Ubisoft Montreal Knew That AC: Unity Was Not Ready, Always-Online Had Huge Impact on Performance

As Ubisoft Montreal's Alex Hutchinson told w3r3w0lv33, the team realized during the game's late development stage that it was not ready yet, however it refused to delay it as that would have an impact on the future Assassin's Creed titles.

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chrisx1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

so they knew it wasnt ready,yet released it anyway. makes sense /s

Kane221353d ago

and to think. people are still gonna buy the new one

Thefreeman0121353d ago

I didn't buy unity until 6 months after it was released. I'm not sure I'll buy victory until 6-8 months after depending on how well it's received

hasamalaha1353d ago

So, if a company/person makes a mistake... they shouldn't get another chance?

SmielmaN1353d ago

I absolutely loved Black Flag, never even touched Unity.

Fishy Fingers1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Releasing something you KNOW is not ready to release and you release it anyway, I'd hardly call that a 'mistake'.

ps360s1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I have not bought AC Unity knowing full well they rushed it and it's such an incomplete game

Same with watch dog

was happy at the AC Unity announcement but then didn't rush and bought it (this gen has teach me a good lesson lol)

medman1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

These companies know most people are stupid, and they know just how to hook the sheep and lead them to slaughter. I don't feel sorry for gamers who buy a game, then complain that it's broken. How about waiting to see if the game you're interested in has been developed properly and the developer isn't out to make you look like a chump by taking your money right up front and "fixing" the game whenever they please later on down the road? Getting fooled once, ok, I get it, it happens. But letting it happen to you time and again....that is a you problem.

johndoe112111353d ago


So if the manager at the mcdonalds you bought recently knew that they found rat droppings all over their meat supply and sold it to you anyway because they didn't want to loose money on the inventory, and then came after and apologised when they were caught, I guess you'll give them a second chance and continue to purchase from them? And please don't say you don't eat McDonald's. You can replace McDonald's with any other food you buy.

hay1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Obviously then knew about it.

I left my job at similar environment at middle management level 'cause we were forced to lie to people. Obvious bugs were left in, if one stood by the quality of the product, they were quickly silenced or "nicely disregarded"(meaning: "voicing your concerns is very valuable to this company and our clients who believe in us, amazing to see you keen on the front line, but fuck it since we're going to close our eyes and monetize all the way").

They knew it, they still know it, and they will know it every single time in the future. It's rotten at its core. It's a Chinese Whispers game. Even if QA team is standing strong defending quality, the management mostly just wants to be praised, and some developers are so entitled, that usually only a handful of people is responsible for the entire game, while others are freeloading. Only few are just enough to have the passion, the rest of them will just bullshit the dedication to quality and fans.

A silly bunch of spoiled brats draining life of real talents.

InTheLab1353d ago

So they admit what we all have know yet people still support this franchise. Should be obvious that there will always be an off year. AC3 was trash, Black Flag was decent, and Unity was trash.

Either way, I'm never buying another AC game. Still have the key for Black Flag and the other game that came bundled with my Xbox One...

_-EDMIX-_1353d ago

Though I don't play the series, its subjective. Some had worse issues then others as many on here remember, some members didn't get the same glitches or errors. The game was patched about 2 to 3 months after release. Though I don't think its right for them to release something like that knowingly, they are at least admitting it, its not being hid or omitted.

Let the folks that like AC buy what the want, its like COD, I don't play the series anymore due to how it plays, but I won't just question everyone else.

I think its pretty commonly known that all games launch with some issues from small to huge, no game launches perfect, those that bought AC day 1, will continue to buy AC titles day 1, I don't think 3 months of glitches will hurt the series as a whole, I expect the next game to not have those issues as it was their first fully next gen game using this engine, the same situation likely won't be the second time around.

I'm not sure why one would expect the same results as Unity, despite the game being made under different circumstances. Just like BF4 to Hardline....

DICE will clearly a harder time with the engine being new vs with a Visceral as by then it works better and more stable due to those fixes from BF4.

This will be no different.

badz1491353d ago

oohhh...I still remember the defense towards the game when it was released and found to be a buggy mess.

"the game is CPU intensive, so the weaker console CPU is the culprit that bottleneck its performance"

or something in the line of that was thrown into the argument from left and right. so, where are the apologists now? so much for "CPU Intensive", ha? SYUPID people will defend even a turd and believe ANYTHING from a liar!

WellyUK1353d ago

Why not. If it's fixed and good... It's like DICE and EA... They KNEW BF4 was broken... Just because one of the games was broken doesnt mean you shouldn't buy the next one, it might be good, how do you know?

brish1353d ago


"So, if a company/person makes a mistake... they shouldn't get another chance?"

This isn't the first time a company has released a broken game.

I've learned don't buy games on release because companies don't seem to think releasing a product that works is important.

freshslicepizza1353d ago

this is why you wait to find out how the game is before you buy. i do not pre-order games, ever. unless it's a collectible and i know they are limited supplies.

Wii_nes_0071353d ago

Im done with Screwbisoft after Unity. Especially finding out that there was foreknowledge from developers of how broken it was.

guitarded771353d ago

I bought it new for $20 last week and have hit SEVERAL bugs, including two that required a restart. So half a year later, and it's still not ready.

RosweeSon1352d ago

I only finished black flag last week, not rushing out and buying any of these games on day 1, £15-20 and I'm there.

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Transistor1353d ago

EA gets a lot of flak, but it a lot of ways Ubisoft is just as bad.

