Nintendo To Release 5 Smartphone Games By March 2017

During a financial results briefing, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata touched briefly upon the company’s partnership with smartphone game maker DeNA. As previously reported, Nintendo and DeNA will collaborate to produce .titles based on Nintendo I.P. for smartphones.

“Regarding the number of the titles, you may want to know that we will release approximately five titles by the end of the next fiscal year, which is the end of March 2017,” Iwata said to investors and analysts.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

5 games over a 2 year stretch fits what I have said in the past: this feels more like "dabbling in mobile" than going fully into it.
The fact that console games won't be made for phones ( I.E. no NES Mario or Pokemon Red/Blue/Whatever) only reinforces this.
Not that I'm complaining, since it means their past statements about not abandoning consoles are all the more true and firm.

Transistor1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

"5 games over a 2 year stretch fits what I have said in the past: this feels more like "dabbling in mobile" than going fully into it."

Not really, but the other hand it doesn't say the opposite.

This is standard for a bigger console publisher in mobile. Before the bigger publishers would try to push out lots of mobile, now they are focusing on a smaller amount of meatier titles.

EA has 5 or so in development over 2016, but they have hundreds in total.

Looking for that one smash success is more profitable than spreading your self thin with multiple small projects.

AJBACK2FRAG1312d ago

Then why did they merge their hand held and home video game divisions quite awhil back?

Concertoine1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

This will make them a lot of money, lets hope it doesnt divert focus away from their real game development. Even though Iwata is not a good president in many ways, his history as a game developer is largely the reason they have avoided mobile for so long. And for us gamers, this was a good decision.

Now we've gone from "no mobile plans, it will devalue our brand" to "making apps to promote our software" to "leasing out characters to mobile studios to promote our software" to having the Mario Kart producer working on mobile games and promising a ton of effort and having at least 5 mobile games in the pipeline. That's a big jump.

_-EDMIX-_1312d ago

Too late. I mean....don't you think its weird they made the most yet bought the least teams? Now they are spending money on making smartphone games?

Its clear they want this more then console development as they are not buying more teams to produce more console content, yet they are spending a whole lot of money on smart phone games...

Concertoine1312d ago

They didn't buy DeNa, they partnered with them. They are experienced mobile developers and that's why they partnered with them. They clearly didn't want to take many of their own developers away from their own hardware.

Not sure why you'd look at it that way, especially when all of their studios have been hiring like crazy

_-EDMIX-_1312d ago

@Con- They are spending money period on it, the partnership wasn't free, they clearly are likely spending millions to do this.

All 3 main publishers, hell in fact all publishers developers etc in general almost always hire. Its based on green lighting games in stages.

That doesn't mean much, So is Sony, so is MS. But Sony and MS bought MORE TEAMS last gen then Nintendo did, that is a solid FACT!

All this does is show they are pumping more money into phone games. They are not focusing on console anymore then they did years prior, in fact I would say they are focusing LESS on it due to them not buying any teams last gen other then Monolith and turns out, even that teams isn't 100% owned by Nintendo!

ie they are not wholly owned by Nintendo, they bought 80% shares of Monolith.

That goes to show even their only purchase last gen wasn't even a 100% buy....

I'm sorry but it only shows that they are currently investing less on console gaming for the future.

Wii U's low sales, PS4 getting VR, MS getting Hololens is really showing what Nintendo now can't do next gen...

They can release a console, but they would be late to VR if they jump on board, they won't see FIRE SALES like with the Wii as they would not be introducing the market to VR, Sony and Oculus Rift would...

They are moving further way from investing in console gaming, I wouldn't be surprised if NX is a handheld hybrid, if it does bad, it could be the last console they likely make, They might focus on handhelds and phones in the future.

I'm sorry but if you have long term plans, you get a mortgage (buy 100%! of a team)

If your only staying around for a bit, you might lease (ie sell shares or mortgage difference later on,...dat 80% of Monolith)

or rent (Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101) temporary fix.

