‘Project CARS’ Isn’t Front of the Grid, But You’ll Love it Anyway

Slightly Mad's crowdfunded racer has a lot going for it, with its curious idiosyncrasies adding to the appeal.

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EvilWay1262d ago

No customization or big car selection I will stick to Forza 5 ;)

darren_poolies1262d ago

Doesn't Forza 5 only have like 200 cars? Wouldn't exactly call that a 'big' selection.

LifeInNZ1262d ago

Yes, admitedly a step down from Forza 4 in that regard but the car customisation is crazy which seems remarkably absent from a game like Project Cars. However, I am sticking with Forza for other reasons, mainly do to with the locked 60fps. To me an essential element for such a game since its geared more toward simulation and precise timing. I would have been happier for the X1 version of cars to be in 720p if it meant a true locked 60fps given everything thats going on on screen. But dipping below 30fps is just extremely disappointing.

madmonkey011262d ago

should fill the void whilst waiting for gran turismo.

masterfox1262d ago

The thing I'm interest it about Project Cars is that you can do a complete ran of I think some of the LA or SF highways, I don't know which course was but it looks damn nice.

weirdo1262d ago

it's brilliant. very rewarding once you learn how to handle the cars - i think it's my new favourite sim, yes it is!