Blur is one of the best racers you have never played

"Blur is a quality product and is completely out of place in its bargain bin. Its merging of street and kart racer is almost seamless and it manages to occupy the middle ground between the two without ever feeling awkward"

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yarbie10002235d ago

Blur was probably my favorite racing game last gen. I hate it didn't go over well.

Gazondaily2235d ago

Shame we won't get a HD Remaster because of Bizarre Creations winding up.

I also remember Split Second which was a cool overlooked racer.

crazysammy2235d ago

I recommend those 2 racers all the time at my store. No one seems to have a clue what they are but every time I do they are enjoyed.

Roccetarius2235d ago

I'm sure Split Second could've benefitted a lot from another game. They showed what kind of ideas they had for first game, but how would they refine it and add features to another?

It's a shame Disney shut down the developer.

KyRo2235d ago

Blur and Split Second were both amazing games which failed commercially. Shame really. Split second might of been my fave racer after burnout paradise last gen.


Played the demo loads but for some reason I just didn't on with the main game. Shame that this and 007 Bloodstone proved to be Bizarre Creations swansongs. Damn you Activision and your money grabbing ways!

Ognipode2235d ago

Was thinking of writing a similar article just recently, and glad that someone else did because this game was never fully appreciated as filling that gap of a more intense Mario Kart-like experience. We actually pulled this out on the Xbox 360 just the other day for some 4 player couch multiplayer and it was the clear winner of our evening by far.

An HD remaster may not be on the cards, but maybe just maybe someone else will step up to the plate.

Volkama2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Bizarre Creations going under is still a travesty. But most of them went onto other studios like Playground Games and Evolution Studios. The UK seem to specialise in racing games for some reason.

Is beetroot liquor really a thing? :|

The-Marb2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I'm not the only one, phew.

No idea if beetroot liquor exists.....i borrowed the reference from black books, sorry.

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The story is too old to be commented.