Sony and MS are seeking Mortgages lol, Nintendo is looking for something..temporary. Its clear as day to see they don't have solid plans for JUST consoles, they are clearly thinking about stepping out.

gangsta_red1312d ago

Why would spending money on more teams make any difference what so ever. This is like the ###th time I have read this insane logic from you.

Sony and MS also closed down more studios than Nintendo, that is also a solid FACT! BUD! Nintendo also has some of the highest rated 1st party exclusives that are always thigh deep in quality.

"Sony and MS are seeking Mortgages lol, Nintendo is looking for something..temporary."

And this statement comes only because Nintendo hasn't gone out and spent billions on studios? Wow, economics has definitely passed you up bud.

Dunban671312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

An open question to Nintendo console owners/fans:

Do you wish Nintendo is VERY successful in their mobile effort, hope they are moderately successful in their mobile effort or hope they get discouraged with mobile and leave?

Getting into the mobile market is a double edged sword IMO- if they are successful then there will be a ton of pressure on Iwata/Nintendo to put more and more resources toward mobile and less and less toward dedicated gaming devices (unless of course their next home and handheld consoles become very successful and profitable themselves

It is very interesting they are only doing 5 games for mobile over the next 2 years- that tells me they are putting serious resources in these individual games-

If I am an investor in Nintendo I would def want to see them be very successful in Mobile- if I am a longtime fan of Nintendo consoles- I m not so sure I want to see them do too well- they are already stretched too thin trying to provide enough content for home and handheld consoles and honestly not delivering enough for the Wii U to be successful- add a 3rd platform for Nintendo to provide content for and they will be hard pressed to deliver enough for all 3 platforms-

It would sure make things easier for Nintendo and Nintendo fans/console owners if they would comit to getting hardy levels of 3rd party support for both home and handheld consoles next gen

N4g_null1312d ago

Fans should not be concerned with such things. Why well because nintendo and dena will be using unity3d possibly. This means a game can be made once and put on the wiiu, new 3ds and every other platform including tablets and phones along with pcs.

Iwata didn't unify console development for no reason. Even if unity is not used I'm sure this is Iwata aim.

Seriously this is nothing to be concerned with. Phone games don't take as much dev time also because the bar is set so low.

They have years of Wario ware games and arcade experience to then let dena run wild.

Also remember this will be dena baby and nintendo will be just approving the creation.

Dunban671312d ago

Mobile WILL effect the dedicated consoles going forward - How it will effect them is yet to be seen- If Nintendo does what you say by making the same game for handheld, mobile and tablet etc. I don t think that will make console owners happy. It also does not sound like something Nintenod would do as a matter of course (maybe on occasion) - They have said as much as well.

The bar IS lower for mobile but the fact Iwata says they are carefully making 5 games over the next 2 years means they are not just slapping these games together and throwing them out there- If they were going to do that they would be making 50, 100+ games for mobile in 2 years

Nintendo IS going to be the developer of the mobile games with help from DENA- they are not just handing over their IP- They will be immediately using console resources to develop mobile including the recent director for Mario Kart games (he is now head of mobile development

There is a lot more info available since there earnings release on these specific topics that may change your mind if you care t read about them-

Unified OS will help streamline game dev but it is not a silver bullet- nor will they quit making games specifically for different consoles- again- they may on occasion but no way they will start doing so on a regular basis-

N4g_null1312d ago

It's all speculation and that is great fun. There are some really big ideas I hope make it to the public.

I've read the investment data and briefings. Maybe you misunderstood my statment. Nintendo is about to unify the handheld with home console and mobile gaming and pc. Will these products play exactly the same nope. Will they have the same time investment nope. Yet nintendo is going to let dena handle the programming duties on the mobile side nintendo handles the high concept ip. This leaves nintendo to make wiiu games that scale down to new 3ds games. The effect that nintendo is going for is more exposure of their ip and game ip ideas.

Nintendos own api is very different than other people's api and I believe the new 3ds dev environment is going to be the proof of concept for the unified api. Notice I did not say os.

