Which Witcher Should You Get Yourself?

Should you upgrade your PC for The Witcher 3, or just grab a console version?

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ArchangelMike1312d ago

PS4 Console version for me. That's the cheaperer option. I can barely run Witcher 2 on my PC.

mikeslemonade1312d ago

If you got one GTX 760 or higher get the PC version. Since the devs actually reccomend the GTX 760.

thekhurg1311d ago

I'm going PS4 - I only play PC exclusives on my PC. Sitting on my couch playing on a 60" with legit surround sound creates a better gaming experience for me than my PC chair/desk.

nX1311d ago

My PC has a GTX780 but I've preordered the PS4 version nonetheless, mainly because my brother can play it (digitally) on his PS4 as well... but also because the PS4 version looks good enough from what I've seen.

Hopefully consoles can handle these kind of vast open worlds, I'd be disappointed if not (Skyrim on consoles was a pain for example)

Eiffel1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )


Then why not just hook up your PC to your TV? Same experience, just without the quality loss.

thekhurg1311d ago


Because I don't want cables going the length of my living room for keyboard/mouse/controller hookups.

Plus, playing MMOs is a horrible experience in the living room which is what most of my PC gaming time is spent doing. Which means I'd have to take it back and forth all the time and that's just stupid.

On top of all that, the "quality loss" isn't that big of an issue and is fairly negligible since I don't count pixels. 30fps vs 60fps doesn't bother me in slow paced games like the Witcher series either. Once I'm 8' away from the screen relaxing on the couch everything else is a waste of time.

HammadTheBeast1311d ago

Isn't a 760 minimum though?

PeaSFor1311d ago

going with the ps4 version, i stopped to care about pc gaming for a while and honestly cant see myself upgrading my rig before a long time(nothing worthy imo and i usually only play pc exclusives on it), im already both feets into the Sony ecosystem this gen and kinda enjoy getting trophies for it.

Alexander1Nevermind1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

GTX 970 and I'm so tempted to get the PC Version even though I pre-ordered for the PS4. Most likely I will wait for the price to drop on the PC version and get it at a later date after release.

FYI I chose the PS4 version due to the trophies.

@ Hammad I think a 660ti is the minimum recommended

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Jalva1312d ago

The cheaper version is the PC version...

ArchangelMike1311d ago

How much does the PC cost that can run The Witcher 3 at it's highest setting? Heck forget that, how much does the PC cost that can run The Witcher 3 on recommended settings? Now how much does a PS4 cost? Do the math - PS4 is the cheaper version.

Fishy Fingers1311d ago

Think he's referring to the software.

No need to argue over the PC vs Console price points for the trillionth time on N4G.

slappy5081311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

I paid $30 dollars for Witcher 3, Arkham Knight and Dying Light. No ones disputing that it's more expensive to build a rig just so you can run one game. However if you take Into account the lower price for all the multiplat games you buy, together with there not being a mandatory sub to play online, then the price advantage consoles have over a PC is not as big as some people would have you believe ( over a 1080p ultra PC that is, 4k is too expensive at this point to ever compare price viability over consoles)
Price is of course not the only factor. I chose witcher 3 for PC because there may be some good mods for it down the line, and I can import my saves from w2,

someOnecalled1311d ago

So if he do build a PC does that mean you would shut the next time a game come out because that would me PC is the cheaper version. It funny y'all do this every game just so you feel good about y'all ps4.

Soooo it we do what you said that would mean every game for the rest of this gen PC will have the cheaper version. Reread if I lost you I know y'all PS fanboys don't get logic unless it make Sony look godly. You still buy DVDs instead of blue rays too because bluray played cost more? Even if bluray disc cost less?

PS fanboys theeeeee woooorst and they have the most bubz. N4g mods are the greatest definitely not bias. Watch comment get spammed

Vegamyster1311d ago


The GTX 750 TI has been trading blows with the PS4 since it came out, you can find them for sub $150 and throw them into nearly any modern PC.

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KeplerNoMore1311d ago

Im going for the PS4 as well, even thou my PC can play it medium-high, just because I can take my PS4 with me to my friends and we can all play/watch the game.

someOnecalled1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Wait so your saying even if my PC couldn't run it would be cheaper for me to play on ps4. Buying a ps4 and witcher vs gfx that comes with the witcher. Hmm y'all PS fanboys. So by your logic PS4 version ain't worth getting since I don't have one. And it would cost significantly less even if I had to buy a new gfx card. Y'all PS fanboys be wait to troll. Suddenly buying a ps4 at 400 is cheaper than to buy a GPU.

I'm buying the PC version for better gfx, mods, and most of all to support Dev by giving them the money directly through

Can't wait for gameplay mods I let y'all argue over resolution

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trywizardo1312d ago

buy it on whatever platform you have ...

psplova1311d ago

My PC is for work. My PS4 is for gaming. I spend enough on videogames as it is. Don't see myself ever building a rig unless I win the lottery. PS4 It is!

DLConspiracy1311d ago

You wouldn't need to build a million dollar computer. Just a $500 would do. Haha.

PeaSFor1311d ago

an horrible rig that would be obsolete in a month, meanwhile games are optimized on consoles and will still be for a while..

chrisx1311d ago

Ps4 version hands down for me

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