Phar0ahad31353d ago Show
brewin1353d ago

EA has really stepped up their game, with a few exceptions. NHL 15 for example. Ubisoft has gotten worse than EA IMO. Theyve taken and adopted what was bad about EA and ran with it. At least their games drop by 50% or so within the first couple months. Its such a shame what they have done to AC and Splinter Cell. Not to mention the Watch Dogs debacle. You just cant trust them anymore.

rainslacker1353d ago

Ubisoft just started being like this within the last 3-4 years...if that. EA has been doing this since the PS2 days.

They both release solid, unbroken games, but they also both push out majorly promoted games on time with no possibility of delay in order to get it to market for that all important holiday rush.

The practice is so common that it's thought that it exists through all their games, even though it doesn't, and while it doesn't hurt their sales significantly because there are plenty of sheep, it does lead to the same situation that helped lead to the first industry crash. The more mainstream that gaming gets, the more the negative impact this kind of practice will have on the industry itself.

saber000051353d ago

Well, I'm done pre-ordering any of their games. What's the point of pre-ordering something when game companies lie to you?

BG115791353d ago

It's time for a refund!!!

Hanuman1353d ago

The artists working on the game must still have nightmares. Such a waste, because the game is absolutly beautiful.

Antifan1353d ago

Annual releases are the problem.

More so, don't expect this new one coming to be any better.

rainslacker1353d ago

Holiday deadlines are a pain aren't they?

Sadly, he's right, a broken game releasing on time will not hurt sales as much as the game releasing 6 months later unbroken, but the next one releasing 6 months after that will not garner the same interest since the first would still be in it's selling period.

UKmilitia1353d ago

the thing is i got unity ages after release and i loved it.
yeah it was buggy but loved the game.

hells_supernova1352d ago

Of course they knew, just like Ea knew battlefield 4 was broken, just like Microsoft knew halo mcc was broke, just like Sony knew drive club was broken we keep getting [email protected]&ked by all these publishers and developers but we keep buying their bull shit. Stop pre ordering wait for the game to come out and see if it is broken.

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ninsigma1353d ago

So they were busy worrying about the next one before they'd even released this one. Why am I not surprised.

oasdada1353d ago

And the one after that.. i used to love ubisoft.. sad they dont care what i think

ninsigma1353d ago

This right here is the core problem with yearly releases. "Oh no we can't delay this unfinished game because then we can't release our next unfinished game next year!" Fricken stupid.

Jalva1353d ago

I always find it funny when developers admit they screwed up on their game just before they announce a sequel, and then they're like "but not this time!".

To be fair though I can see Victory being a much better game, I mean it's not like they're going to pull another Unity after the backlash they got for it, there's also a pattern for this series where every time they try something new they screw it up but then improve vastly upon it in the next game.

Assassin's Creed - Meh
Assassin's Creed II - Awesome
Assassin's Creed III - Meh
Assassin's Creed IV - Awesome
Assassin's Creed Unity - Meh

And Assassin's Creed isn't Ubisoft's only franchise that this applies to.

Did I ever tell you the definition of trial and error?

ginsunuva1353d ago

I think Meh is an understatement for Unity.

hells_supernova1352d ago

But black flag was only good because of the pirate ship battles. I never finished it because of the stupid stealth following missions got to annoying. Anything was going to be better then the trash that was assassins creed 3

Transistor1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )


Great way to avoid debates and stuff. SMH.

MasterCornholio1353d ago

Yep what a way to avoid debates and stuff. Instead of worrying sbout arguments between "fanboys" they should have worried about the stability of the game.

These developers really amaze me.

P.S By fanboys I wasn't making a reference to any specific group. If my comment offended you in any way I apologize because that wasn't my intention with it.

hello121353d ago

Hearsay evidence. One guy told me this and i passed it on.

Not an official source its meaningless to most people

Transistor1353d ago

Official sources rarely tell the truth. Not all, but a lot of the stuff you hear like this is true.

Adam Orth comes to mind.

rainslacker1353d ago

Are you employed as an apologist for big companies or something? It seems that's all you ever do.

-Foxtrot1353d ago

Which is why co-op being focused on in the main game SHOULD NOT happen.

They spent too much time focusing on how to structure the game with more then one player that it took time from what really matters

Proof why single player games shouldn't mess with stuff like's not that easy.

Volkama1353d ago

Hear hear. If there is one thing I've learnt in my time on this earth, it is that if something is difficult it is not worth trying.

-Foxtrot1353d ago


Least when they were doing an actual multiplayer they just improved on it a little each game but going from that to added co-op in a full on single player mode where you have to build it up and restructure the single player to fit another three players.....I'm sorry but obviously it's not going to work. Then there's the missions you could only do if you had more then one player.

They just added it to make it seem fresh instead of focusing on the stealth features for know since it is an Assassins Creed game. Hell it was just in Unity they added a crouch button lol

Lucifun1353d ago

Not sure if it is a joke our not.

Zero1091353d ago

Your...joking right? Sadly I can't really tell myself, so I'll just leave my comment like this.

Imalwaysright1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

@ Luffy and Zero109 It's called sarcasm. Many don't seem to recognize that beautiful art form unless the /s tag is added at the end of the comment.

Chard1352d ago


Well played :^)

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Zero1091353d ago

Co-op wasn't the reason. I didn't play it at launch (I know the problems it had) but I did start last month and everything works fine, stable fps, no screen tearing, companion app bs, bugs/glitches or anything while I was playing. Now if THAT was the game they released, none of this would be happening. Heck I'd honestly give it a 8.5/10 with the game at it's current state.

They didn't spend "enough" time coding and optimizing. That was their problem, not the focus on co-op (which is great and fun as hell btw). Of course it's not that easy (i've worked on and coded games) but they attempted to make something greater and ambitious than most games and if they would have delayed it and released it the way it is now, it would have been liked by most AC fans.