Could Assassin’s Creed Victory Mark A Big Change To The Series?

Clipping Error discuss if the next Assassin's Creed game will mark a big change to the series, one that potentially opens it up to new fans.

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Jalva1351d ago

The change from AC4 to Unity was definitely the biggest change in the franchises history thus far, I'm not saying the best change, but definitely the biggest.

bixxel1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Not really. AC 3 had more changes than any AC games ever had. It first introduced forest exploration, rock climbing, combat on uneven terrain, huge crowds (A deadly performance), it introduced life-like animations,realistic facial character animation, weather cycle, snow, smooth combat, huge scaled battles,naval combat,dual wielding, animal hunting, introduced a character that wasn't Ezio 2.0 (Looks at Arno) and tried to be original which gave Connor so many unwanted hates,the ONLY game to have an action packed serious Modern day, it introduced tree climbing etc... The game even has those annoying children! No other game in the series has that does it?

bixxel1350d ago

A disagree? What logic do you have? (Points to the one who gave disagree)

SuperRaccoon1350d ago

It's not the same, though. Because AC3, which I thought was the the worst until I played Unity, felt like the logical next step. I hated it, but not because of the changes. For instance, the tree climbing felt great and epic, but the maps were so badly designed that you had to go out of your way to go up a tree and in most cases the trees didn't take you anywhere, something Black Flag fixed.

Unity, on the other hand, took the series in a different direction. Yes, the setting is familiar and Arno looks like Ezio. That said, the game plays like crap. I'm not even talking about the glitches, because I played the game for the first time a month ago or so. It's how broken the climbing mechanic is, how bad the combat is, the microtransactions. They also took out hidden blade combat (why? It was so sweet), or the ability to have two. Likewise, it feels like they took many steps back.

Hooby1350d ago

All they did is remove most of your abilities and make you have to level up to re-learn them.


1350d ago
BillmadeAGate1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

You'd think due to unities many set backs they'd skip a year and take thier time...

scark921351d ago

But that would be unprofitable remember D:

zsquaresoff1350d ago

Depend's on the story. It should me more like AC4 than Unity.

Infact, they should just make another pirate game. I couldn't get enough of it in AC4.

Naval combat, looting ships, singing shanties in the ocean breeze. Unreal.

HRoach6161350d ago

Yeah man. I loved AC4. Just make a new one called pirates creed. Same universe maybe? Either way AC4 is my fav of them all. Or at least on par with 2.

I appreciate what unity strived for. But they removed hidden blade combat AND knife combat. Plus I played in day 1. The glitches were unbearable and nothing seemed optimized. I beat it and the same day traded it in. Never looked back. Play AC4 when I get the itch.

Hopefully this new one pushed back on track. It seems like every other game is really good. So maybe...

luis_spartano1350d ago

The greatest change ever to this franchise is it going to the grave.

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