Conan O’Brien Will Have World’s First Review of The Witcher 3 Tonight

Conan O'Brien will have the first review of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on his show tonight.

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Erik73571261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

If I was the developer I would put these reviews in my ads,

more credible than IGN and Gamespot

poppinslops1261d ago

Hell of a lot funnier too... in-terms of viewers, he's technically the biggest Videogame 'journalist' on Earth.

It was his 'review' of 'Tomb Raider' that sold me the game... his reactions to the death animations are hilarious.

joab7771260d ago

Or the Tonight Show. I like them both. Conan a bit whackier and Jimmy is a bit more serious b/c he's an actual avid gamer.

Glad they are up on their modern culture.

SkippyPaccino1260d ago


I would agree to a certain extent about Jimmy, but I find he barely talks about video games now since Microsoft threw their dirty money his way. Each time I watch his show and I see the guest wait in his "xbox lounge" it makes me cringe. Good on Microsoft on noticing that Jimmy is popular with the youth (gamers) and having their brand associated with him is a plus for them, but I would've rather he had not took that money, so he could still objectively say his real opinions on up coming games.

He won't be inviting naughty dog to show a uncharted demo and force them to wait in the "xbox lounge" lol!

I love Jimmy, but after selling out his famous bit with Justin Timberlake to apple and now selling out with Microsoft with the "xbox lounge" I'm afraid we might never know what he really thinks about the latest gadgets and games....

I guess we still have Conan even though I don't think he plays much of anything. Lol

FullmetalRoyale1260d ago

Same with me for Tomb Raider. That one was ridiculously funny.

1260d ago
S2Killinit1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Couldn't agree more. Gaming journalism keeps getting less and less about the games, and more and more about industry politics.

By the way, do i need to know the backstory to play Witcher 3? Ive never played the first two.

Kal0psia1260d ago

It helps, but no you don't really need to. Better off watching gameplay on youtube. Not too much watching in my opinion.

S2Killinit1260d ago

thanks. I am trying to stay away from anything related to Witcher, I want to be completely surprised. I don't even want to know what the game looks like. But i was worried that the story is something i ought to know.

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SidebarTalk1261d ago

This is exactly what is needed for both sides. For developers, offering up their games to a party that isn't suspected of favoritism, corruption or outright "pay to review" is ideal. And for late night, this kind of exclusivity keeps the show relevant and will pull in more views to an already-growing audience. Kudos to both, I'll be watching.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

But the demos on those shows can be enhanced like Forza 5 was. YouTube is a pretty solid source but you still have to look around first and the quality is a little below what it will be (but better than it being better so I'm pleasantly surprised should I buy the game)

Conan's reviews are hilarious though, I'll watch them for gameplay too :)

Kane221261d ago

im suppose to take this serious....unless he played the whole freaking

Vegamyster1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

The skit is called the "Clueless Gamer", you're not suppose to take him seriously.

Dirtnapstor1261d ago

They're so funny! Looking forward to this.

Lionsguard1260d ago

You're asking whether you should take a review from a late-night comedy show seriously? Are you serious? One of the reasons why his "reviews" are "good" is because he's not a gamer. He doesn't give a f*** and his 'scores' are just about as respectable as any other serious reviewers out there with a 10 point decimal system like IGN. All their scores are really just arbitrary numbers. They don't mean anything. They can't sit there and tell me that a game that got a 9.9 deserves .1 percent more or less than what they give and actually mean something.

joab7771260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Luckily u don't have to. It's TW3 and it's gonna rake in the 10's and 9.5's. I'm already saying it will be one of the highest rated meta critic games.

Actually, does meta critic count this review.

TheOpenWorlder1261d ago

Isn't his whole thing Clueless Gamer where some fat dude who has played the game actually plays it and he sits there doing stupid stuff or not caring about the game in general?

Last I checked, you can't call it "the world's first review" you morons

WeAreLegion1260d ago

I take it humor school isn't going well?

Lionsguard1260d ago

He does play the games...

S2Killinit1260d ago

"Fat dude" its Conan O'Brien. And to top it off he is really tall and skinny.

starchild1261d ago

I'll definitely be checking this out. At the very least I'll probably get a few chuckles out of it.

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