New Valve 360 titles on the way

Valve's Doug Lombardi reiterated the firm's disinterest in developing for PlayStation 3 and Wii, and revealed that there were "new projects in the works" for Xbox 360.

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SeanScythe3742d ago

They can keep them, these are the most lazy devs in the industry.

SuicidalTendencies3742d ago

It has nothing to do with being lazy. It costs money to develop for the PS3. It's a lot easier and a lot less money to make games for PC and then bring the over to the 360. Besides, most of Valve's money comes from the PC market. They really don't have to release anything on consoles. Us console gamers sure appreciate it though.

Tmac3742d ago

They are pretty lazy though, they have enough money and enough resources to learn the programming code of a new platform they are just.... Lazy.

flexbox3603742d ago

dont be a spoil brad. just becuz they dont wanna dev for the ps3..u crying uh?

mesh13742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

why can they keep them ? your a ps3 owner but still youe saying vavle can keep a xbox exclusive it has on the works strange.

@some 1 plays
crytek is not making farcry 2 some time si think most sony "fans" on this site are just fake and have no idea of what really going on in the world of gaming .

morganfell3742d ago

Nothing advances technology like holding on to last generation.

Playstation Man3742d ago

Disinterest, more like incapability. Valve sucks.

Organic_Chemistry3742d ago

Who cares!!! Oh no the PS3 doesnt get some crap ports from lazy american game developers which dont even have the intelligence to create a game for the ps3. And you all are wrong, they are lazy, creating games on the PC and 360 because they are "easier" is you saying they are lazy, easy is the lazy way out. Its expected of american developers all they can produce is crap anyways, only exception is IW's CoD4 but they wont release any trophies or XMB so yeah theyre lazy too!

american game developers like valve are just afraid of a challenge, so what challenge and discipline yield great benefits, you think that their is an easy way to become a doctor or dentist etc?

gaffyh3742d ago

So I guess this kinda confirms Half-Life 3 exclusive to 360. If it's going to come out on PC first though I'll probably get it on PC instead of 360.

dachiefsman3742d ago

wow if Left 4 Dead = lazy developers. then I want more lazy developers.

Sayai jin3742d ago

Tmac- Is Kojima lazy becuase he will not develop for the 360, No. He prefers the PS3, becuase of his relationship with Sony, like blu-ray, etc, but in someone elses eyes they could see him as lazy for not wanting to developing for the Wii or 360. Companies have there favorites. Nintendo had a simliar problem with devs, becuase of the complexity of developing for the N64, but I know the PS3 won't fail like the N64.

CrazzyMan3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

so it`s ok. =)

Games that coming till the end of spring 2009.

1. Resistance 2 - FPS
2. Little Big Planet - Inovation/Platform
3. Socom Confrontation - FPS
4. Afrika - Relaxing
5. Valkyria Chronicles - TRPG
6. Motorstorm:Pacific Rift - Racing
7. Naruto: Ultimate Storm - Fighting/Adventure
8. Disgaea 3 - TRPG
9. Siren New Translation - Horror
10. Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty - Platform
11. Killzone 2 - FPS
12. Infamous - Sandbox
13. Jakuza 3(japan) - Sandbox
14. White Knight Chronicles - JRPG
15. Tekken 6 - Figthing
16. M.A.G. - MMO FPS
17. God of War 3 - Slasher
18. Cross Edge - JRPG
19. Way of the Samurai 3 - Slasher

It will be busy time for PS3.

SixTwoTwo3742d ago

I'm cool with Insomniac. But thanks anyways.

ZeroBlitz3742d ago

Do you really think that Half Life 3 will be out before the xbox720 is released? HL2: Episode 3 probably will, but there's no chance of HL3 being on the 360. You'll be lucky if it's done within 5 years of Episode 3 (unless they do episodes again).

solar3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

100 GOTY awards alone in the games that are in the orange box. yep. really lazy there Valve. stop making those great games.

when will you whiny brats grow a brain and learn that the ps3 isnt the only gaming system in the world? so Valve doesnt have the money to program for it. that doesnt make them lazy.

you all are butt hurt that Gabe doesnt like the ps3. cry some more.

thebudgetgamer3742d ago

as a ps3 owner i think valve makes great games but i went into it knowing full well that they were not gonna support the ps3 i don't remember them supporting the ps2 maybe the original half life but i could be wrong. ill just have to pony up the dough and get a 360 to play those games and gears 2

KingME3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

You really need to chill out, I really don't care for how you categorizes things with the "American" slant on it, it seems pretty clear to me that you have a blanket problem with Americans. You might want to get that fixed, before someone fixes it for you.

I don't know where you are from, but you sound like someone from the medieval days.

Chill out with the prejudice slant on your comments. I find it offensive. It really doesn't surprise me that you have been on this site only 53 days and you're already down to 2 bubbles.

fermcr3742d ago

Jesus, most people of this site are console fanbabies (luckally there are some console fans that dont wine and cry)... just look at this... these console fanbabies allways wining and crying because games don't go there way... you guys really need to grow up.

morganfell3742d ago

I really can't stand when someone comes onto a site specifically designed to promote fanboyism and the defending of one's preferred platform and then they whine and bawl about what is natural on a site like this. Grow up before i throw up.

