Medievil PS4: Leaker Claims More Info On Sunday, Releases New Screenshots

GearNuke: "Medievil might be getting a PS4 reboot if the recently leaked images and videos are to be believed. The leaker of these images has now shared some new info on this leak and added that more info will be revealed on Sunday."


It has been confirmed as Fake. Mods can fail this story.

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bouzebbal1311d ago

feels like a bloodborne skin..
i really hope they aren't messing with my feelings! I want this to be real...

breakpad1311d ago

cool... but still i want Crash back

Abash1311d ago

I fully am expecting on Sunday to hear this is a fan made project... which is going to shatter me with how much I want a new MediEvil game

nX1311d ago

^Do you seriously think that a fan made project can look like that? To me this looks like the work of professionals, especially the textures.

MegaRay1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

You mean Sony is teasing/trolling us? *mad*

HammadTheBeast1311d ago

That last picture I thought was from Hunters Dream.

1311d ago
TheParanoidx1311d ago

I want it to be real so bad, but im not convinced just yet.

skulz71311d ago

Its obviousily real because if it was fake we wouldn't have to wait until Sunday to hear that

chrisx1311d ago

Until its officially announced I won't believe

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The story is too old to be commented.