Is Xbox Live Slower than PSN & Steam? - The Lobby

Why does it take longer to download games on the Xbox One than the PlayStation 4 and Steam? Danny, Chris and Andy talk about their experiences on all three platforms.

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Transistor1263d ago

It's pretty amazing how much better PSN is now.

UKmilitia1263d ago

its alot better but i still dont get my max speed of 152mb download.
all ports forward etc and top range router and i have to pause and unpause a few times to get it downloading really fast.
pc and xbox 360 is rapid though.

Transistor1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

The 360 was great for download speeds, much better than the PS3.

It's kind of strange that the Xbox One has all these download and install problems considering they were trying to push a digital future with an always online console. Having to wait over night is unacceptable, I can download Last Of Us which is 50GB in a few hours.

Brotard1263d ago

@transistor. Unacceptable?!?! Just be thankful that your internet is better than most, the max internet I can get is 4mbs, and some places don't even have internet.

Transistor1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

"the max internet I can get is 4mbs"

That sucks, but that is not the situation I and many others are in. So for us, that's not good at all.

Not to mention the target audience for the original Xbox One is NA, which doesn't have a problem with slow download speeds.

ThatOneRiggaNob1263d ago

@transistor Having to wait overnight??? LOL dude something is wrong with your connection if it takes you all night to download and install a game. I have tons of games and I don't recall any of them making me wait overnight.

Transistor1263d ago

@ ThatOneRiggaNob

Did you watch the video or actually read my comment?

Are you trying to have a conversation with me? Because it would be nice if you had some insight into what is going on before pursing that.

AngelicIceDiamond1263d ago

Makes sense seeing how XBL does have allot going on in the background constantly. Monthly updates bring new updates or fixes. MS releases things in Tiers. Preview program first then public once they've finally fixed everything.

Though I've personally haven't experience download speeds that take a day to download, I think its time for MS to speed up things under the hood now. Download speeds, loading apps, games things in general.

UKmilitia1262d ago

20 disagrees for my psn being slower than my kids xbox 360 to download lol.

i best lock my windows .

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Utalkin2me1263d ago

This is not surprising that its twice as fast as Xbox live, when it comes to downloading content. Sad thing is MS was trying to go all digital....smh.

Zeref1263d ago

Downloading is not the problem. Its the install that takes a while.

ThePope1263d ago

Have you taken a look at two NIC cards? The PS4 NIC card is several years older than the X1 NIC card. I have zero Issue downloading on my X1 (install is a different story) but as we go forward the PS4 will start to experience DL issues.

StrayaKNT1263d ago

That's like saying saints row is better Than Gta Lol noway in the world dude

WellyUK1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

My PS download speeds are pathetic compared to what i hit on Steam... I barely hit 30mb/s on my ps4 when i'm getting 150 ( or 18+ MB/s or w/e it is) on steam. No idea why.

KnowledgeIsPower1262d ago

So amazing yet it cant do basic features like change your name or appear offline lol

rainslacker1262d ago

I think a lot of the PSN being slow issues were actually a problem with the PS3 hardware. Since getting the PS4, the speed difference was very noticeable, and almost no lag, and PSN is still kind of laggy on PS3, although downloads are faster than they used to be.

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BecauseImBatman1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

It's actually because PSN compresses the file size of the downloadable file then installs the game after downloading it, Xbox One installs the game at the same time as it downloads the game, so the download file size doesn't get compressed, that's why it takes so long... MS should really get this updated. Get with the times MS.

Genuine-User1263d ago

Digital downloads and physical installs are not compressed on the PS4. DD's are installed within a second.
Ever heard of PlayGo?

BecauseImBatman1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

While downloading tomb raider for my ps4 it said (in the notifications tab) it was only 5gb in size but when browsing in the store or managing storage it shows the game takes 20gb of space. Why is this? if the game isn't compressed and then extracted once downloaded?

I wasn't saying physical installs were compressed, was referring to downloading a game from PSN.

the_dark_one1263d ago


that 5gb is the minimum you need to START the game, maybe play the beginning or something, while the rest of the game downloads. same happen to me on battlefield 4 and injustice, with just 7gb i could start playing but now everything was available on the go

Genuine-User1263d ago


That's PlayGo.

"PlayGo (by using a secondary custom chip) allows immediate start of supported games, with only the need of the first chunk of game data. The following chunks are downloaded/installed independant of the mainprocessor and relinked/copied when complete."

BecauseImBatman1263d ago

Okay then thanks for clearing that up... seeings as it doesn't tell you the progress of the whole download I was led to believe that was the whole download and the game was originally compressed then extracted upon finishing the download. Like an Install file on PC.

UnHoly_One1263d ago

That confused me at first, too, Batman.

I HATE that it doesn't just show you the full download progress.

It's needlessly confusing.

Utalkin2me1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Its shows your download progress in the notifications. And then in downloads.

shloobmm31263d ago

What? My ps4 downloads way slower than my xbox one and for some reason when i speed check it only shows half my speed on it. Switching to googles d.n.s did speed it up a bit tho. It used to be worse.

johndoe112111263d ago

If you said anything different I would have been shocked.

Utalkin2me1263d ago

Only takes a quick second to look at comment history.

InTheLab1263d ago

Funny I had the exact opposite experience for downloads and installs. Downloads are ridiculous on Xbox One. Installs are even worse.

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maybelovehate1263d ago

It depends on the day. Some days my PS4 downloads faster and some days Xbox One downloads faster.

RedCloud881263d ago

My xb1 gets my full internet speed(50mbps), my ps4 only get's like 20 unless I play with my router settings.

Alexander1Nevermind1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Is your PS4 WiFi or Ethernet? I consistently get 50+ on my PS4 (Ethernet-Verizon Fios East Coast USA).

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