GameZone: Bioshock E3 2008 Preview

Late last summer, BioShock hit the PC and Xbox 360, garnering great success commercially and critically, with many critics calling the game an artistic achievement and netting it many Game of the Year awards (including ours). Unfortunately, PS3 owners where left in the dust. Luckily, Sony fans are about to get their comeuppance, and then some. BioShock for the PS3 will feature the original hit game tweaked for the PS3, as well as exclusive features in the way of downloadable episodes. At E3 2008, 2K was on hand to show off some of these added features, as well as a progress report on a game that is sure to deliver the goods to PS3 fans everywhere.

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SullyDrake3742d ago

But I will wait so I can get the definitive version on PS3.