The N64 had internet access? - Nintendo 64DD Keyboard + All Randnet Hardware / Software

The N64 had internet access?!? Hard4Games completes their review of ALL the Nintendo 64DD hardware and software with the N64 keyboard.

The Nintendo 64 Disk Drive keyboard was made specifically with the Randnet internet service in mind. Randnet was a basic internet browsing and messaging service for the Nintendo 64DD. The keyboard is unfortunately not compatible with any other N64 game.

Other hardware included in this review is the N64 mouse, modem, expansion pack, and of course the N64DD.

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yewles11352d ago

You're seriously finding this out NOW? God forbid you be surprised at Famicom Modem, Satellaview, Sega Meganet/Sega Channel, Saturn NetLink and others...

Hard4Games1352d ago

Known for years about all of those services. But you'd be surprised who doesn't, hence the video. Thanks for the comment!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1352d ago

well what can you say. A lot of gamers today started in 6th generation

Melankolis1351d ago

Wow, i never knew internet has already been applicable back then, and for famicom...

I've been gaming since Atari, but gaming information began not before 1997. The information was really really rare back in those days...

3-4-51351d ago

* Most people don't know NES had wirelss either.

Japan are usually ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to innovation in technology.

* They tinkered with Internet on the 64, so it was ready for the Gamecube via phantasy star and stuff.

* DAy 1 of Wii U's launch.....they were working on the making it better and their next thing.

They never stop creating and inventing things over at Nintendo.

They just usually get hated on in the media for it for some reason though.

TeamLeaptrade1351d ago

I remember the Sega Channel back in the day. Never actually used it, but I heard about it from the local video rental store and if I remember correctly, they actually rented the service out or something. Though I'm probably wrong on that, it was so long ago.

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Tsubasa-Oozora1351d ago

Man.. that's one of the most beautiful designed console

Max-Zorin1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Nintendo need to put the Wii thing behind them and make another great console like the N64. And a lot of people probably didn't know about these features due to not reading the manual and other instructions.

THEDON82z11351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Back then....I was hardcore Nintendo (oh..the Although I am now PS4/PC (switched after to PS2 after N64), I do often wish Nintendo would just say [email protected] it and launch a kick @ss next gen system (ala N64 style). I would love to see a true next gen sequel to Mario 64, a next gen Metroid(in 3rd person), and a true next gen FZERO. I know its only a dream but with game engines like Unreal 4 and unity; it could be done and still not break the Nintendo piggy bank. I feel like Nintendo need's there own version of Mark Cerny to come in and break some of the old habits. This is 2015 and a new gen of young Kids now, hell M$ did it by hiring/promoting Phil Spencer.Its time for nintendo to get with the times or eventually be consumed by it (via retro gaming)!!!

OldDude1351d ago

This makes me wanna go buy an old N64, I loved the thing and had great fun on it like Jet Force Gemini...better days.

Melankolis1351d ago

Then i read on wiki Hiroshi Yamauchi, Gunpei Yokoi, SNES, Nintendo, etc...

Oh, how i miss my US version SNES...i miss 90's era...