January OXM Rumors

The latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine features some rumors regarding the upcoming year of gaming for the Xbox 360.

* Crackdown is being delayed until February 2007.
* We probably will not be hearing any news about Unreal Tournament 2007 until after the PlayStation 3 version is released.
* An official Microsoft arcade controller is on the way.
* There is a new Oblivion expansion pack in the works after Knights of the Nine.

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THWIP5949d ago

NONE of these are "rumors"'s all old news, pretty much.

-Yes, Crackdown was delayed until "Spring 2007"...a couple MONTHS ago.

-UT2007 for the 360 is in fact in development, along with the PS3 version, as confirmed by my friend Bill Greene at EPIC, 4 MONTHS AGO.

-We've already seen pics of the 360 arcade controller

-Bethesda went on record long ago to say that KoTN was NOT an "expansion", but a true expansion was definitely planned.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5948d ago

X-BOX Live + UT 2007 > Playstation whatever they call their online service!

dude8195948d ago

I don't think all of this is old news.
- The timing of UT2007 for Xbox 360 had not been known yet.
- The arcade controller that is on sites like Gamestop and EBGames is not from Microsoft. The one in the rumors is an official one.

As for the other things, they were even less than official rumors, which, when they come from magazines like OXM or EGM, are quite often facts that the source did not want to be quoted on.

So, yes, maybe this news doesn't set the world on fire but it is still news.

THWIP5948d ago

1.) UT2007 has been known to be in dev for the 360 for a long time; that it's "announcement" won't be until after the PS3 release is irrelevant. It's 'Assassin's Creed' all over again.

2.) I've seen pics of THE OFFICIAL 360 controller, long before the recent ones of the MadCatz controller surfaced. Perhaps you just don't follow these things as closely as some. Either way, it's still no "rumor".

zonetrooper55948d ago

I hope there is an xbox 360 version on UT2007, it would not make sense for Epic to release it on the PS3 and PC only. Its going on a Microsoft windows oprating system and one on Sony's system, it does not make any sense why they have not annouced it, although it could be, because of Gears of War being the "Baby" of Epic Game Studios.

THWIP5948d ago

I have a friend, Bill Greene, who works for Epic (look him up, if you have the CE edition of Gears...little guy, thinning brown hair, goatee).
He told me MONTHS ago that they were indeed working on UT2007 for PC/360, but it's a timed exclusive for the PS3. Of course, since the game is ROOTED on the PC, and has done VERY WELL on the XBOX, you'd have to be a complete moron to think otherwise.

THWIP5948d ago

...I'm not blaming you. OXM is just an awful source for gaming "news/rumors"....rea d Game Informer instead, or stick to websites (which are at least a month ahead of magazines).