Konami Employee: “Let Us Know Where We Are Royally Screwing Up”, MGS5 PC Preload & E3 Showing

Ever since the release date of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was announced, there has been nothing but drama within Konami.

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ArchangelMike1257d ago

Hmm... where do I start....

RmanX10001257d ago

The list goes on and on...

gameseveryday1257d ago

Silent Hills is a good starting point...I guess!

breakpad1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

eehh??? ..when you dismantled the whole Kojima team maybe??

Genuine-User1257d ago


-Firing Kojima
-Terminating Silent Hill development
-Revoking our license for P.T.
-Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
-Lack of clarification on almost everything

et cetera

Yi-Long1257d ago

If they don't include the option for Japanese voices in MGS5, they're messing up.

Septic1257d ago

Well lets start with how the chap from Konami is actually peed off at Gamingbolt for making articles on this:

"Could someone tell them to stop? Every time they get away with publishing this, I wind up getting a talking to by someone in Japan and they get closer to pulling my GAF card. At least label it as satire? Not an exec, guys. C'mon now."

Rashid. You need to stop it now.

Bansai1257d ago

The guy said that on neo gaf and most definitely isn't an exec.

Stupid gamingbolt, last time I visit your site.

umair_s511257d ago

Why remove Kojima's name

Transistor1257d ago

@ Rashid Sayed

Remove this article, you are going to get people in trouble.

When people are talking casually about something on NeoGaf, do not post it as a story. Some people can lose their jobs over things like this. He is not an exec, he is an employee.

If someone is teasing something on NeoGaf or leaking something on purpose, write it up if you want.

Have some respect for these people, while trying to pursue your career. It'll go a long way.

Remove it.

pivotplease1257d ago

I agree and disagree. People should respect other people's careers, but people in certain industries need to maintain either a sense of anonymity and/or responsibility when it comes to posting online. Anything that comes of someone mixing their career with casual social interactions is technically the fault of the person saying things that their bosses wouldn't appreciate. Everyone knows this. I know people who have been fired over harmless Facebook and Twitter posts.

Dir_en_grey1257d ago

Gamingbolt is really such a trash site with no morals, stop making sh*t up to get hits!
This site should be banned for how much made up crap they post.

Old_Prodigy1257d ago

Their entire 2015 strategy for starters though...

zekk1257d ago

Not making a new suikoden?

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medman1257d ago

You can start at can end there too. Konami's gaming division certainly did. The show is Kojima, no more party.

3-4-51257d ago

* Konami - Literally everything.

Not Figuratively.....actually LITERALLY everything.

You could not have made worse decisions.

Fire yourselves now, and it's a solid start.

* I'm saying this as somebody who's never played a Silent Hills or Metal Gear Solid game....ever.

From an outside perspective, which is kind of what I have on this issue, as it doesn't involve games I love....... messed up bad.

Somebody at Konami thinks they know more than they actually do.

The problem is, that person is in charge of everybody.

You can't then get rid of that top guy unless you mutiny.

umair_s511257d ago

Question #1) Why did you remove Kojima's name ?

deadpoolio3161257d ago

There is ZERO chance it was said by an actual Konami exec, a neckbeard would pretend to be a Konami exec on neogaf before an actual Konami exec would get on neogaf...

Its also not rocket science as to why Kojima is gone and why Silent Hills was cancelled...They spent 60 million on MGS5 and wont make it back or make a profit.

Silent Hills was probably easily going to cost between 60-100 million plus, there is zero chance it would have turned a profit for Konami...

After MGS you can tell Konami wont be making many games anymore, it will be a title here and there and they will be made by small cheaper teams for a few million...Its smart of them, gaming has been losing them money for years, they make more off of everything else they do in Japan

Haru1256d ago

60 millions is a medium AAA game budget is not even that much imo they can make back the money just selling 1 million copies of TPP 60$ x 1m = 60 millions and they're most likey going to sell a lot more than that around 5 million copies I'd say they, so won't only make back the investemnt but also 4x times the amount

alstruck1257d ago


The last big japanese rpg franchise that still missing. Tales and Final Fantasy is still alive, Kingdom Hearts going is back to home consoles after years stuck in handhelds, and even Star Ocean got revived.

Syntax-Error1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Who the hell are you nerds to question the firing of an employee because you have a hard on for them. That's their business why they did it. It could have been insubordination which is grounds for termination by any company's standards. It's not like Kojima was a 'plays well with others' type of person to begin with. Everyone knows of his arrogance and controlling ways especially when it comes to Metal Gear. He might of gotten pissed because of the release date announced by Konami and that could've started the deterioration of the relationship. No one knows, but saying they messed up by firing an employee you like is totally fanboy behavior. I hate nerds

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-Foxtrot1257d ago

"Totally fine, I take no offense and always encourage fans to let us know where we are royally screwing up as to find out where we should be improving"

So the company knows what we've all been saying yet haven't came out and explained the entire thing.

Okay well you got rid of Kojima the companies life force, you are shifting into mobile, you've become money hungry, you're probably going to milk the MGS franchise and ruin it after MGSV and you cancelled Silent Hills after the incredible PT Demo.Then you have the fact you guys pretty much stomped Castlevania to the ground.

On one hand I want MGSV to do extremely well to show Konami sales they'll never get again....but on the other I'm doubting Kojima will benefit from any of that so I want the game to do poorly to show Konami how ticked off we are and too show them without Kojiam they will suffer. I mean lets face it they'll only listen if money is involved.

Shadowstar1257d ago

Explain it? Ha! The company doesn't even explain what's going on internally. Everyone works on rumors and gets concrete info from the media. It's complete bullshit.

Lighter91257d ago

What happened to Castlevania? ::in the dark::

Ratty1257d ago

They rebooted it when it was still doing fine and still had stories left to tell. Aside from that, I think some people are mad at Lord of Shadows 2 but I'm also in the dark about that one.

DragonKnight1257d ago

This is a North American branch exec. He can say this all he wants to, it will amount to nothing. When a Japan exec says it, then you can say where they are screwing up. Konami treats their NA branch terribly.

Linsolv1257d ago

Then there's dismantling Team Silent in the first place, as well...

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curtis921257d ago

That seems like a rather hostile thing to say given all the recent events... Do they really want to go there?

Enyxodin1257d ago

Like right now! Keeping the customers in the dark is one of them

Nucler1001257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

This can't be foreal..

Lol, Is this satire?

Becauseeee it's pretty obvious where you're screwing up.