PS4 $299 at Fry's today and tomorrow with promo code

Today and tomorrow, Fry's will be selling refurbed PS4 systems for $100 off so long as you subscribe to their promo code newsletter.

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DarkOcelet1263d ago

Thats a pretty cool price. I wonder if Sony will announce an official price cut on the PS4 at this E3.

299$ would be perfect!

_-EDMIX-_1263d ago

It would be for those that don't own it. I think it would be wise for Sony not to though. It selling really well and it sorta makes no sense to lower the price. Its a justifiable price (both XONE and PS4 are imho)

DarkOcelet1263d ago

The lower the price the more consoles Sony will sell.

So its a win/win situation for both Sony and the customer :)

_-EDMIX-_1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

@DarkOcelet- yes and no. Sony's aim is to make more money, they make money by selling systems at $399 for as long as they can.

To lower the price, is to make less money, their job is to not solely just sell a high number of units, its again to make money. If they can afford to keep selling them at this pace, they will keep it $399. They would be wise to keep it at that price, PS2 took a while to lower its price initially.

@SoapShoes- That makes no sense.

Again..Sony's plan just like PS2 is to make more money at a high price point for as long as they can.

Never said NEVER lower the price...."as long as they can".

They will lower the price when they have a revision that keeps them making the same amount, while the PS4 is at a lower cost.

This is purely from a business prospective, and PS2 stayed the same price for quite a while before its first price drop as it was selling well and had no reason to lower it just yet. At this point, neither does PS4. PS2 sold well over the course of years and years, but it wasn't just a year or so after release dropping its price.

It went from $299 to $199 in May 2002. It released March 2000. Mind you, 2006 was the next price cut, so it stayed $199 for a very long time.

Consider PS4 is selling better then PS2 right now...

If all stays true to their old PS2 time line lol, we could see it lower in 2016 spring.

SoapShoes1263d ago

Yes the system is selling a ton but I always hate seeing people saying how it doesn't need a price drop because of that. If that were the case the PS2 should never have dropped its price because regardless it would have sold well anyway.

lelo2play1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I suspect both the PS4 and X1 will drop their price to 300€ at E3.

Rookie_Monster1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Pretty good.

Eidolon1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Still better than just "used"(non-tested w/ no type of warranty) that are selling for more on eBay/cowboom.

Maxor1263d ago

Fry is infamous for selling refurbs or hooking you in with those rebates that goes no where. No thanks. I only go there to window shop then buy what I want online.

hasamalaha1263d ago

Title should mention refurbished, kind of misleading.