All future Battlefield 4 content will be free for all players

DICE confirms that future content will be free for everyone, Premium and Non-Prmeium players.

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Brotard1261d ago

Good because i paid $50, count em, $50 for premium. thats 110 dollars worth of game. some free dlc stuff isn't going to bank rupt them

USMC_POLICE1261d ago

I'd agree but it's been a year and a half so it was worth it. I'd rather have the $60 I spent on hardline.

Pillsbury11261d ago

I payed 31.99$ for hardline = best buy sale 39.99 + 20% GCU discount. I would not pay 60$ for a bf4 mod.

Erik73571261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Hardline's multiplayer looks like dressed up bf4 DLC

Its like if they would of sold battlefield bad company Vietnam dlc as its own game only with a extra shitty 7 hour linear campaign.

sanosukegtr1231260d ago

sweet should be for call of duty too.

Dirtnapstor1261d ago

It's certainly nice getting free DLC.
But you I would charge for making a silly comment like that.

SillyBastid1259d ago

people just throw money at things and complain that they spent it as if it wasn't their choice.

Docknoss1261d ago

I paid $60 for premium for BF3 and BF4....

sigfredod1261d ago

no many future content to be released then, hope EA proves me wrong

Mega241261d ago

I can prove you wrong already, there's a DLC pack with 4 Night Maps. Also maps inspired by the community, and 5 new weapons coming.

REDGUM1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I didn't know that. Thank you. Looking forward to them as I feel like I wasted money on Hardline. Not that it's a [email protected]#T Game at all but it's too fast for me & feels more like COD with how fast everything feels in it. I'll stick with B4 for some time yet.
I still have my fingers crossed for another bad company game though.....

zeee1260d ago

^ no, it's indeed a shit game. Hardline is a disgrace to bf name.

SillyBastid1259d ago

yea, totally got hardline because I love battlefield, but ugh more frustrating than fun

Palitera1261d ago

Excellent news. It worked very well with Titanfall to bring back old players, who, let's be reasonable, wouldn't buy the DLC anyway.

Sensiblesteve1261d ago

Will be a few guns and a map - they are hardly spoiling us

KwietStorm1261d ago

Yea they can keep their free content.


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The story is too old to be commented.