There are currently no plans for Mighty No. 9 amiibo support on Wii U

Comcept says they currently has no plans to add Mighty No. 9 amiibo support to the Wii U version of the Mega Man-inspired classic Japanese side-scroller.

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RmanX10001263d ago

That's a good and bad thing. Bad cuz I want one for Call, and good because my wallet couldn't handle it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1263d ago

I'm honestly having trouble imagining what an Amiibo would unlock for the game, but it would be neat if only for the collector's value and the support it would be showing on Nintendo's part.
Maybe they'll change their mind later on.
But for now, I'm just glad the game is almost here.

rainzor1263d ago ShowReplies(2)
OmegaShen1263d ago

Use megaman amiibo to play as megaman?

Skate-AK1263d ago

Would be cool but Capcom would never let that happen.

WizzroSupreme1263d ago

No wonder; imagine Inafune wouldn't have wanted to have anything to do with the blue man who shall not be named. He's got a new guy now.

KryptoniteTail1263d ago

I want MN9 next to my MM Amiibo.