The api is what development teams use to make the actual games the os is what is use to interface the chips and hardware for play back only.

If unity 3d can do this then nintendo could also. Nintendo also said that this engine will be used to make 1st party games also.

So this Will not affect console development. Dena becomes a marketing arm of nintendo if you are paying attention to how nintendo words these presentations.

Notice that the consoles are to become brothers like Iphones and androids platforms in how they share game content. The mobile market is not going to share the same content only art or ideas in an effort to spread the popularity of their ips. Nintendo is very smart about interfaces. Dena has extensive experience in this interface.

Nintendo is wise to do this since kids of today are actually ps gamers and now ms gamers. With a huge amount that are just apple or android gamers. This is mostly a reactionary move but we will see how well it is excuted.

I say all of this staring at a wiiu dev kit and an invoice for the new 3ds. Mobile development would be hell to nintendo. Dena would chew right thur it. Just look at all of the possible chips and system versions you have to target. It is possible the mobile games are actually finished also. They really don't take long to make and the guide lines are way more liberal.

We will see in the coming months and of course E3 if everything is ready. I see this relationship as a win win. The unification of r and d also is a win win for Nintendo.

Kevlar0091312d ago

I want them to make money and in-turn create more development teams, preferably Retro Std. style where they take a Western Dev and assimilate them with the Nintendo design philosophies (so first-party western teams)

I want Nintendo to fill the void left by 3rd parties, so more Devil's Third, Bayonetta type games.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1312d ago

If it bring people to Nintendo system yeah

rainslacker1312d ago

We've seen companies dabble in mobile gaming over the last decade, and almost always, the companies make money on them, because they know how to get past the market which doesn't favor the small developer. Because they make money, they almost always start putting more and more effort into their mobile games, all while letting their console or PC fan base get scraps or the occasional nod to keep up interest in the company from the people who actually care about their games.

The truth is, is that there is more profit to be made in mobile, and with a heck of a lot less risk than creating a AAA console/PC game. Revenues may be higher on consoles at times, but even on mobile, the ability to monetize games for huge profits is just too easy. On console games it is much harder because the players are a lot more cynical.

Every major console/PC publisher has a mobile division, and some of them even have a secondary publishing house to publish games that don't fall under their normal IP' to not devalue the brand of the publisher I assume. To date, only the 1st party publishers, EA, and Ubisoft are the only ones that still support console and PC's more than they do mobile, and EA and Ubisoft have huge mobile divisions. Every other publisher, big or small already focuses more on mobile than they do on other platforms.

Dunban671312d ago

Nintendo needs to branch out to stay viable and relevant yet doing so does potentially degrade their dedicated home and handheld consoles via diverted resources and focus to mobile

N4g_null1311d ago

You realize you are trying to apply what other have done to nintendo. The single force in gaming that actually tries not to follow everyone else because they know the consequences. This is detail in many of Iwata earlier speeches.

rainslacker1311d ago

I do believe that Nintendo is better than many when it comes to their consumer habits, but they still do things which are geared more towards money than towards customer satisfaction.

My point was was that when the profits start rolling in, and the benefits are seen by investors, they start pushing for the company to do more of that.

They may not go that route, but I can't think of any publisher so far that dabbled in mobile and then didn't start to focus significant resources into it after it did well, all while their core fan base was left behind. Given how Nintendo home consoles haven't really hit much lately for long term appeal, the mobile market may seem like a much more lucrative investment. Nintendo is certainly about providing good games, and while their interest is in selling platforms as well, I think it's always the games that matter more to them.

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KryptoniteTail1312d ago

Only 5? While that ensures quality, it eliminates the chance for innovations. They will stick to sure things instead of reviving old franchises or testing ne IP, new genres and styles. We could see them do Hotel Dusk, Golden Sun, Earthbound or something if they had the balls. Now I think we will see a Runner style Mario game, predictable and good. I am content but with deep sadness for the missed opportunity and potential...

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