Star Wars Battlefront dev explains why there are no space battles

PSU writes:

DICE opens up on the lack of space battles in the new Star Wars title.

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-Foxtrot1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

"We want players to stay in the same [environment] - we don't want players to fly off and do something over *here.* It's about the Battlefront experience, so we want to keep you in-atmosphere and fighting with the infantry"

What? So you want to change the game to play more like every other multiplayer game, probably why they removed the class system aswell and will obviously replace it with loads outs and weapon mods.

"It's about the Battlefront experience"

The Battlefront experience would be the Battlefront game playing like a Battlefront game where we can go off and fly around in space.

I hate when developers change a game and try to make out like they know what's good for us.

What's the point in taking on the franchise if you are going to change it into something else. They should have just done a new Star Wars IP all together.

Poor excuse. They'll be in the DLC maps just you watch.

Hellsvacancy1257d ago

Yep Space Superiority dlc confirmed

hay1257d ago

Either that, or they have no idea what Battlefront is.

Dirtnapstor1257d ago

I have no issue with that. I'm sure they want to provide an element of surprise when they release the various DLCs. They just need to flat-out say "no comment" instead of eluding differently.

SilentNegotiator1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

I knew EA would screw the fans.

Now we get a shiny turd because selling a game with pretty screenshots is easier than putting in effort.

Koopdogg1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Of course its coming,as i said before in other posts they'll wait till the heat dies down and if the game actually turns out to be good and we're are all happy firing our laser blasters away

BOOM !!!!!

Space battle expansion pack in our laps for crazy money

antz11041256d ago

Tbh space battles were the weakest part of BFII. The only good part was being able to hop from one command ship to another and even then it was rather bland. Great idea, poor implementation. The dogfighting was pretty boring. The infantry battles were where it was at so I'm glad they're focusing on it.

Getting all worked up over this admission seems a little much, the bandwagon hate should go down a few notches around here.

morganfell1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

I have been railing against this development plan since day one. This and idiotic matters such as no drivable AT-ATs. I had someone actually tell me if people were driving them rather than AI then they wouldn't get to the target.

Space Battles will be sold to the public. There will be some small concession such as a Space Battle trainer that lets you fight AI ships and a map or two. But by and large money is one of two factors driving no Space Battles, no Campaign, no Galactic Conquest, etc.

1 - The first reason there are no Space Battles, and a great many other Battlefront standard features is this: The utmost priority of EA/Dice is to ship this game on time. Shipping for the holiday so it will be prominent when the movie arries at Christmas is the single most import factor for EA.

Broken game? Doesn't matter.

Missing tons of features? Doesn't matter.

Stripping features makes it possible to complete to a degree (ha ha) and shove it out the door. It isn't important that Battlefront veterans purchase the game and enjoy it. It is important the Walmart shopper sees Star Wars on a game label, and bolstered by all the upcoming movie buzz and the holiday season, slaps down their money. That overrides anything.

Of course the latter factor, a stripped down game that can be half completed in time, possesses the added boon of allowing EA to profit handsomely later with massive DLC sales. Which brings us to the second factor.

2 - DLC profitability. EA intends to milk Star Wars like the fattest cow in the field. They will say "We just wanted to get it right for you the fans" but the truth is "We wanted to get a stripped game done and sell you the main parts later." The entire reason they made this moronic announcement stating all future BF4 DLC will be free was to show the gaming community what a great bunch of guys they are when you get to know them. Never mind they said no more DLC until BF4 is fixed....and then announced and shipped DLC again and again all to a broken game. People forget and forgive and now look what is about to occur. they should have made all DLC free after 4 months of a ridiculous abortion of a title.

Just because you worship the source material like it is your god doesn't mean you should stick your head in the sand and pretend the game will be great no matter what. But that is precisely the actions many people are taking - along with attacking any naysayers that are attempting to warn them. They want a Star Wars game so bad they are going to let EA break the entire gaming community open and over like a double barrel shotgun.

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DemonChicken1257d ago

Looks at Bf4 and oh look naval strike dlc

yeah try harder EA

ThunderPulse1256d ago

Armored Kill Space Edition DLC

RealFry1257d ago

It feels like this game was decided as multiplayer-only so they could match releasing with the movie. Or Am I the only one who thinks this?

danny8181257d ago

yes and sell you these features that the game is supposed to bring in future DLC. Expect many bugs at launch.

HammadTheBeast1257d ago

I mean, Battlefront has traditionally been a MP only type of game, sure, they had some tacked on SP elements in the first two, but the MP was the main focus.

_-EDMIX-_1257d ago

....I really want to know just how much of you guys actually read the news or merely read comments as news. Where was it stated that this was MP only?

The SW BF series as actually always been focused on MP and the SP was merely missions......this game has THOSE SAME MISSIONS!

Its been confirmed since the game's been confirmed.

