The Witcher 3 has 30 different endings

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will reportedly incorporate up to 30 different endings, which is awesome, but how will it all work? Let us know your theories.

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colonel1791262d ago

Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, White, Pink, Black, Brown, etc...

Normann1262d ago

Hrmm.. 30-36 endings..
They can't be that different from each other. Some may but 30-36. That is a lot. with +200 hours I think it might actually be too many.

I'd preffer fewer endings with bigger differences rather than 36 with a lot of sections that can be switched and shuffled around.

kubo9091262d ago

I heard few months ago that there will be 3 'big endings' and these 36 are just state of the world. But i may be wrong

ArchangelMike1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I think you are right. The 36 "endings" are 36 world states. But there will be 3 actually different endings and epilogues.


TheColbertinator1262d ago

Thank the Lord. Had enough of green,blue,red endings for a lifetime

FullmetalRoyale1262d ago

That's such a blue thing to say. 😉

linkenski1262d ago

I'm pale green in the face now. Thanks for the nauseous memories.

Psychotica1262d ago

With 200 hours of gameplay ,it's not likely I will ever finish it more than once or twice. Like with GTA I will probably get caught up exploring and getting into trouble, it may take me a year or two to ever finish the story once.

Paytaa1262d ago

I wonder if in any of them you talk to a star child about colors.

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