The Witcher 3: Preparation for the Wild Hunt

Having spent the past few weeks buried in the turbulent land of the Northern Realms before the arrival of the Wild Hunt, Thomas talks preparation, which as any Witcher knows, is the key to success.

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Zenith4k1257d ago

Nice read looking forward to this

Psychotica1257d ago

Yeah I think I might play some Witcher 2 to shake off the rust. It's been awhile since I played it.

Paytaa1257d ago

Currently working on my playthrough of The Witcher 2 and it's so fun. Hopefully I can bang out the majority of the game (side quests and all) before May 19th. The hype is insane.

Tom1011257d ago

Even completing the majority of side-quests it's a great length that wont devour to much of your time. Except if you go back and reply it straight after, which I may be doing.

Paytaa1257d ago

@Tom101 Honestly I might even do a 2nd playthrough just because the game is that good. I've owned TW2 for a while but never got into it until now and man is it addictive.