

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dumahim1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

My left pad started coming about after about 15 months. Bought a new controller and use that mainly.

Edit: I also had a problem with the controller in GTAV since the inner workings of the triggers wears prematurely so it eventually activate late and you can't get full pull anymore. It seems rockstar left zero dead zone on the trigger, but it works fine in every other game.
I did open it up and glued in small piece to fill in the gap.


My friend who has a PS4 has had the same problem with his sticks, the rubber wears off fast. I think he got the newer version so it should be a stronger more durable rubber.

WellyUK1350d ago

he could of just brought some thumb covers off Amazon for like £5... which are miles better than the standard sticks.

RealFry1350d ago

Get these:

The manufacturers site even has different colors.

It solved the problem for me, I just use that and the (controller) grip covers from the playstation branded play and charge kit. I never had a problem since.

leogets1350d ago

Yeah i got meself a few sets of them as i heard my friends playin fifa their sticks split. Never had the problem meself but i dont play fifa. Maybe that game rubs of faster due to sweaty fookers and constant friction but i use mine anyways just to keep the original ones under neath mint quality

ion6661350d ago

All I did was send it back to Sony and within a few days I got a new one. No problems so far.

raWfodog1350d ago


Do they fit over the existing pads or do you have to take those off before you put these on?

Even though I haven't had any problems with my pads, I would love to have that extra grip.

RealFry1350d ago


They form on top of the existing pad, you just have to invert it first, and peel it onto the thumbstick.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1350d ago

Yeah I replaced my thumbsticks with domed sticks like the PS3s and they are so much better. My right trigger is starting to wear out though so I'm not sure what to do about that except buy another spring for it.

PANDAB1350d ago

The two issues I had with the DS4 were:

1) Poor battery life (relative to DS3) - so I changed them out to double the life (using a blackberry battery)

2) Thumbsticks. Mine were not peeling but I just didn't like the texture of them- so I changed them out for the XBox One sticks (much much better in my opinion).

Several Youtube videos out there showing how to do both btw.

kraenk121350d ago

I really don't understand how some of you guys rape their controllers?!

LgbtWarrior1350d ago

I just use gel tabs. Excellent grip and super cheap

Takwin1350d ago

My wife and I use these controllers daily on PC and PS4. I cannot even fathom how these things wear out. These problems have to be overstated, as most problems are in any online forums as the vast vast majority of satisfied customers are silent while many of the dissatisfied go out of their way to repeatedly let it be known.

I think it is the best controller ever made for any system. For a revision or for the PS5, just double the battery life.

One thing I think is hilarious is how Sony has said it is impossible to turn off the light, but the "InputMapper" (used to be called DS4Windows) allows all manner of light changing and dimming, including completely off. So it IS possible with a tiny free app!

Back-to-Back1350d ago

My left analog stick no longer moves and I had to buy a new controller.

jc121350d ago

I've had constant problems with the triggers breaking. Got my PS4 in November of 2013 and Im on my 4th controller now. I dont know if I press the triggers down too hard or what, but the trigger pins always break and then the trigger will stay partially depressed.

Its got so bad that I bought the service plan from Best Buy.

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Transistor1350d ago

I love everything, except the battery life.

MasterCornholio1350d ago

Battery life might not be an issue for everyone. It really depends on how much you game. I usually game one or two hours at a time so battery lfe is sufficient for me. However someone that does 4 hour gaming sessions might have an issue though.

Lighter91350d ago

I'm playing Dragon Age: Inquisition right now. Yeaaaahhhh, I switch controllers once a day. Twice, if I'm off from work that day.

Concertoine1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

The thing is i haven't ever had to worry about charging a controller. 10 years ago they were all plugged in. I used AA's on 360 which was its own annoyance, but the Wii u pro controller has a life of something like 60-80 hours. I only have to charge it once or twice a month lol.

I dont get why Sony cheaped out on the controller this gen. Its my biggest gripe with the system. Do you think it was for the light and track pad? If that was the case, not worth it.

BiggerBoss1350d ago

Tbh I mostly just play with the DS4 wired, because the battery life is so much shorter than what Im used to (DS3). The Dualshock 4 imo is the best controller ever made, but Sony needs to put in a better battery yesterday.

Transistor1350d ago

@ Concertoine

It's the touch pad draining the life, it's always looking for contact.

nitus101350d ago

@Concertoine and @BiggerBoss

The light and track pad don't draw that much current which would be 2 to 5 minutes of the total battery life. One of the best solution is to have a battery charger pack handy, a longer charging cable (cheap but defeats the purpose of a wireless controller).

IMHO the best solution (also applies to the PS3 as well) is to have a second controller.

I do agree that a longer life battery should have been put in the DS4 from the get go but I can sort of see what they opted for the shorter life battery since it limits playing time which is supposed to be more healthy for the player (Sigh!). Not that I am not really blaming Sony for that but so called vocal do gooders do tell us that playing too long can damage our health. Don't you love being told by these well intentioned people :-)

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raWfodog1350d ago

Yeah, the battery life isn't the greatest. I always keep at least one controller charging while I'm playing so that I'll be able to swap out when the charge gets low. I still love the controller though. It feels good in my hands, no aches after long-gaming sessions.

teedogg801350d ago

Dimming the light and turn off vibration is what I do.

nitus101350d ago

The light draws so little current so you would probably only save 2 to 3 minutes of battery life. Turning off vibration defeats the purpose of all Dual Shock controllers but it would conserve battery life by at the least an hour.

Not using the audio could also save battery life although IMHO a good set of wireless headphones + mic are more convenient.

The best solution IMHO is to get a second controller and/or long charging cable which is very cheap and/or even a battery charger (some clip onto the DS4).

bleedsoe9mm1350d ago

yay its pretty terrible i swear if its a game with allot of rumble and lights i get about 3 hrs , if it had replaceable batteries i'd be so much happier . . i also think the stick aren't as good as the xb1 but whatever they are fine .

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Neonridr1350d ago

Nope, I have both the black that came with the console and the white that I bought when Destiny came out.

Aside from the white one being a little stiffer since it's much newer, they both play identically.

Battery life could be a bit better, but I always have my other one on charge as soon as I swap my controllers, so it isn't a big issue.

Why o why1350d ago

Me too. I swap out whenever ones low. I'm glad Sony went with the micro usb as all of my mobile devices use it. My phone charger is right by the sofa. Easy peesy

OUROSMAG1350d ago

Thumbstick rubber wearing out is the ONLY issue I've had, and I've had my controller since launch day..

playstation4epic1350d ago

I swapped mine with the Xbones

Toiletsteak1350d ago

It is a great controller, it feels so much better then the DS3 that controller felt like it will brake in your hands, the only problem i have with it is the battery life.

dumahim1350d ago

It won't. At least not my SIXAXIS.
It also apparently doesn't break when you repeatedly use it like a hammer smashing it on wood TRYING to break it. That's how pissed off I got with the original Motor Storm.

After enough hits, one screw in the right handle did finally strip out, but everything else held and still worked fine up until I the DS3 came out.