Its not MP only, it has a SP, MP is the focus but the reality is...that is what SW Battlefront was.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1256d ago

Edmix is right, they've confirmed split screen missions and online. Honestly that itself is a huge plus, still on the fence though and won't be buying at launch.

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AngelicIceDiamond1257d ago

EA can't do anything right. Just give up Battlefront 2 remaster and leave the Battlefront franchise alone since they're highly incapable of making one.

BiggerBoss1257d ago

I would take Battlefront 2 redone in Frostbite 3 over this new Battlefront tbh

AngelicIceDiamond1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Sorry bout that I mean't just give us remastered version of Battlefront 2.

_-EDMIX-_1257d ago

...I see many on here have no clue about game development. That game as again done 10 years ago with no textures, real time lighting, physics, destruction etc. It would take a masterful undertaking to do that. I think they are waiting to get it done properly post launch or saving it for the next SW BF game they do.

Even the first SW BF...DID'T HAVE SPACE BATTLES! The way DICE is describing it sounds like they want Space battles in the respect of the Titan mode from BF2142 ie from planet to space, from ground combat to air combat in one whole map.

To my memory, in SW BF2, its Space battles where not part of ground fights ala BF series.

DICE wants it like the BF series which I feel is better then JUST space battles as they can still do that and even easier then they could do battles in space and the ground in one map or playlist.

DICE sounds more like they are planning something much more epic then merely "Space battles" it sounds like they are aiming for planet, to space battles in some titan mode, but this is much more epic in scale and complexity then the space battles in BF2 10 years ago.

Quantity is key with this. The don't just want a copy and paste, they want to deliver something that is different then what was done 10 years ago...I'm sorry but I don't want what was done 10 years ago, I want something much more complex then that.

@BiggerBoss-I would actually wait and see what the game is actually like before saying that, most on here don't even have correct facts regarding what is being done with this game.

Most think its MP only, no SP, 4 maps etc. I don't want a "remake" or BF "redone" I want a new SW BF game...

Want SW BF2...go play SW BF2.

RealFry1256d ago

@ Edmix

"The way DICE is describing it sounds like they want Space battles in the respect of the Titan mode from BF2142 ie from planet to space, from ground combat to air combat in one whole map. "

What you are describing sounds far too ambitious for only two years of development and on a tight schedule to match the movie. Even the COD devs with now 3 years of development and huge budgets as seen with AW don't change things around much.

"...I see many on here have no clue about game development."

And have you ever developed a game before yourself?....Right, me neither. But we can still take an educated stab at it, ;). I hope you are right though, because it would be something epic. But seeing as how EA's track record is pretty consistent there's also the very real possibility that the focus on MP was a partial concession to stay on schedule. It could be that they had intended to do both (campaign and MP) as they sure would have known fans would anticipate this. I just Hope MP is as epic as everyone else is thinking, i'm on the fence myself, no way im pre-ordering. But my wallet is ready when the reviews come out.

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DanteVFenris6661257d ago

its obvious there just pushing it out the door to make it on that movie release hype. Ill probably wait for battlefront 2 where they dont need to be condemned for it and take their time and push it back if need be.

MrDead1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

We knew this would happen, chop up everything that use to be part of Battlefield and release it as individual DLC. EA is in control so DICE has to fall in line until they strip them of all their assets and close them down.

It’s the EA way

SnotyTheRocket1257d ago

It's a reboot, not a sequel. Get used to it.

-Foxtrot1257d ago

It's the NEXT instalment of the Battlefront franchise

Sequel/Reboot...doesn't matter, it's the next instalment and new instalments of a franchise should improve on it, not take things away

mkis0071257d ago

Have you not played bagtlefront ? There were no space battles.

-Foxtrot1257d ago

Yes there was...six space maps if I can recall.

Battlefront II

Space Hoth
Space Yavin
Space Mygeeto
Space Kashyyyk
Space Felucia
Space Tatooine

mkis0071256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


Suddenly there is a II in front of Battlefront now...I didn't put it there.

As I said the original had no space battles. I have been playing them back and forth on pc the last few weeks and I really think space battles in II were not really that much fun.

All those maps were the same though... all they added was 1 or 2 more smaller big ships. It was literally just the planet you could see that differentiated them.

The problem is a lot of people have not played the games (both 1 and 2 ) in a long time. Their standards would not be so high if they did. This is a reboot not a sequel.

At the end of the day it will probably be just fine!

Conzul1257d ago

Don't these idiots realize that in BF2, the space battles were already separate? There WAS NO WONDERING OFF. It was a different mode entirely.

Hold_It1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

You're right, they weren't seperate in the PSP game called Elite Squadron. Now if only they could do that and remove the loading screens from the game.

Instead of them trying to decide what the player should and shouldn't be able to do, they should give us the tools (Maps/Weapons/Models/Vehicles/ ect) and let us play it however we want. At the end of the day we are the customers, and without out us they would cease to exist.

rainslacker1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Read between the lines. They didn't have time to implement it, so they wanted players to experience the same game play with no variety. Seriously, this game is rushed, why can't people recognize that. All the signs are there, and the time frame of when Disney brought LucasArts, and when EA announced it are dead giveaways. The fact it likely had to be ready for the movie release is another.

