Interview - Dan Fornace on his Upcoming Xbox One Fighter Rivals of Aether

Dan Fornace sat down and spoke about Rivals of Aether, his upcoming fighter on Xbox One and PC due out later this year.

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Bigpappy1261d ago

Like the concept and weirdness.

3-4-51261d ago

* Been following this since announcement.

It's basically Smash Brothers, except it's 2D, with good appealing sprite work, and very good animations.

It looks to be well made and even balanced.

It's the only game I've seen ever come close to capturing the essence of Smash Brothers.

That and there aren't that many good fighting games on XB1. This helps.

Fro_xoxo1261d ago

keepin' an eye on this one :)

gangsta_red1261d ago

8 bit smash brothers! Loving the look of this game.

Good to see Xbox One getting a more diverse library of games.