Kojima is still in charge of MGSV: The Phantom Pain and is hands-on

New tweets from Ken-ichiro Imaizumi (Senior Producer KP) reiterates Kojima is still in charge of MGSV and is hands-on. The team is working hard on it. Not long to go now (translated by JunkerHQ).

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DoctorXpro1257d ago

Good to know, just leave alone to finish his masterpiece.

Bansai1256d ago

Well that's good news I guess, tho I doubt he'll be as enthusiastic as he was.

PS. F*ck you Konami(sorry, had to do that).

DoctorXpro1256d ago

I only have Xbox One for now just waiting till GT7 comes out to get a PS4, I really wanted PT so bad but looks like its not going to happen.

sanosukegtr1231256d ago

He should be. its his idea.

Braid1256d ago

Of course he will be, Kojima would never step away from an MGS game that he himself started producing. That's the man's baby, after all.

Ratty1256d ago

Too bad the baby's mom is taking it away forever. That's the system for you.

Braid1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

I won't buy it, Wizard. I deny the existence of an MGS game without Kojima. I've never played Rising as well, not a big fan of spin-offs. MGS ends with the Phantom Pain in my book. Not even an argument for me, so they might as well do whatever they want with the corpse of our beloved MGS. They better not find it surprising when the sales of the series dip, though.

chrisx1256d ago

Probably the last good MGS game

1255d ago
EvilWay1256d ago

I highly doubt that honestly. Thy just want people to think that so they will still buy it. Why not wait until the game was released then fire him if they were going to let him continue working on the game? So, basically he is working on the game for free? Good lie Konami no wonder you are going down hill

-Foxtrot1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Exactly what I'm thinking, if he really was still in charge this news would of came out a while back when we heard news of Kojima leaving to calm people down.

Probably just need people to believe long enough to buy the game Day 1.

I mean the game might be his project but if he's been fired or left and he's not getting paid still then I highly doubt he'd continue to work on it....especially if it's almost done.

_-EDMIX-_1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago ) are contracted out. They already paid the team and Kojima. At this point Kojima is just working freelance, but still got paid as again, its a contracted job, if anything they have deal in place to pay a certain amount when the game is complete.

I never heard anything about Kojima NOT working on MGSV....merely that it would be his last and he wasn't part of Konami anymore....

You can create a game and not be part of the company that owns the IP, it happens all the time. ie Bloodborne and Demon Souls....Sony owns the IP, they don't own FromSoftware, they contracted this team out to make those games, they are not Sony employees.

Its starting to sound like many people have assumptions regarding this based on actually not really knowing how the game industry works.

He can be fired from Konami and still be working on MGSV as a contractor.

Enigma_20991256d ago

... and he can't tell us this himself because...?

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The story is too old to be commented.