You are complaining and whining about people you say are whining. Do the math.

kwicksandz3742d ago

Valve has never made a bad or even mediocre game. All their releases have been Undeniable AAA, multiple GOTY winning releases.

Its amazing that they can call a developer of valves calibre lazy just because they dont want to program for ps3. its like calling blizzard lazy... just doesnt make sense.

whoknew3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Wow, so many bitter Sony fanboys. I wonder what they would be saying if Valve only wanted to make console games for the PS3? I'm thinking it would be a different story then. Still, that's a Sony fanboy for you I guess, such hypocrites...

All the people saying their lazy & don't make good games are just jealous. The fact is, Valve learned their lesson with the half life port, just as other devs will testify to how hard & expensive it is to make a decent PS3 games. I guess that explains a lot.

The difference is, other devs have no option but to make games for the PS3, they need the money in an increasingly tough market, Valve doesn't, it has a large share in the PC games market already. On top of that it has morals, morals which say, we don;t need to spend months making games on a system that feels like the coding was an after thought.

I really don;t blame them, and if your a fanboy then I guess you won't see past your own stupidity as to what valve are saying here.

Good for Valve. :)

Also, I would just like to add, why are people talking about console sales? The fact is, in the last month or two, Sony has released their only console selling game in the shape of metal gear solid. Let us not forget that the 360 still far out weighs the PS3 in terms of consoles sold, and in the next few months we WILL see the 360 sell more then the PS3. Why? because you tell me what the PS3 has to offer to someone thinking about buying a console, then tell me what the 360 has to offer. That's correct, the 360 has much more in terms of games and content on offer.

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toughNAME3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Master Chief is enough to do away with Sony, now Microsoft has AAA developer Valve backing them?

rhood0223742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Yet..three Halo games later, their *snicker* "perfect storm" from last year, and a simultaneous release of GTA and Sony's still here outselling the 360 by wider margins every month.

thenickel3742d ago

This is not a good time to compare console sales due to the way the economy has been. Later this year we will see how things shape up when we get out of this drought. MS still has a chance of turning this around in there favor and I don't think a few thousand consoles here and there is a reason to brag. Both consoles should have a good year and I don't see why it's so important to you guys who sell more then the other.

3742d ago
rhood0223742d ago

It's not about comparing consoles per se. It's about showing how idiotic comments like "so-and-so game on the 360 (usually Halo and Gears) will do away with Sony" have no merit when faced with truth that, despite these popular games, Sony's console isn't going anywhere.

Also, I have no doubt that the US economy is playing a role in stagnant console sales in the US, however, to ignore the fact that Sony's progress in spite of this, including a near 2:1 margin over the 360 for June and a consistent over sale of tens of thousands of consoles per month only fuels these idiotic posts.

KingME3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

are you going to mention the release in MSG4 in that comment. I mean it only just the biggest game of the year for the PS3. MSG4 is to the PS3 what Halo3 is to the 360. So, let's not forget that that was a HUGE part of the june sells that you so proudly brag about. However rightfully so. Just don't want you to overly simplify it.

Your post mentions "idiotic post" yet, it carries a bit of brash(adj.) flavor with it as well.

N2NOther3742d ago

You don't really think MGS 4 is to Sony as Halo 3 is to MS do you? There is no way in hell MGS 4 is selling over 8 million copies. It won't even sell half of that on the PS3. If that's what Sony is pinning their hopes on, then I wasted a sh!tload of money a PS3. (Thankfully, Sony aren't that stupid)

-M4verick-3742d ago

lol why are Sony fanboys so insane. PS3 doesnt have the games and developer support!!! So then when someones excited about Valve bringing Exlcusive games to the 360 you get 16 disagree's??!?

Wow what crap.

Sony fanboys, KNOW YOUR ROLE. You cant contorl everything just because Xbox 360 gets all the developer support and PS3 has none. How lame.

uxo223741d ago

I think what kingme was speaking of is, the title itself, and not necessarily the sells. If you look at the PS3 thus far, MSG4 does appear to be its most coveted title. (At least it is to me)

I think PS3 fans, although they love their console, they are also more dedicated to specific genres, whereas 360 fans individually appear to like more different genres; which equated to the 360 fan buying more titles weekly. PS3 fans seem to wait for that specific title to come out (the genre they are into)before buying it.

Once again, just my view on it. I could be wrong.

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toughNAME3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

It's not like Valve's last game was highly rated or anything

Shadow Man3742d ago

U mean The Orange Box? an the little game called PORTAL?

Ps3Fanboy7773742d ago

Good luck surviving in the game industry. After all the PC and 360 are the two most pirated game platforms currently. Good choice valve!

Organic_Chemistry3742d ago

good point fanboi! PC gamers are the reason that the videogame industry is so pirated and in cahoots! Not because of us PS3 owners we respect the videogame industry by actually purchasing games!

flexbox3603742d ago

god bless piratebay and clonecd

solar3742d ago

lol! good luck pirating Valve games for PC!

kwicksandz3742d ago

I thought not LOL. GL pirating valve games buddy

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cp683742d ago

He doesn't care about anything on PS3..not even his own bloody product:

DarkBlade3742d ago

But this seem console racist.(I say this becasue both are Japanese company that all) Disinterest? Wii and Ps3 that impossible.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3742d ago

Unfortunately you are bud! LOL I thought the same thing