Telltale's Game of Thrones Episode 4 Gets Rated for Sex, Violence and Language

Telltale's latest installment in their episodic Game of Thrones video game has been rated by the Australian classification board.

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Manubiggs1261d ago

Can't wait for more. Really enjoying this Telltale series inspite of the lukewarm reception.

orakle441261d ago

As far as I know its gotten very good reviews so far, people seem to love it.

BenRage31261d ago

Well said. I feel the same way. Video game journalism is full of a bunch of whiny sissies. The focus on the negative seems to always trump over what's positive. I wish people could just stop being the critic and sit back and enjoy a game. This series is very entertaining.

DualWielding1261d ago

It's a great story and I'm enjoying it, but there's no denying that the thing is a technical mess

porkChop1261d ago

You know what annoys me? Tales From the Borderlands came out first and is only on its second episode. Game of Thrones came out later and is already moving onto its fourth episode.

CaptainPunch1261d ago

That is probably due to the show being on right now, it only makes since for Telltale to try and cash in with the show airing.

5yb5n6u1261d ago

lets see what this sex and violence is all about because australias definition of sex is waaaay more different than the rest of us.

1261d ago