$10 says major day one issues that don't get fixed within a month, and that the game will sell like crazy.

-Foxtrot1256d ago

"why can't people recognize that"

Because they still blinded by the fact it's Battlefront and they've waited so long for it they'll take anything.

People can easily call them out any other time but suddenly because it's Battlefront we've got to go easy on it ¬¬

BlackWolf121256d ago

If people stopped and thought about it, no space battles makes sense. From what I hear it's only 32 players. So if you have half playing on the ground and half in space, that makes each one a little desolate. They would need to make the maps smaller to facilitate it. Then everyone would complain about map size.

Space battles by themselves would be awesome but without 64 players both ground and space would be shit.

Hold_It1256d ago

Agree with everything you just said Foxtrot. The real reason they don't want to add it is obvious. They don't want to add it. They want this to pretty much be a Star Wars themed Battlefield with some "extra" Star Wars features to call it a Battlefront game.

It's just an injustice to the series that they aren't having space battle, and seem to be announcing less features every time they talk about Battlefront. I've been waiting for this game since the release of Elite Squadron, and hoping that they would have seamless space to land battles since we have the technology to pull that off. If I've learned anything from EA it's that they don't want me pre-ordering any of their games anymore, and that I should not pre-order anything from now on.

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crazychris41241257d ago

Guess I'll just wait for the complete edition.

Sir_Simba1257d ago

same, other than the witcher 3 almost everything else i'll just wait for uber editions.

crazychris41241257d ago

Don't have to tell me that twice. New batman looks amazing but with all of the dlc they have planned I'm waiting it out for the complete edition.

shadowknight2031257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Publishers like EA are getting smarter. Release complete editions as part of a planned season pass dlc, but release later content as well after another edition releases. Its a way for them to get that 59.99$ price tag back on store shelves. Look at Call of Duty gold editions just to name a game out of a dozen or so others

Spinal1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Focus on one thing at a time. Get the ground game right and then you can discuss space battles.

Personally I don't care about space battles I want the Jedi/sith to feel an play right. I mean seriously why would people want to play a Star Wars game just for space battles? You can space battle in Space battling games...

You can only play Jedi/sith in Star Wars games and we are really due a new one with a fresh engine.

Allsystemgamer1257d ago

You're wrong on so many levels. There's many Jedi sith games. BARELY any Star Wars games where you can fly a tie fighter or x wing.

Utalkin2me1257d ago

Name me many Jedi sith games that is online multiplayer?

mkis0071256d ago

Jedi Knight 2 outcast and academy! One of the best mod communities when i was growing up.

PlayableGamez1257d ago

It's very ironic that you would ask why would people want to play a Star Wars game just for the space battles.

First off who the hell is saying that they just want to play Battlefront just for the space battles? People want the space battles and the ground combat. That's what was cool about Battlefront 2 and it worked well. Were just asking for a few maps exclusively made for space battles. That's it. And also people want to play Space Battles because it's called "STAR WARS" keyword STAR. The whole title comes from the epic space battles presented in the franchise. That's like saying why would you want to skateboard in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. It doesn't make any sense.

As for the whole get the ground game right premise. This is Dice here man. I know this is their first star wars game and all, but come on you think that they don't have the talent to make a good ground battle video game with space combat? I guess all that experience making Battlefield wasn't enough for them to make a good ground combat experience on top of throwing in some space battles for Battlefront.

Were not asking for much out of a video game here. Were asking for pretty much what has already been done. Were not asking for anything beyond that.

Ace Killa 081257d ago

Preach on brother preach on!!

rainslacker1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago ) the game the way it should be, develop the game and don't cut out stuff to rush it out the door to meet a deadline imposed by Disney to get the hype off the movie release. hard is it for DICE to throw together a on the ground FPS game with all the major concept art done over 30 years ago, and a ton of the model work done by LucasArts over the past decade or so.

Is there a huge Jedi/Sith feel to this game? Everything I've seen so far looks like the standard storm trooper vs. Rebel ground fights filler used to add conflict to the story, but offer nothing that has anything to do with the Sith/Jedi subplot.

Egregious_Sasquatch1256d ago

'why would people want to play a Star Wars game just for space battles?'
Holy shit what am I reading.

Literally the original movie ended on an iconic space battle, they're a huge facet of what makes Star Wars what it is.

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TheColbertinator1257d ago

No one got distracted in Battlefront 2 as far as I remember. DICE quit making stuff up

scark921257d ago

Yadda Yadda Yadda, Its either because they want to milk it or they are not capable if you ask me!

shadowknight2031257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Battlefield naval strike dlc
Star Wars space assault dlc

Honestly though It would be a game seller feature once fans get a taste for the battefront mojo, and announce battlefront 2 10 months after release with the space combat teaser trailer for 2017
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